Respond to Change & Deliver Results with Agile Tools

Manage your backlogs, execute sprints and work better as a team with our agile tools. We have three work views for managing projects—kanban boards, Gantt charts and task lists—which give agile teams the flexibility they need to adapt and thrive. Get responsive agile tools and in-depth reporting features in one easy-to-use software.

A screenshot of the ProjectManager’s kanban board, showing columns with to-do lists

Advanced Task Management Features

Personalize your tasks with to-do lists, tags, comments, files and more. When a new task is created and assigned, an email alert and an in-app notification are triggered, keeping everyone on the same page. Timesheets are also automatically updated when hours are logged on a task.

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A screenshot of the ProjectManager’s Kanban board, with columns that represent the stages of production

Visual Workflows with Kanban Boards

Make workflows clear and digestible with kanban boards. Teams can save time and focus on specific tasks with task filters. Filter by tags, due dates, progress or assignee to find what you need quickly. Whether you’re managing your backlog or just your daily tasks, you’re covered.

Dashboards Keep You On Track

Collect all your project metrics on one page with our real-time dashboards. Managers can track task progress, team workload, costs and more. The dashboard is customizable, so you can extract only the important information, faster. With this, agile teams can respond swiftly to any problems.

A screenshot of the ProjectManager’s dashboard, showing six graphs that say Health, Tasks, Workload, Time, Cost, Progress
A screenshot of the ProjectManager’s “My Work” page, that shows a user’s personal tasks.

Manage Your Work, Your Way

Stay focused on your assigned tasks with the My Work Page. You can make your own tasks that are not attached to any project here, too. Having tasks that aren’t tied to a project helps you stay agile and frees you from a rigid plan. It’s up to you. It’s your work.

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Fluid Collaboration

Foster collaboration with built-in communications tools, and let your agile teams flourish. See who’s in what department, and easily add them to a project. With @ mentions and alerts, everyone stays in close communication. Unlimited file storage makes access to burndown charts secure and easily shared.

A screenshot of a task view in ProjectManager, showing a team collaborating through comments
A screenshot of the timesheet report page in ProjectManager, with toggleable data points that affect which data is shown in the exported file.

Reports for Tracking Progress

Generate reports quickly with the most robust reporting features available on the market. ProjectManager lets you generate reports on status, tasks, timesheets, workload, variance and more with a single click. This helps with managing teams, reporting to stakeholders and improving overall performance.

The Ultimate Collection of Agile Tools for Project Management

create project plans


Plan tasks collaboratively.

use task lists online

Task Management

Use kanban boards and tasks lists to manage tasks.

track time on all of your tasks


Automatically log time when tasks are completed.

track tasks on the gantt


Measure progress with many project metrics on our real-time dashboard.

add comments to gantt tasks


Teams can share, comment and attach relevant documents at the task level.

report with line charts


Get customizable status reports to dive deep into your project.

create and assign tasks to others


The workload page visualizes workload so teams are aware of what everyone is working on.

turn tasks into project timelines

Online Gantt Charts

Plan, schedule and collaborate on our dynamic online Gantt charts.

Plan Sprints & More with Agile Tools

How to Get the Most Out of Agile Tools

Agile tools help self-directed teams to tackle tasks in short iterative sprints, working collaboratively and changing direction quickly to respond to end-user expectations. Using ProjectManager gives teams the freedom to do their jobs better, with features for product owners to monitor and track their progress. Here’s how it works:

A screenshot of the team member window open with details of their role, assigned project, skills and more

1. Onboard Team

Onboard the scrum master, product owner and everyone on the agile team by sending them an email. All they have to do is follow the link, and they’ll be ready to work.

A screenshot of the task list view, showing a product backlog with highlighted tasked open showing details

2. Build Backlog

Build your product backlog by using our task list project view. Import your tasks from any spreadsheet, or just add them directly in our software. There are also industry-specific templates to get you started.

A screenshot of the Kanban card open with attachments and comments

3. Fill Out Tasks

Fill out your tasks to add details for the team. There’s a description field for direction, add priority and tag the task to make it easy to find in a search.

A screenshot of the Kanban board, with columns of tasks to do, backlog, test and more

4. Plan Sprint

Plan your sprint with the product owner, team and scrum master. Use the kanban board view to see your product backlog and determine how many of those items to complete in the sprint.

A screenshot of the Kanban card open with a window listing team members assigned to that task

5. Assign Tasks

Assign tasks to the team, and attach any user stories that can help guide them when executing the task. One or more team members can be assigned to each task.

A screenshot of the Timesheet, showing team member’s tasks and hours logged working on them over the week

6. Use Timesheets

Use timesheets to monitor the hours logged by your team and contractors during sprints. Our tool automatically logs time when the sprint is done.

A screenshot of the Dashboard view, shows six project metrics, including health, progress and workload

7. Use Dashboards

Use dashboards to get a high-level view of your project or sprint. See progress on graphs and charts that track tasks, costs and more. We do the calculations for you, and make it easy to share with stakeholders.

Essential Features of Our Agile Tools

Find What You Want Fast

Use tags to customize the project tasks on your backlog. Then, when you search for something, just filter by tag. Or, filter by deadline and see just the work due today. No more wasting time searching, it’s all there when you want it.

Filters & Tags image

Keep Track of User Stories

Keep track of user stories, assign tasks and monitor your team’s time all from the task list project view. Filter by due date, owner, project and more. Scrum teams can collaborate and share files to increase their productivity. Make task lists for teams, or to manage your personal tasks.

Dynamic Lists image

Stay Updated on Comments & Progress

Get email alerts immediately whenever a task is updated, or when a comment is added. Stay current on your project’s status with in-app notifications that list all your alerts, so you don’t even have to leave the tool. Always know what’s going on as it happens.

Alerts & Notifications image

See All Your Sprints on a Timeline

Get an overview of all your projects or sprints on a single page. The roadmap lays out multiple projects to help you align your strategy and create synergy. See all your sprints in one place, and distribute resources more efficiently to get teams working better.

Product Roadmap image

Monitor Logged Hours on Tasks

Have transparency into your team’s work without needing to micromanage them. Timesheets automatically update as tasks progress continues. Everything can be tracked in real time on the dashboard, or with reports. Once a timesheet is submitted, it’s locked and cannot be changed.

Time Tracking image

See Who’s Doing What, Now

Give your team the freedom to manage their sprints, while getting a window into their work and progress. The team management page shows everyone on the team, their tasks, priorities and percentage complete. Catch potential bottlenecks before they happen and keep teams on track.

Team Transparency image

Try Our Software for Better Agile Project Management

ProjectManager is an award-winning software that gives agile teams the tools they need to work with greater flexibility, while offering more traditional features that keep managers and stakeholders in the loop. Our software works great in an agile environment or with waterfall methodology, or even a hybrid of the two.

We have helped companies such as Volvo and complex organizations such as the US Postal Service and NASA manage successful projects. Over 10,000 teams have used our software to organize their work and teams. Why not try us out with your next project?

See how ProjectManager can give your scrum teams what they need to work in an iterative environment, while traditional project management tools are available to bridge the gap between self-directed teams and the other departments in your organization. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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