Get Organized

Kanban tools help you organize your work, collaborate on projects and get more done than you thought possible.

Work Better Together

Use our online kanban tools for personal tasks, or create shared boards for your team.

Create Workflows

Monitor production to keep the work flowing smoothly. With kanban tools, you get full transparency into the production cycle.

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Visualize Your Workflows

Visualize the stages of your projects with our kanban tool for maximum efficiency. Use the traditional kanban view setup of “to do, doing and done,” or create custom columns to suit your needs.

  • Create and customize kanban workflows
  • Make task cards that represent your work
  • Catch bottlenecks before they become problems

Keep Work Moving

Get insights into your work as it goes through production. With our digital kanban board and the project management features of our software, your project’s workflow is fully under your control.

  • Drag cards to different columns to mark progress
  • Tag cards to find tasks quickly
  • Set priority so you know what to tackle first
ProjectManager's kanban board software, showing a task moving from one phase to another
ProjectManager's kanban software allows you to enter task details on each kanban card

Assign Tasks and Add Attachments

Our kanban software has task management features that provide your teams with clear direction, without having to leave the kanban board.

  • Add documents and images to tasks
  • Collaborate with your team through comments
  • Create to-do lists for each task

Collaborate with Your Team

Staying connected is easy with our team collaboration features. As you and your team progress and make changes, everyone stays in the loop. Our kanban board features are great for agile and scrum teams.

  • Tag team members to notify them
  • Get instant notifications on status changes
  • View your team’s workflow at a glance
ProjectManager's task list, an alternative to kanban software features

The Best Kanban Project Management Tools

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Gantt Charts

Plan and schedule projects online and share with your team.

pie chart icon

Resource Management

Keep track of your team’s task and balance their workload.

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Log hours spent on tasks and keep track of your team’s time.

checklist icon

Task Management

Assign tasks and track progress across your projects to manage workflow.

roadmap icon

Portfolio Project Management

See all your projects and keep them aligned with strategic goals.

graph icon

Automatic Reports

Generate detailed reports on project variance, workload and more.

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Easy Sharing

Share reports with teams and stakeholders with just a click.

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Edit Schedules

Change start and due dates by simply dragging and dropping.

Key Features of Our Kanban Board Software

Manage Tasks for Agile Teams

Plan your agile sprints by creating a product backlog on the online kanban board. Prioritize those tasks during your scrum meeting, and the team can assign the work among themselves. Managers have visibility into the process and can stay out of the way of their self-directed teams.

ProjectManager's kanban software, showing tasks from a construction plan

Create Kanban Boards in Minutes

Custom workflows make our software features flexible enough to support the work of teams in IT, marketing, construction—or any industry. Customize your kanban board columns to show the progress of how your tasks are executed, and get the clarity you need to manage workflows efficiently.

ProjectManager's kanban software automation page

Equip Your Team with Agile Tools

Get transparency into your team’s workflow and see what stage everyone is at with their tasks. With our online kanban software, teams can manage their work, always know what’s expected of them and be aware of when it’s due. Managers can spot potential bottlenecks, and reallocate resources to keep things moving forward.

ProjectManager's team management page, part of its kanban software features

Monitor Progress with Dashboards

Track progress and see where tasks are in the production cycle. Get an overview of progress with our real-time dashboard that monitors project metrics, such as workload, time and more. Our project management software has reporting features that give you even more detail.

ProjectManager's real-time dashboard, an essential part of its kanban software features

Save All Your Files in One Place

Rest assured that all your important files are safe when stored in our project management software. We have unlimited file storage and offer a centralized location to keep your critical documents. Find them without having to endlessly scroll through emails or search your computer.

ProjectManager's file sharing interface

See Your Tasks How You Want

View tasks in the format that best suits your style. Our kanban boards visualize workflow for teams. Need something more granular? ProjectManager’s Gantt charts give managers full control over planning and scheduling tasks. There are also task lists and calendar views to focus on important dates and deadlines.

ProjectManager's Gantt chart, an alternative to kanban software

Integrate with over
1,000 Business Apps

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Office 365

Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files & CSV files.

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Manage tasks right in your Gmail app! Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.

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View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.

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Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.

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Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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