Project Management Features

Project Dashboard

Your customizable dashboard displays the health and status of all your projects in brilliant charts and tables. Know what's on track and what's at risk, at a glance.

Project Planning

Our user-friendly project planner lets you build and schedule new tasks, assign resources and monitor progress.

Status Reporting

Status reporting is a breeze with advanced reporting features. Just choose your reporting timeframe and view the report. Need to send status updates to your team or stakeholders? Export or print with a click of a button.

Time Tracking

Create timesheets and reports that allow your team members to input time spent. The data is updated automatically across project dashboards, plans and reports.

Resource Planning

Assign tasks to team members as you create your plan. The tool automatically tracks availability so you can delegate tasks to the right resources at the right time.

Task Tracking

Personalized dashboards and reports let you create and manage tasks, review real-time project and task status, and identify potential issues.

Project Scheduling

Create schedules, group tasks, identify dependencies and assign time, costs and resources - all in one place. You can even set baselines and run reports within your project schedule.

Project Tracking

Our robust tracking capabilities allow you to stay on top of every facet of your project, from budget to resources. Real-time updates mean that you always know how far you've come - and what's left to finish.

Gantt Chart

We set the standard for online Gantt charts when we launched our award-winning software. Our supercharged Gantt Charts help you create and update tasks and projects, and report on project status from a simple-to-use interface. It's easy to migrate projects from Microsoft Excel or Project with

Project Management Tools includes all of the most commonly used features from Microsoft Project, while being simpler and easier to use. Whether you are planning, tracking, monitoring or reporting on projects, this toolset includes all of the features you need to succeed.

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