Simply Add Tasks

Add new tasks and due dates in the online spreadsheet to populate the Gantt chart. Plus, it’s easy to link tasks and create dependencies within and across projects. When one task is updated, all associated task deadlines are updated, too.

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Create Your Gantt Chart

It’s easy to create Gantt charts in seconds, with our cloud-based, interactive planning tool. Plus, get advanced Gantt chart features that rival MS Project, without the cost or hassle of legacy tools. Anyone can use our software to plan projects, assign tasks, track progress and collaborate with teams.

Drag & Drop to Schedule Work

Adjust start and end dates with a simple drag and drop action. Plus, customize your Gantt chart with color-coding and custom columns. Task management has never been easier.

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Get the Ultimate Gantt Chart Maker

gantt chart software with team collaboration including comments

Collaborate with Your Team

You and your team can attach comments, files and documents directly to the task line on the Gantt chart. When one team member updates a task, automatic email alerts are sent to update the right people at the right time.

And Track Performance in One View

The Gantt tool is fully integrated with the real-time project dashboard, so as any one task is updated, the dashboard shows you the status instantly. From task status to team workload, you’ll keep your projects on track every time.

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Import MS Project, Excel, Word, CSV files

Even Import MS Project & Excel Files

Import & export your Microsoft Project Gantt charts, or Excel and CSV files, to create your Gantt charts online and instantly know whether your projects are on track with the dashboard. Continue to use MS Project on your desktop, while sharing your plans online with your colleagues, without the hassle of Sharepoint.

All the Same Features as MS Project

Our Gantt chart software offers the same features as MS Project, but fully online. No desktop or server installations required. You and your team can plan large or small projects, assign tasks, link tasks and more.

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Yet Simpler & Easier to Use

There is no training required. is intuitive to use and easy to roll out to teams and project managers alike. Start planning your project in just 3 clicks.

Award-winning Gantt Chart Tools & Integrations has online Gantt chart tools that help you and your team plan, schedule and update your projects in real-time. Our interactive Gantt is just one reason we’re consistently rated the #1 project management software. We offer all these features and more:

create project plans


Add tasks and due dates, and watch as your Gantt populates timelines instantly.

track tasks on the gantt


Assign tasks to your team, and watch as their tasks progress to completion.

add comments to gantt tasks


Share task updates and files right on the Gantt! Plus, discuss and get alerts.

report with line charts


View progress on the real-time dashboards, or create one-click reports to share.

add milestones to gantt projects

Add Milestones

Add important milestones to your plan to mark phases or events.

link tasks with dependencies

Link Tasks Together

Connect tasks to create dependencies so all linked tasks update too!

export files to MPP

Import & Export

Import & export Microsoft Project Plans or Excel files to your project easily.

collaborate and share gantt charts

Share Gantt Charts

You can share your Gantt project plans online or print to PDF.

Get the Ultimate Gantt Chart Maker