Live data

View task updates in real time, monitor key metrics and keep everything on track with project dashboards.

Total visibility

The dashboard automatically depicts project data in easy-to-read, colorful charts, so you get total transparency into projects.

Deliver results

With ProjectManager, you can spot issues before they become problems and leave your stakeholders impressed.

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Get real-time dashboard tools

Our project dashboard feature provides you with real-time data and business intelligence from all your projects. Dashboard widgets let you monitor tasks, teams, costs, health and more.

  • View progress and task status
  • Monitor key metrics of all your projects
  • Easy setup and customization

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Track all your tasks in one view

The project dashboard updates instantly when tasks, teams and projects make progress, so you always know if you’re on track. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual reporting.

  • Get instant updates on your team’s progress
  • Stay on schedule and keep on target
  • View team workload

View your team’s workload

Our dashboard’s workload widget gives you a window into each team member’s progress, so you can easily monitor how much work they have completed according to their schedule.

  • Keep track with red, green and yellow color coding
  • See the amount of time your team spends on tasks
  • View variance between planned and actual progress

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One view for your entire portfolio

With Overview Dashboards, you can group similar projects in your portfolio together to get a high-level view of them all in a single dashboard.

  • Keep track of your portfolio from a single dashboard
  • Quickly see which projects are ahead or behind
  • Dig deeper into individual projects for more detail

Dashboard tools for busy managers

Custom filters

Create filters for your dashboards to see what you need.


Print out hardcopies and distribute to stakeholders.

Program dashboards

Create program dashboards that collect specific projects.

Custom colors

Choose the look that suits you and your analysis.

Track all views

All views feed into the project dashboard.

Instant set up

No set up required. Works immediately for your project.

Expandable tiles

Expand specific metrics to look closer at the data.

Shareable dashboards

Share your dashboard with anyone on the team for alignment.

Key features of our project dashboards

Get a dashboard overview

See the overall health of your project in one place. All five dashboard metrics are summarized here. Check the time, tasks, workload, progress and cost of your project and know instantly if you’re on schedule.

Health tab on a project dashboard

Track project tasks

Track all of your tasks with our color-coded chart. You can easily see which tasks are started, in progress or complete. Get a quick overview of how much work you have left.

Task metric on a project dashboard

See your percent complete

Know what percentage of your tasks are done, and which ones are holding you up. If you add summary tasks on our Gantt chart, they’ll show up here, too.

Progress metric on a project dashboard

Ahead or behind schedule

See if your schedule is moving forward as planned or running behind. The time chart measures the percentage complete for your whole project, making it easy to avoid scope creep.

Time tracking metric on a project management dashboard

Monitor your team’s work

Assigned tasks are shown as completed, remaining and overdue by color on the workload graph. The data is based on the percentage complete for each task.

Workload tab on a project dashboard

Make sure you’re on budget

Compare your planned costs against your actual costs with the cost graph. Your budget is a baseline set against what you spend executing the project, so you’re aware of your expenditure.

Cost tab on a project dashboard for budget tracking

Integrate with over 1,000 business & project management apps

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Manage tasks right in your Gmail app. Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.

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Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files and CSV files.

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Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.

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View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.

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PM api


For more advanced integrations, take advantage of our custom API.

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