Top 5 Excel Project Templates

Looking for Excel templates to help you manage all the moving parts of your project? Jennifer Bridges, PMP, offers her five favorites plus links to free templates you can download today!

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what excel templates are best for tracking your project

In Review: Top 5 Excel Project Templates

Jennifer noted that she had five Excel project templates she believes are very helpful to project leaders. We’ve also added links to our free templates so you can download them today and get started!

  1. Project Task Tracker Start here to collect your to-do list, your task list to start managing your project.
  2. Project Budget Tracker Add and monitor your project expenses.
  3. Timesheet Tracker Keep tabs on your team and the time they’re expending on their project tasks.
  4. Issue Tracker What are the issues impacting your team? Note and follow them with this template.
  5. Risk tracker Plan for and track risks in your project

There are, of course, other templates you can use when managing a project, but these five tend to be the most useful.

Pro-Tip: Sometimes Excel can be time-intensive and you need more functionality. One way to better manage a project is by using an online project management solution. You can easily import your existing Excel templates to get started, and integrate all your project data in one place.  

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Today we’re talking about the Top 5 Excel Project Templates. If you new to project management, I think you’ll find these five helpful.

The first template is the project task tracker. The project task tracker is used to start a To Do list, your task list, and even start managing your projects. This is where you want to begin identifying all the tasks and the resources, start dates, end dates. And a tip is to be sure to include the plan, start and stop end dates, as well as the actual so you can measure your project progress.

The second template is your project budget tracker. The project budget tracker is used to monitor your project expenses. And here you want account for all of the expenses on your project so you ensure that your budget doesn’t overrun. A tip here is to include color coding in your spreadsheet to indicate when you’re in the red.

The third template is your project timesheet tracker. The project timesheet tracker is used to track your team’s time. Ideal if you can get all of your team members to track their time real time. Otherwise, you as the project manager need to be sure that everyone’s time is accounted for because again, that goes against your budget. So a tip here is to include calculations on the cost per hour. Also include the teams members vacation time or any overtime.

The fourth template is the issue tracker. The issue tracker is used to track your project issues. Some important tips here are to define the priority of each of these issues and then assign a person who’s responsible for ensuring that that issue is resolved. And once the issue is resolved, be sure to check it off as complete.

The fifth template is your risk tracker. The risk tracker is used to plan and track your project risk. And some important tips here are to define the priority of each of your risks and determine the impact for each one.

So if you want to download these specific templates, visit, click on the resources tab and there you’ll find the templates. And thank you for watching.

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