Build Robust Plans with Project Planning Software

You can schedule tasks for your team, prioritize work and organize everything with our project planning tools. Make interactive project plans on Gantt charts, task lists or kanban boards, and give your team the tools they need to be at their best. Projects always go according to plan with ProjectManager.

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Create Plans for Every Team

With our flexible online project planning software, teams across the enterprise can use ProjectManager to plan any kind of project.

  • IT, Software and Tech
  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Marketing and Professional Services

Support for Agile and Waterfall

ProjectManager has features for both agile and waterfall planning, which makes the tool perfect for different phases of project and product management.

  • Use kanban to work in flexible sprints
  • Plan large projects from top-to-bottom
  • Work how you want and increase productivity
Kanban project planning software
Project planning with Gantt charts

Create a Project in Minutes

Add new tasks, or import task lists, into ProjectManager to create your project plan—or start with one of our templates. Our planning software adapts to your needs.

  • Assign tasks, track time and drive progress
  • Collaborate, share files and boost productivity
  • Onboard your team quickly

Plan on Gantt Charts

Lay out your projects on a timeline planning tool. As your team progresses on tasks, you can watch the Gantt chart instantly update. The task bar’s shading indicates how far along it is.

  • Plan, schedule and assign work
  • Import, export and share projects
  • Collaborate on tasks to get more done
interactive gantt chart software

Try Our Project Planning Software & Make a Plan in Minutes

Assignments in project planning

Powerful Collaboration Tools

Invite your team members and assign them tasks so the whole team can collaborate on the plan. Members can update their tasks, add files, comment, and participate in discussions easily.

  • Multiple project views fit any team’s work style
  • Assign and track tasks from anywhere
  • Report on progress and productivity

Receive Instant Plan Updates

With our project planning software, you can see activity on the plan as it happens. Plus, email and in-app notifications let everyone stay in the loop and see how the plan is progressing.

  • Track progress, budgets and resources
  • Get email and in-app notifications when a task changes
  • Customize your notifications to see only what you want
project planning software

Track All Your Plans in One Place

Our project planning software has dashboards that give you a high-level view into the health and progress of all your plans. Keeping your plans on track has never been easier.

  • Monitor plan progress on charts and graphs
  • Track costs and other key metrics
  • View resource availability at-a-glance

The Ultimate Collection of Planning Tools

With ProjectManager's planning tools, you and your team can plan projects, track progress and collaborate online.

online gantt charts for project planning

Online Gantt Charts

Create interactive Gantt charts online and share project plans online.

schedule tasks into project plans

Schedule Tasks

Simply drag the task bars on the Gantt to quickly adjust dates.

create simple task lists

Task Lists

Your team always knows what to work on with personal project task lists.

manage teams for multiple projects

Manage Teams

Assign tasks to your team by availability and workload.

create timesheets on projects


Get online timesheets your team can update anytime, anywhere.

export files from your project plans

Import & Export

Import Microsoft Project Plans, Excel & Word files seamlessly.

collaborate on projects


Your team can update their tasks, add files and comments right on the project plan.

share your project plans

Share Online

You can share your project plans with your team online or print them out.

Kickoff Successful Projects with Project Planning Software

How to Plan a Project with ProjectManager

At a basic level, project planning software lets you organize all of your tasks and resources, so you can break your project down into phases and set reasonable deadlines for your team.

ProjectManager is a project planning software that keeps you on schedule and lets you report on progress along the way. Here’s a walk-through so you can get more out of your projects.

It’s easy to import of task list from any spreadsheet

1. Create Task List

Quickly start projects by importing your task list into our software. We can import MSP files, so you can easily edit and share them with your team. Of course, you can start from scratch too. Just start typing in tasks on any of our project views.

Describe tasks to give teams clear directions

2. Add Task Description

Add brief descriptions to your tasks to give your team clear directions. Set priorities and create tags to make the task easy to find. This makes it easy to see which tasks can be excluded from the plan.

Gantt charts control your plan, tasks and schedule

3. Switch to Gantt Chart View

Our Gantt chart maps all your tasks across a project timeline. Estimate the duration of each task by adding a start and end date. If you have dependent tasks they can be linked to avoid bottlenecks down the road. Also, add summary tasks and create phases by setting milestones to schedule tasks.

Get your team on ProjectManager fast and easy

4. Onboard Your Team

Onboard your team once you’ve finished your project schedule on the Gantt chart. Invite them to the software on the team page, and they’ll get an email notification. Add details about what project team they’re on and their skill set.

Know when your team can work and when they’re out on holiday

5. Add Availability

Define your team’s availability so you can assign tasks properly and hit deadlines. We have a feature that blocks out your calendar, including working days and local and global holidays. Even add your team’s labor cost. Once you’ve added availability it’s displayed throughout the software.

Assign tasks to teams from any of ProjectManager’s project views

6. Assign Work

Start assigning tasks right from the Gantt chart. Just click on a task and use the pulldown menu to select one or more team members to execute it. Add comments, documents and images as needed. Teams are notified by email and alerted whenever there’s a change made to the task.

Visualize your team’s workflow on kanban boards

7. Kanban for Task Updates

Use the kanban board view to see all of your assigned tasks laid out as cards under columns representing production phases. Teams can use the board to manage their work without affecting your plan on the Gantt chart. They can plan sprints, make backlogs and collaborate.

See your progress across six project metrics

8. Monitor Progress

See your actual progress compared to your planned progress to stay on track. Get a high-level view with our real-time dashboard. We monitor project time, cost, tasks and more in colorful graphs and charts. Our Gantt chart monitors your progress with shading on the duration bar.

See who on your team is overallocated and who has too few tasks

9. Adjust Workloads

Use the workload page to make sure tasks are distributed evenly. Correct any scheduling errors with just a few clicks, so you can keep morale high and your project moving forward.

Automatic reporting keeps your project on track.

10. Make Reports

Create reports to keep your stakeholders in the loop. Our detailed reports can be filtered to get only the data you want to see. See reports on project status, variance and much more. All of our reports can be easily shared.

Key Features of Our Project Planning Software

Plan Long and Short Projects Effectively

Online Gantt charts make project planning easy, no matter the size of your project. Your task list is organized on a project timeline, so you can link those dependent tasks and monitor progress in real time. Add as many columns as you like and customize the Gantt to match your project. Tracking tasks and costs keep your project on time and within budget.

Dynamic Gantt Charts image

Organize Work for Your Team

Prioritize your tasks; tag them by project, assignee and more to make it easy to find fast. Orchestrate a project or use task lists to manage your own workload and increase efficiencies. Our unlimited file storage allows you to attach as many documents to your tasks as you need.

Robust Task Lists image

Teams Manage Their Own Tasks

See your team’s workflow and stay clear of bottlenecks with our kanban board. Teams know what they need to work on next and managers get transparency into the process. You can match project resources to your team’s capacity and boost their productivity.

Fluid Kanban Boards image

Collaborate and Balance Workload

See everyone’s hours with our color-coded workload page. Then reassign tasks to balance your team’s work with a couple of clicks. For a quick snapshot of today or this week, check out the team page to see everyone’s tasks. You can reassign tasks from here, too.

Team Management Tools image

See Your Progress as It Happens

Monitor your project’s progress, variance, tasks and more with automated reporting features. See the data you want by filtering the report. If you’re looking for a more high-level view of the project, our dashboard tracks it. We crunch your data into colorful graphs and charts, so you can keep your plan on track.

Real-Time Reports image

ProjectManager Plans Better Than MS Project

Easily import MSP files into our software, so now you can share and edit without hassle. Better yet, lose the headaches of Microsoft Project altogether. It’s expensive, hard to use and we do all that MS Project does only better, faster and more easily.

MSP Compatibility image

Start Your Project on the Right Foot with Online Planning Tools

ProjectManager is a cloud-based project management software with intuitive planning tools that organize your projects. Manage plans with robust Gantt charts, streamline workload with kanban boards and monitor progress to keep you on track.

Our software is used by tens of thousands of teams at companies such as Volvo and large organizations such as the US Postal Service and Nasa. See why teams all over the world choose ProjectManager for their project management. Try our planning tools for free with this 30-day trial.

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