Organize Your Projects

You can schedule work, see your plan as a timeline and keep projects on track with our scheduling software. Teams always know what to work on next, and stakeholders can get status updates with just a few clicks. Whether you manage long projects or short sprints, ProjectManager helps you create effective schedules so you can finish work on time and under budget.

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Schedule All Your Projects Online

ProjectManager is designed to give you visibility into every area of your project, while involving your team in the process. Creating project schedules online has never been easier when you can:

  • Schedule tasks and milestones on online Gantt charts
  • Balance resources and avoid bottlenecks

Create Task Lists for Your Team

Task lists are a powerful productivity tool that lets you and your team always know what to work on and when it’s due. Your team can update tasks from anywhere with our multiple project views.

  • Manage work with boards and lists
  • Collaborate with your team at the task level
ProjectManager task lists
ProjectManager team tasks

Manage Team Schedules

It’s easy to manage your team’s time with project scheduling software that lets you integrate plans, timelines, budgets, communication and more to give you greater control over your project schedule.

  • Set working days, hourly rates and view availability
  • Quickly reassign tasks to stay productive

Robust Calendar Views

Our Calendar view lets you view tasks and team deadlines, so you always know when your team is at work. Plus, with our Google integration, you can sync your projects and tasks with your Google Calendar.

  • See task due dates or durations
  • Filter by project, assignee and more
ProjectManager calendar

Get the Ultimate Project Scheduling Tool

project scheduling software dashboard with workload, cost, issues, & change tracking

Monitor Progress on Real-Time Dashboards

Our project dashboards offer complete visibility into your projects and team performance, with real-time views into schedule status, task progress, resource availability and project budget.

  • Track variance and slippage
  • Monitor project budget in real time
  • Take timely action

Essential Scheduling Software Features in One Simple Tool

ProjectManager has the project and task tracking features you need to create smarter schedules:

gantt charts

Online Gantt Charts

Create project schedules with interactive Gantt charts so you manage progress over time.

edit gantt plans

Drag & Drop Scheduling

The Gantt plans can be easily updated when you need to quickly change dates.



Your team can update their timesheets online anytime.

software users

Resource Management

View workload and resource availability in easy, color-coded views and calendars.

project calendar


View team and task calendars that sync with your Google Calendar.


Task Lists

Schedule tasks with your team and monitor progress updates.

task comments


Your team can update their tasks, and add files and comments right on the project plan.

get email alerts from ProjectManager

Email Alerts

Get notified when tasks are due and when schedules have been updated.


Project Scheduling Software

Schedule projects, tasks and teams with online Gantt charts, task lists and calendar views.


Construction Scheduling Software

Create construction schedules and tasks your team can view and update in the field.


Production Scheduling Software

Create online production schedules, track budgets and manage clients easily.

job scheduling

Job Scheduling Software

Schedule all your jobs in one place, with integrated timesheets and budget tracking.

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How to Use Scheduling Software

Scheduling software is a tool that helps you schedule work, manage team availability, assign resources and keep projects moving forward.

Here's a step-by-step look at how to schedule projects with ProjectManager, so you can hit all of your deadlines and keep your stakeholders happy.

Start your project quick and easy with ProjectManager

1. Create Your Project

Create a project, set your working days and define a budget with just a few clicks. Adding information like the customer name, status and priority level will come in handy if you are managing a portfolio of projects.

Easy onboarding with ProjectManager

2. Invite Your Team

Invite your team into ProjectManager so you can assign them work. Just type in their email and they’ll be given a link to sign up. Once they’ve created profiles, it’s easy to define security permissions so sensitive data can be protected.

Team profiles on ProjectManager

3. Define Roles & Costs

Create a profile for your new team members, and edit or remove old team members. You can add them to specific teams, such as dev, marketing and HR. List their skills, define who is authorized to approve their timesheets, set hourly rates and add notes.

Availability and holidays on ProjectManager

4. Set Holidays

Set the holidays, working days and non-working days for your entire team, even for teams working in different countries. As you do this, each team member’s availability is updated, so you can see in real time who’s available to work on which day.

ProjectManager task management

5. Create Tasks

Tasks are the building blocks of your schedule. You can either upload a task list from any spreadsheet or manually add them to our software. Prioritize the tasks, and you’re ready to begin scheduling.

Gantt chart view on ProjectManager

6. Assign Tasks

Assign project tasks to the right person or team. Give each task a duration to populate the project timeline. Then, link dependent tasks, filter for critical paths and set milestones to stay on track. When you need to change something, just drag and drop it to the new location.

Balance workload with ProjectManager

7. Balance Workloads

Keep your team’s workload balanced, even as it changes during the course of the project. Our workload page is color-coded to show how many tasks your team is working on. If you want to reallocate tasks, you can reassign from the workload page. All your resource management is in one place.

Kanban board from ProjectManager

8. View Workflows

Visualize workflows for greater transparency, productivity and team collaboration with the kanban board. Every task is represented by a card that moves from column to column as it’s worked on. Managers see the board and know what everyone is working on.

Team management from ProjectManager

9. Manage Teams

Use the team section to manage all of your team’s tasks in one place. Click on team members to view their total number of tasks, their priorities and whether they’re overdue. Move or reassign tasks, edit information, create new teams and filter for better searches.

Real-time dashboard and reports from ProjectManager

10. Report on Progress

Monitor project progress in real time with dashboards. Data is automatically displayed in charts that show the percentage complete for tasks, costs, workload and more. Project reports go deeper, featuring detailed information that can be easily shared with stakeholders.

The Key Features of Our Scheduling Software

Organize Your Schedule

Order your tasks on our online Gantt chart, charting them across a project timeline. You can track the critical path to keep teams from being blocked. Set a baseline to compare planned to actual progress. Milestones break up large projects into manageable phases. Control your schedule with ProjectManager.

Project Planning image

Streamline Assignments

It’s easy to assign tasks and track progress in our scheduling software. You can even assign more than one person to a task so they can collaborate on work together. They’ll get notified by email when work is assigned or whenever a task is updated. Scheduling is simple and quick.

Real-Time Scheduling image

Know Availability of Your Team

Know your team’s availability and working hours when making assignments. Our team management feature shows when your team members are ahead of schedule, overloaded or under utilized. Teams can log their task progress, and our software updates automatically to keep everyone updated.

Team Management image

Keep Your Schedule on Budget

Timesheets help you stay on schedule and keep to your budget. Teams update their hours as they work and submit their timesheets with a keystroke. You choose who is authorized to approve them. Monitoring expenses is automated on the Gantt chart, which tracks actual expenses against your planned budget.

Time Tracking image

Know Who’s Working on What

Our workload page keeps your resources balanced and boosts productivity. You can view the planned effort across one or more projects. See who is overallocated on a color-coded chart and reassign tasks from the same page, so teams execute their tasks more efficiently.

Resource Management image

Stay on Track

Tracking progress keeps you on schedule. We help you monitor your project with automated reporting. You can check on project status, tasks, variance and more. Filter the report and get just the data you want. Then share it with stakeholders to keep them updated.

Project Reporting image

Schedule Work for Your Team

Organize every aspect of your project with our award-winning software. ProjectManager lets you plan and schedule projects, while providing collaborative tools that help teams work better together.

Our software has been used by such companies as NASA, the US Postal Service, Volvo and more to make managing projects big and small more successful. More than 10,000 teams are using ProjectManager to get their jobs done more efficiently.

If you want to streamline your scheduling and integrate it into every aspect of your project management, then take a moment and sign up for our free 30-day trial.

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