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A Microsoft Project viewer is a life-saver for anyone using or receiving Microsoft Project files because of the many obstacles MS Project presents when it comes to sharing MPP files. If you don’t have a Microsoft Project viewer, you can’t open an MPP file unless you have one of the following tools instead:

  • A Microsoft Project alternative
  • A dedicated Microsoft Project license
  • Microsoft Project Server
  • SharePoint
  • Email capable of receiving very large files

And while viewers are helpful for, well, viewing the files, what you really need is way to integrate Microsoft Project (MPP) files into your project management solution so you can also update and collaborate on project data seamlessly from one person to another.

Why else are you sharing the files?

How do you use a Microsoft Project viewer to seamless import and export MPP files so you can actually edit the files, and support data updates when you share & view files online?

How to View & Edit MPP Files Without MS Project

With, you can import and export Microsoft Project files without losing any data. Plus, you can view and edit MPP files before exporting your changes and sharing with your colleagues. Best of all, our software works on both Windows and Mac computers, without requiring any downloads.

Start a Free 30-Day Trial

In order to view and edit MS Project files on your computer (Windows or Mac), you must first sign up for a free trial. Choose any plan you like, as they are all compatible with Microsoft Project, and each plan lets you seamlessly import, export, view and edit MPP files. Once you’ve selected a plan, is free for 30 days and can be cancelled at any time—no strings attached!

Microsoft Project Viewer Import

3 Ways to Use as Your MS Project Viewer

When you have imported your MS Project File into an online Microsoft Project viewer that has the capacity to edit files, like, you’re given free rein to work. The files are fully imported into your online project viewer.

Now that you’re in the MPP file, there are different view options available to you when you work. Let’s take a short look at some innovative ways to use an MS Project Viewer with roundtripping, like, and see how this tool can help you work more efficiently.

  1. Online Gantt Planning When you import an MPP file to, the project plan and Gantt chart is immediately populated online, preserving all your custom columns and settings, like color-coding, WBS and task dependencies, as well as importing resources and assignments. You can then immediately view your project plans online and manage them easily with your team once invited to the online project. This includes collaborating with your team on tasks directly on the Gantt, which enables you to also receive alerts when your team has updated their tasks with comments or file attachments. And you can also manage projects in a portfolio, creating project groups and manage task dependencies across projects.View Gantt Charts with Microsoft Project Viewer
  2. Online Timesheets & Resource Management When you import MPP plans online to, you get more than a project viewer. You can manage your projects online, including managing resource time, costs and updates. Since your resource data is imported, you can share the online plans with your team and invite them to update timesheets. This is perfect for teams in the field. They can update tasks and timesheets anytime, anywhere, and you get email alerts when their timesheets are ready for your approval. All this by importing one project plan!
  3. Populate Real-time Dashboards When you import a MPP file into, for example, your real-time dashboard is instantly populated, showing you instant views of your project data. You might wonder, if you’ve never seen a real-time view of your project data, why you would need a project dashboard? Well the benefits are clear upon import. You can see at-a-glance:
  • Project Health
  • Task Status
  • Team Workload Status
  • Track Costs
  • Risks, Issues & Changes
  • And more…
Microsoft Project Viewer With Dashboard

With, your MPP files are super-powered. Now they can reflect real-time changes in your project. You can easily share documents that were too big to email. Import and export is a breeze, the viewer can do all the formatting for you, and best of all, your project data instantly populates your dashboard with colorful charts and graphs.

Project Viewers with MS Project Roundtripping has MS Project roundtripping. What is roundtripping? Think of it as the difference between a read-only file and one that gives you complete editorial control. When you import and export MS Project plans, you want to have ability to work on them, too.

With data roundtripping, your imported data columns don’t have to be “mapped,” like in other project viewers. The data immediately and seamlessly is imported in the right places, so you can continue your project planning and scheduling right there online!

With MS Project Roundtripping, you can:

  • Manage files online
  • View planned, baselines and WBS
  • See & update task dependencies
  • Merge resources & their rates
  • Merge assignments
  • Collaborate with your team online
  • View real-time dashboard data
  • Export updated data as XML into MS Project

Once your files are seamlessly imported online, you can manage and share your projects 100% online, safely and securely, so you can collaborate with your team. Basically, everything from MS Project transfers over, including formatting such as color-coding.

Team members can update tasks on the Gantt, add attachments and comments. So you can continue planning in just a few clicks. Plus, if you need to export the data back to MS Project, you can simply click “export,” and it will open in MS Project with all the data updates intact.

Benefits of Using a Microsoft Project Viewer

Most MS Project viewers allow you to view and share MPP files online, which, as we’ve established, is pretty hard to do in a Microsoft eco-system. Even with the new Microsoft Project Online versions, sharing files requires the recipient party to have MS Project desktop installed, and it costs extra money, to boot!

A Microsoft Project Viewer, however, lets you:

  • View MS Project files online
  • Share MS Project files with non-MS Project license holders
  • Instantly populate a real-time dashboard with your project data
  • Create and share reports
  • Collaborate with your team on the project plan

But not all Project Viewers let you do all that. It’s important to consider all the potential benefits of certain viewers, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

MS Project Viewer Features You Need

How to Open MS Project Files with a Viewer

There are many options for online project viewers, as I mentioned, but they all share basically the same three steps to open files in the system, once you’ve chosen a viewer that has the features you need:

  1. Log in to your viewer
  2. Import the MS Project file
  3. Map the data columns

And it’s open. It’s that easy. Now you can view the MPP file online and share it with someone who doesn’t currently have MS Project.

But what if you want to do more? There’s a difference between simply importing and exporting files and roundtripping data so you can work online, too.

If you’re using Microsoft Project, then look for alternatives to help you share your work with your team and stakeholders. With an online Project viewer and cloud-based project management software tool like, you can do more than just view your files. You can seamlessly manage your MPP files online, update and collaborate on plans online, manage timesheets with your team, view real-time project data, and so much more. See for yourself with this free 30-day trial!

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