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Your project dashboard is always up-to-date with the latest business intelligence from your team. Get dashboard widgets that help you monitor tasks, teams, costs, health and more. With, you can see instantly how your tasks, team and projects are progressing.

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And Track All Your Tasks in One View

Your project dashboard updates instantly when your team updates their tasks and timesheets, so you always know if you’re on track. Say goodbye to complex spreadsheets and manual reporting.

You Can View Your Team’s Workload

On the dashboard’s workload widget, you can view each team member’s progress to easily monitor how much work they have completed according to their schedule. Red, green and yellow color codes let you know at-a-glance who is on track.

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And Track Project Timelines Easily

See how your project is progressing against your plan. View with easy red and green color-coding, whether your project is on track or falling behind schedule.

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Plus, Import Any Project to View Dashboards in Seconds

Import any Microsoft Project file, Excel template or CSV file to instantly populate your online dashboard and see the real status of your projects. Real-time, every time… sure beats making dashboards in Excel.

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And Monitor All Your Projects

See health status in easy-to-read red, yellow or green colors so you know how all your projects are performing in one simple view. Get practical business intelligence on time, cost, team workload and more.

Then Share & Collaborate

Print your project dashboard for meetings or use the share feature to send your colleagues a link to view your dashboards online. You can create customized views before you share with the dashboard software—so you control the access.

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