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Create Project Plans

Create your detailed task lists online using, scheduling start and end dates as you go. It comes with all of the most commonly used features from Microsoft Project, so it's a great alternative, yet it's simpler and easier to use. Then share your plans with your colleagues, so they can update task status and percent complete on the fly. By making your plans available on the web, everyone will know what they have to deliver and by when, making the management of your projects a breeze.

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Monitor Your Progress

Monitor your project on the go viewing actual versus planned progress. When your team members enter their time on the project, you can see the results immediately in your project plan. You'll never lose sight of your project's progress again when you baseline your project and compare actual and planned views. By checking the comparison between where you thought your projects would be right now, and where they actually are - you can easily spot delays and then reassign tasks to get your projects back on track.

Import & Export

If you already use either Microsoft Project or Excel, then you can immediately import your tasks and resources to Simply create a new project and then click the "Import" button to bring in your tasks, dependencies, resources and timeframes. Once imported, they will immediately be visible to your project team through your dashboard. You can then run reports, view workload and review your overall project roadmap immediately. As well as importing, you can also export data to MS Project, Excel and CSV at the click of a button.

Bring your project planning to life with the robust yet intuitive toolkit. Assign and schedule tasks or allocate resources from your desktop or mobile. You can also link tasks together and add alerts so that your team is automatically notified on project changes and when items are due, wherever they are. You can rapidly:

  • Create detailed project plans
  • Allocate resources and add dependencies
  • See actual vs. planned progress
  • Create notes, priorities and email alerts

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