Schedule Your Work with Gantt Charts

You can plan your projects, create schedules and get work done on time with our Gantt chart maker. This visual tool gives you the power to organize all of your tasks and resources in one place. See your milestones, dependencies and even the critical path on one dynamic chart. keeps plans manageable and provides teams with a collaborative online platform—so everyone can work better together. Gantt chart

Simply Add Tasks

Add new tasks and due dates in the online spreadsheet to populate the Gantt chart. Plus, it’s easy to link tasks and create dependencies within and across projects. With our Gantt chart maker, when one task is updated, all associated task deadlines are updated, too.

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Create Your Gantt Chart

It’s easy to create Gantt charts in seconds, with our cloud-based, interactive Gantt chart maker. Plus, get advanced Gantt chart features that rival MS Project, without the cost or hassle of legacy tools. Anyone can use our software to plan projects, assign tasks, track progress and collaborate with teams.

Drag & Drop to Schedule Work

Adjust start and end dates with a simple drag and drop action. Plus, customize your Gantt chart with color-coding and custom columns. Task management has never been easier.

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Get the Ultimate Gantt Chart Maker

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Collaborate with Your Team

You and your team can attach comments, files and documents directly to the task line on the Gantt chart. When one team member updates a task, automatic email alerts are sent to update the right people at the right time.

And Track Performance in One View

The Gantt chart maker is fully integrated with the real-time project dashboard, so as any one task is updated, the dashboard shows you the status instantly. From task status to team workload, you’ll keep your projects on track every time.

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Import MS Project, Excel, Word, CSV files

Even Import MS Project & Excel Files

Import & export your Microsoft Project Gantt charts, or Excel and CSV files, to create your Gantt charts online and instantly know whether your projects are on track with the dashboard. Continue to use MS Project on your desktop, while sharing plans online with colleagues, without the hassle of Sharepoint.

All the Same Features as MS Project

Our Gantt chart creator offers the same features as MS Project, but fully online. No desktop or server installations required. You and your team can plan large or small projects, assign tasks, link tasks and more.

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An Intuitive Gantt Chart Experience

There is no training required. is intuitive to use and easy to roll out to teams and project managers alike. Use our Gantt chart maker to start planning your project in just 3 clicks.

Award-winning Gantt Chart Tools & Integrations has online Gantt chart tools that help you and your team plan, schedule and update your projects in real-time. Our interactive Gantt chart maker is just one reason we’re consistently rated the #1 project management software. We offer all these features and more:

create project plans


Add tasks and due dates, and watch as your Gantt populates timelines instantly.

track tasks on the gantt


Assign tasks to your team, and watch as their tasks progress to completion.

add comments to gantt tasks


Share task updates and files right on the Gantt! Plus, discuss and get alerts.

report with line charts


View progress on the real-time dashboards, or create one-click reports to share.

add milestones to gantt projects

Add Milestones

Add important milestones to your plan to mark phases or events.

link tasks with dependencies

Link Tasks Together

Connect tasks to create dependencies so all linked tasks update too!

export files to MPP

Import & Export

Import & export Microsoft Project Plans or Excel files to your project easily.

collaborate and share gantt charts

Share Gantt Charts

You can share your Gantt project plans online or print to PDF.

Make a Project Plan with our Gantt Chart Maker

How to Use a Gantt Chart Maker

A Gantt chart maker is a tool that helps you plan projects, schedule tasks, create task dependencies, balance resources and more—all on a visual timeline.

Make a Gantt chart on your own by following these step-by-step instructions. Tasklist

1. Enter Your Tasks

Start by listing your tasks. Don’t worry, you can always edit the list later. Once you have your tasks in the tool, our software allows you to choose from multiple project views, such as a list, calendar or kanban board. summary tasks

2. Add Summary Tasks

Add summary tasks to beef up task details. This includes the planned start and finish of your tasks. You can set the duration and add resource costs. There are also columns for percent complete, actual start and finish.

Dates on Gantt chart

3. Set Dates

Set dates to begin scheduling. Mark the planned start date and planned finish date to estimate each task’s duration. As things change in the project, it’s easy to edit the dates: just drag and drop the timelines.

Task dependencies

4. Add Dependencies

Link dependent tasks on the Gantt chart to avoid bottlenecks. You can drag and drop the task to set task dependencies, or use the link button. This simple step prevents headaches later.

Milestone on Gantt chart

5. Add Milestones

Add milestones to break up your project into smaller phases and set short-term goals. To make a milestone, just highlight a task. Click the milestone button, and it’s represented on the Gantt as a diamond.

Baseline Gantt chart

6. Set a Baseline

Baselines capture original target dates, so you can compare your plan to what actually happens during the execution phase. Looking at planned versus actual progress shows whether you’re on track or not. collaboration

7. Collaborate

Teams can collaborate by commenting on tasks on the Gantt chart. Tag anyone in the project group, and they’re instantly notified by email. Add detailed instructions and attach files to each task.

Custom Gant chart columns on

8. Add Custom Columns

Add custom columns to track additional currency, a Jira link, a PO number and more. Use as many columns as you need. Additional columns added to one project won’t be added to all projects: our Gantt chart creator adapts to each project.

Gantt chart budget on

9. Add Expenses

Add expenses and stay on budget. Add four types of expenses: planned resource cost, actual resource cost, planned cost and actual cost. Now you’ll never be surprised by a spike in your expenditures.

Team assignments

10. Assign Tasks

Invite team members to the project, and start assigning them tasks. If you first set up their availability and working hours, you can assign the tasks by number of hours, and it will also populate the planned resource cost. Once your team is working, you can keep track of their progress.

Standout Features of Our Gantt Chart Maker

Use a Template or Import Your Plan

Start a project from scratch, import a file or use one of our industry-specific templates. Simply fill in the blanks, and your tasks populate on a dynamic project timeline. You can now start assigning work to your team right from the Gantt. Planning and scheduling have never been so efficient.

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See Your Schedule and Progress in One Place

Make a schedule and stick to it: baselines, milestones and the critical path all keep you on track. Watch your team update their tasks in real time, and track your planned versus actual progress to keep an eye on slippage. Do it all without leaving the Gantt view.

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See Team Availability and Current Workloads

Assign the right task to the right person. You’ll always know who’s ready for more work thanks to our resource tools. Track team availability across your portfolio, and incorporate PTO and holidays into the project schedule. You can even balance workload with a few clicks to keep everyone working at capacity.

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Keep Track of Your Project Costs

Know what you’re spending money on by comparing planned costs to actual costs. Manage your resource expenses, including budgeted equipment and supplies. Our Gantt creator even automatically calculates your team’s hourly rate as they log their hours. Cost can be inputted manually too, so nothing gets overlooked.

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Filter Your Gantt Chart How You Want

Slice and dice your project plan by filtering for the critical path, milestones and specific tasks. See due dates for today or the week. You can even use multiple filters to customize your Gantt to see the information you want. Add as many columns as you need and change the colors to match your tastes.

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Get Tasks Online and Share Them

Import a task list from any spreadsheet and keep your original settings. Tired of using Microsoft Project? Our Gantt chart maker can import MPP files. Now you can easily edit the project and can share it with your team as a PDF or a print out. No more collaboration hurdles to clear. You can even export your project with all the changes intact.

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Get More from Gantt Charts with is an award-winning project management software that helps you organize every aspect of your project. We have online Gantt charts for planning, scheduling and managing your resources. Teams can control their workflows with our kanban boards, and their progress is tracked with our real-time dashboard. Easy reporting tools help keep stakeholders in the loop.

See why thousands of teams are already using our product to organize their work. The US Postal Service, NASA and Volvo all use our software to lead their projects successfully.

Get our Gantt chart creator and our integrated suite of project features today. Try with this free 30-day trial.

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