See project status at-a-glance

The Dashboard updates instantly when your team updates their tasks and timesheets, so you always know if you’re on track. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual reporting.

project progress dashboards
project health dashboards

View all of your projects at once

On a single dashboard, you can monitor workload, budget and progress across your entire portfolio of projects. Or you can drill-down into a single project to view its status as well.

Drill down to see details

See real-time details on resource allocation, budget tracking, task assignments and more.

create custom project dashboards

Create customized dashboards

Group projects together by group and then view project activity at-a-glance on the group dashboard. Create custom dashboards by team, by customer or by department.

Collaborate, print & share

Print your dashboards for meetings or use the email share feature to send your colleagues a link to view your dashboards online. You can create customized views before you share—so you control the access.

discuss and collaborate on project dashboards

Import your projects in seconds

Import any Microsoft Project, Excel or CSV file to instantly populate your dashboard and see the real status of your projects.

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