All the same features as MS Project…

Our Gantt offers the same features as MS Project, but fully online. No desktop or server installations required. You and your team can plan large or small projects, assign tasks, link tasks and more.

gantt chart software features
gantt chart task management

…yet simpler & easier to use

There is no training required. is intuitive to use and easy to roll out to teams. Start planning your project in just 3 clicks.

Import MS Project & Excel plans

Import your MS Project, Excel and CSV files to create your plans online and instantly know whether your projects are on track. Continue to use MS Project on your desktop, while sharing your plans online with your colleagues.

easy gantt chart importing
interactive gantt chart software

Simple drag & drop scheduling

Adjust start and end dates with a simple drag and drop action. Task management has never been easier.

Link tasks across projects…

It’s easy to link tasks and create dependencies within and across projects. When one task is updated, all upstream task deadlines are updated, too.

gantt chart software with task dependencies
gantt chart software for better project tracking

…and track performance in one view

The Gantt is fully integrated with the dashboard, so as any one task is updated, the dashboard reflects those changes. From task status to resource management, you’ll plan better projects every time.

Create Online Gantt Charts in Seconds

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