Agile Software for Dynamic Teams gives you the power to work how you want. We have three main work views for managing projects—kanban boards, online Gantt charts and task lists—which give agile teams the flexibility they need to adapt and thrive. kanban board example
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Visual Workflows with Kanban Boards

Our kanban boards make workflows clear and digestible. Teams can save time and focus on specific tasks with task filters. Filter by tags, due dates, progress or assignee to find what you need quickly. Whether you’re managing your backlog or just your daily tasks, we got you covered.

Advanced Task Management Features

Take your tasks and personalize them. In the kanban or list view you can add a to-do list, tags, comments, files and more. Plus, when a new task is created and assigned, an email alert is instantly delivered, keeping everyone on the same page. Timesheets are also updated when hours are logged on a task, automating time tracking for your team. full screen task example with attached files and comments reporting dashboard

Dashboards Keep You On Track

Our real-time dashboards collect all your project metrics on one page. Managers can track task progress, team workload, costs and more. The dashboard is even customizable, so you can extract important information, faster. Agile teams can respond swiftly to any problems, thanks to the live dashboard.

Manage Your Work, Your Way

You can find all your assigned work in the My Work section. You can make your own tasks that are not attached to a project here, too. Having tasks that aren’t tied to a project helps you stay agile and frees you from a rigid plan. It’s up to you. It’s your work. task list example

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Fluid Collaboration fosters collaboration, so agile teams can flourish. See who’s in what department to easily add them to a project. With @ mentions and email alerts, everyone stays in close communication. Unlimited file storage makes access to burndown charts secure and easily shared.

Gantt Charts for Long-Term Projects

Gantt charts are ideal for planning long-term projects that are rolled out in phases. Tasks are assigned to team members and placed on a timeline, so due dates are plain and obvious. When a team member updates their progress, it’s visible on the Gantt chart. Our Gantt charts are flexible and can be updated by simply dragging and dropping to accommodate changes. gantt chart creation view
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Reports for Tracking Progress

Our agile software has the most robust reporting features available on the market. lets you generate reports on status, tasks, timesheets, workload, variance and more with one click. This helps with managing teams, reporting to stakeholders and improving overall performance. Makes You More Agile lets you work how you want to work, with multiple views of the project or even a project portfolio. Whether your team is in a sprint, working on its backlog or even managing the project in waterfall, our intuitive and user-friendly tools are dynamic enough to fulfill all your project needs.

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Agile Software Features for Project Management

create project plans


Plan tasks collaboratively.

use task lists online

Task Management

Use kanban boards and tasks lists to manage tasks.

track time on all of your tasks


Automatically log time when tasks are completed.

track tasks on the gantt


Measure progress with many project metrics on our real-time dashboard.

add comments to gantt tasks


Teams can share, comment and attach relevant documents at the task level.

report with line charts


Get customizable status reports to dive deep into your project.

create and assign tasks to others


The workload page visualizes workload so teams are aware of what everyone is working on.

turn tasks into project timelines

Online Gantt Charts

Plan, schedule and collaborate on our dynamic online Gantt charts.

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