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Collaboration as a Team

Use to collaborate with your team. The social interface helps keep everyone informed of the progress of your projects, by showing all of the activity that is taking place, live! As your team is updating tasks, adding data and recording status - the system shows you what's taking place real-time.

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Have Discussions

Create and reply to discussions at the project or task level and add project documents, images and data to share with team members while it's happening. Staying connected on projects has never been easier.


The secret to project success is great communication. Using this social platform, every data item added by your team can be shared with others. Everyone can send messages, share files and even communicate through email and all of that activity is tracked and monitored in the system. You can simply login to see what's happening and make sure that everyone is working on the right stuff, at the right time. It's the best way to keep informed of your projects.

Collaborate with your team quickly and easily. lets you:

  • Upload and share files, photos and documents
  • Have online discussions and send messages
  • Create and share online calendars
  • Add notes and comments to everything

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