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A product or service doesn’t just attract customers without promotion. For there to be a success, it’s essential that your messaging reaches the right people who have a need for what you’re selling, whether they know it yet or not.

That’s where a marketing campaign comes in, which can run across many different media platforms. To manage this push and make sure it’s all working together, try ProjectManager’s marketing campaign template for free and start off on the right foot.

Why You Need ProjectManager’s Marketing Campaign Template

ProjectManager’s marketing campaign template can be used to plan the introduction of your product or service. The template outlines all the steps you need to take and acts as a roadmap to follow for successfully marketing your product or service to the marketplace.

screenshot of ProjectManager's marketing campaign template on a kanban board
ProjectManager’s Marketing Campaign Template. Try It Free

Using our marketing campaign template allows you to capture the research you’ve done on the market you plan to introduce your product or service to. It also acts as a communication channel so everyone in the marketing team (and those associated with the campaign) are all on the same page.

This marketing campaign template is set up to provide a place for you to add everything you need for a successful marketing campaign. There’s space for you to define the goals of the campaign, identify the target audience, how your product or service fits into the existing market, knowledge of your competition and much more.

When to Use a Marketing Campaign Template

The free marketing campaign template should be used right after you’ve produced the product or service to promote, but before it has launched. As you decide on campaign goals, targeting, media plan and execution, the marketing campaign template is there to organize all this data.

Through each step of the marketing campaign, the marketing campaign template is there to capture that development. That’s what makes it such an essential tool: it helps you organize and manage your ideas as they develop into a plan you can execute.

You’ll also want to track the marketing campaign and collect the key performance indicators (KPIs) to make sure the execution is actually following the plan. ProjectManager’s marketing campaign template has tools, like a project dashboard, that help you monitor the marketing campaign and stay on track.

Who Should Update the Marketing Campaign Template

The marketing campaign template is usually under the management of a marketing campaign manager, who is responsible for the marketing plan and overseeing its execution. The marketing campaign manager is constantly revising the document to respond to constraints that can impact the time, cost and scope of the marketing campaign.

Organizations of different sizes or corporate structures might have a different name for the person who is responsible for updating the marketing campaign template. It could be the marketing campaign manager’s assistant, or perhaps they use the term project manager.

Whatever title is given to the person who updates the marketing campaign template, they are the one who is running the show and therefore deals with issues as they arise and adjusts the marketing campaign and template to address these changes. They will report to stakeholders, of course, but managing the marketing campaign is their job.

Why Use Our Marketing Campaign Template

ProjectManager has a free marketing campaign template that opens up in the software. Once you follow the link at the top of the page, you’ll land on the kanban board view, which has custom columns and cards that can be updated by adding the details of your marketing campaign. It’s that easy.

  • Work on Kanban Boards: The kanban board view is both a tool to plan your marketing campaign and execute it, as the board view visualizes workflow. It allows your team to manage their backlog and plan together when executing tasks.
  • Powerful Task Management: Under each of the columns are cards. The cards are individual tasks. Each card has space to add a subtask, describe the task, attach documents and images, add the priority, set customized tags, and assign to one or more team members, who can create their own personalized to-do list in the task to manage their work.
  • Default Settings: The cards are broken into phases, such as planning, creative, SEO, Adwords, go live and post-launch. We’ve filled in some of the tasks for you. For example, under planning, they are: define KPIs, evaluate customer segments, define budget and brainstorm ideas.
  • Customize as Needed: Our free marketing campaign template is fully customizable. You can add as many columns and cards as you need. When you open it up in our software, the designated columns include: to do, in design, in production, ready for approval and done. These represent the production cycle for your marketing campaign.
  • Manage from a Gantt Chart: There is also a more traditional Gantt chart project view with a visual timeline that shows the entire campaign in one place. There’s also a sheet view, which is like the Gantt but without the timeline.
  • Different Views, Same Data: Whether you use the board, Gantt, sheet, list or calendar view, all the data is updated in real time and shared across the software to make sure everyone is working on the most current version of the marketing plan. There’s no reason to use different software tools, when everyone on your team can work together with the tools they want.
A screenshot of a gantt chart in ProjectManager, marketing campaign

How ProjectManager Takes Your Marketing Campaigns Further

Now that you’re using ProjectManager, you’ll quickly learn that our software is more than just a simple marketing campaign template. Our cloud-based software lets you work with the most current data to help you make more informed decisions.

It also provides everyone on your team a collaborative platform from which they can work better together, whether in the office, home or in the field.

View All the Marketing Team’s Tasks on One Page

If you’re concerned that your marketing team is too big and you’ll lose track of what everyone is doing, don’t worry. Just go to the Team Page. Here you’ll get an overview of what everyone on your team is working on.

ProjectManager's team page

From the team page you can see the name of the team member, what team they’re on and all the tasks currently assigned to them. Just click on their name in the list and another window pops up, with more details, such as the priority and progress on each of those tasks. You can even reassign work from this page.

Use Timesheets to Stay on Time

Knowing what your team is doing is only part of the picture. You need to know how long it’s taking them to complete those tasks. Without that information, your marketing campaign can fall behind before you know you’re off track.

ProjectManager's timesheet

Our timesheets do more than streamline the payroll process, they show exactly how many hours each team member has logged doing their assignments. Timesheets are easy to use, secure and give managers another tool to track their team’s time to make sure they’re keeping to the marketing campaign schedule.

Create One-Click Project Reports for Better Data Analysis

Keeping your client and other stakeholders involved, managing their expectations and updating them on progress and performance can feel like a whole job unto itself. That’s why our tool has reports that can be generated in one click and even filtered to show just the data you want to share.

ProjectManager's status report filter

Get reports on portfolio status, project status, project plan, tasks, timesheets, availability, workload and variance. These can all be printed out for presentations or easily saved as PDFs and shared with stakeholders. The reports are great for managers as well, giving them an in-depth view of the campaign to better manage it.

Other Free Templates to Help Your Marketing Campaign

If you need a bit more time before moving up to project management software, we have plenty of free templates that can make managing your marketing campaign that much easier. There are free templates for everything from initiation to closure. Look through them all, but in the meantime, here are a few to get you started.

Communication Plan Template

While the marketing campaign template has a communication component, you need more defined channels to make sure everyone is clear on objectives and stays up-to-date. The free communication plan template helps you create the channels you need to best disseminate data and keep everyone informed.

Marketing Budget Template

Marketing campaigns cost money. Those funds need approval from clients or executives in your organization. To get a better forecast of what you’ll have to pay to launch your campaign use our free marketing budget template. It breaks down your expenses into categories and tracks costs quarterly.

Timesheet/Time Tracking Template

If you’re not ready for an automated and secure timesheet tool, such as the one in ProjectManager, our free timesheet template is the next best thing. It acts as a collaborative tool, empowers your team by giving them autonomy and managers get a high-level view of the costs associated with their team’s work.

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A marketing campaign is a project and to better manage it you need ProjectManager. Our cloud-based software gives you real-time data for better decision-making, collaborative tools and helps you plan, monitor and report on progress and performance. Make your next marketing campaign a success and join the tens of thousands of marketers using our tool in organizations from NASA to Ralph Lauren. Try ProjectManager for free today.