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Projects don’t just fall in a business’s lap, they have to seek out the work. The process is similar to a courtship where a business must display they’re the right fit in terms of costs, timeline and experience. How do they present these qualities to a potential client?

The answer is this construction proposal template. It outlines all the details clients want to know and gives you the space to answer questions and win their business. Use our free construction proposal template for Word and get that contract for your next construction project.

What Is a Construction Proposal Template?

A construction proposal is used in the competitive submittal process when trying to win business. It includes detailed project information, such as quotes from suppliers that give an idea of how much the raw materials for the construction project will cost. There are also quotes from subcontractors for the work they’ll do in the project.

free construction proposal template for Word’s Construction Proposal Template

These labor costs are added to taxes and other overhead, including the markup that will be the winning contractor’s profit on the job.

The construction proposal template captures all this information in an outline that is filled in by the contractor and sent to the client seeking bids. There is a place for the client to sign if they accept the proposal, which then acts as a contract—though a signature can be required as acknowledgement of receipt.

Why Use a Construction Proposal Template?

A construction proposal is used to acquire work. It is not that different from a sales call, only in this case, you have a motivated buyer. You need to convince this potential client your firm is the right one for the job.

The project proposal outlines the scope of the project, including costs. In many cases, this is the first step to the legally binding contract. Therefore, you want to make sure you include accurately detailed, pertinent info to avoid any costly misunderstandings later on if you’re awarded the job.

To beat the competition, you have to have the best proposal, one that meets their needs and provides you with a profit. It’s a complicated process and the last thing you need to do is waste time.

A construction proposal is complicated, made up of project scope, costs and more. Fortunately, project management software efficiently organizes all that data. helps you present a competitive proposal in a timely manner. Use online Gantt charts to chart planned cost and time estimates for tasks. You can even track your progress to keep to the terms of your proposal if accepted. Filter for the critical path to deliver a proposal with the most effective schedule. Share the Gantt in a view-only state so future stakeholders stay updated on progress in real time. Try it for yourself with a free 30-day trial.

Gantt chart with sheet on left and timeline on right
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Who Fills Out the Construction Proposal Template?

The job of filling it out and presenting a proposal to the client usually falls on the business owner, while the building contractor that plans and coordinates the construction activities will provide input on time and cost constraints.

Depending on the size of the business, there may be others who crunch the numbers and fill out the actual construction proposal template, but it will always stop last on the desk of the business owner for approval.

There could potentially be many stakeholders involved in the process of putting together a construction proposal template. Whether it’s the owner or an assistant putting together the draft of the construction proposal, they will seek guidance from members of the construction team, accountants, architects, et al., in order to make sure the proposal is as accurate as possible.

How to Complete Our Construction Proposal Template

Our free construction proposal template for Word is a thorough and customizable solution to your proposal process. Everything you need to win the contract is here. Fill in each box with as much relevant data you need and our single page template will expand to a detailed proposal sure to make your bid competitive.

Identifying Info

The first thing is to identify the client and put your contact information with theirs at the top of the document. There are fields for both of your names, addresses, phone and emails as well as the contact person at each organization. In fact, our fully customizable construction proposal template has room on top to place your company logo, adding to a professional presentation.

Scope of Work

Now comes the meat of your construction proposal. First, outline the scope of the work. Describe the work that is going to be done in the project. Include the materials that will be used. You can even attach a construction plan. Note the certifications required for the work, as well as any annual inspection, bond and insurance information.

Financial Information

The next section will go into the costs and payment schedule of the job. The costs will include the materials, supplies, machinery, other equipment and, of course, labor. You’ll want to add your profit margin here. There should be a schedule of payments, how and when the client will pay you for the work you’re doing.

Project Schedule

The schedule is outlined next. This will include the proposed start date for the work as well as when you forecast the job will be completed. You’ll want to add the milestones, such as when one phase ends and another begins, but other dates such as approvals, easements and permitting.

Relevant Authorities

The relevant authorities are the roles and responsibilities of those in your crew but anyone who has authority in the project. That includes those at the local municipalities, any affiliates and partners on the job.


You’ll want to have a section that covers exclusions to the work you’re going to do. This is where you’ll explain the work done by other parties, such as subcontractors and other trades. Include the warranties outside the scope of your agreement.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the relationship if contracted as outlined in this section. This details the rights and responsibilities of both parties. This is a good place to place an expiration date for the proposal. You don’t want to have it open-ended.

Signature Line

Then, there’s the acceptance of the proposal. If the customer finds the proposal to their satisfaction, they can sign it (there’s a signature line below with a place to date the document) and return it to you before the expiration date. This can act as a contract or the foundation to a legal document binding the two parties to the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Using to Plan Construction Projects

Once your proposal has been approved, all the promises must be fulfilled within the time and for the money you’ve agreed upon. That means you need to build a viable construction project plan. is award-winning software that helps you organize your tasks, crew and projects for greater efficiency.

Lay Out Your Project on a Gantt Chart

Construction projects are notoriously complex, involving the coordination of contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, permits and much more. Getting all those activities together to show the entire project from start to finish can be done by using our online Gantt chart. The Gantt chart will calculate the critical path in the project instantly with a click of a button. Then set a baseline once you’ve finalized the activities and resources for your schedule.

a screenshot of the gantt chart in

Track Progress in Real-Time

More than just planning a construction project, we have features to monitor performance. Real-time dashboards give you a high-level view, automatically calculating data and displaying it in easy-to-read graphs and charts showing time, costs and more. One-click reporting goes into greater detail. There’s resource management tools, timesheets and so much more to make your construction project a success.

a screenshot of the dashboard in

Other Templates to Help With Construction Project Management

Our free construction proposal template is one of the many templates available for download on our site. There are templates for every phase of your project, from initiation to closure. We picked some of our construction templates below:

Construction Estimate Template

When filling in our free construction proposal template for Word, you’ll want to make sure you add the most accurate figures possible when forecasting the cost of your build. The free construction estimate template helps you calculate all the labor and material costs to the project.

Construction Daily Report Template

Once you’ve started to execute the project, you need a tool to record what’s happening on the job site. There’s a lot going on, and it’s changing every day, which is why our free construction daily report template is essential to capturing all the activities that occur each day.

Punch List Template

You’re not done with your construction project until you’ve done a walkthrough with the customer. At this point you’ll find items that might not be on the contract but still need to be done before you can get paid. The free punch list template is used to properly close out the project.

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Our site has free templates to download and tons of project management blogs, tutorial videos, guide books and more free resources. If you’re looking to get more information on anything to do with construction project management, you’ll find it. We’ve gathered some of the more relevant pieces on the site, which are listed below. is cloud-based software delivering live data for you to make better decisions. It helps you plan, monitor and report on your construction projects. Keep in real-time contact with your crew on the site, balance their workload and give them collaborative tools for greater productivity, all with one tool. Try our software today by taking this free 30-day trial.

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