Work Together on Tasks

Your team is always connected with ProjectManager. You can have multiple people assigned to tasks, and add comments and files so work is documented all in one place. Whenever a task or project is updated, everyone gets alerted, so they can collaborate in real time to get work done.

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A screenshot of the resource management page in ProjectManager, which shows the team’s workload on a color-coded chart

View Resource Allocation

View all of the work across your team—on a single page. That way you can schedule ahead, knowing that everyone in your team has the right amount of work at the right time.

  • Compare planned effort vs actual results
  • Make on-the-fly adjustments to your team’s schedule
  • Color-coded chart lets you see time workload at a glance

Collaborate and Share Files

Create team discussions around your tasks and projects. Online collaboration tools let you work wherever you are: in the office, at home or in the field. Never miss an important update again.

  • Comment on tasks and tag your team members
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Sync with Google Docs with our Google Apps integration
A screenshot of a notification in ProjectManager, activated by a comment a team member made on a task
A screenshot of the task details pane in ProjectManager

Add Task Details

ProjectManager has in-depth task management features that ensure your team is always on the same page. On every task, you can:

  • Set priority
  • Add descriptions with formatted text, including links and bullets
  • Assign tasks to your team from anywhere in the software

Integrate with Your Favorite Software

It’s simple to set up integrations and sync your ProjectManager work with other apps you use daily.

  • Sync project calendars and files with Google Calendar and Google Drive
  • Get full Microsoft Project integration
  • Set up custom integration through Zapier
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A screenshot of ProjectManager on a laptop

Access Your Work Anytime

With online project and collaboration software, your work goes where you do. Update tasks in the field, chat with your team at the client’s offices and review files from home.

  • Access your projects, in the office, at home or in the field
  • Multiple project views and let your team work their way
  • Cloud-based software ensures your project plans are always up to date

Team Collaboration Tools

With ProjectManager, your team can collaborate on tasks and projects wherever they are. Our project management software is built with collaboration features embedded throughout.

Task Lists

Use task lists to manage both personal work and shared projects.


Add comments on tasks to keep your team in the loop at all times.

Cloud Collaboration

Keep in touch with your team and update tasks anywhere from any device.


Brainstorm with your team and generate your next great idea with shared projects.

Online File Storage

Keep project files together so the whole team can access them anywhere.

Work Together

Assign work to another team member to manage workflow.

Online Timesheets

Track time online and share timesheets to get approvals.


Share tasks, project plans, discussions or files with anyone, easily.

How to Collaborate With ProjectManager

To get your team started collaborating, you need to execute a project. Build the structure for them to connect and communicate to get their tasks done more effectively.

ProjectManager is a collaborative platform that helps teams work better together. Get a free 30-day trial of our software and see how teams can stay connected by following these steps.

A screenshot of a user adding tasks to ProjectManager

1. Add Tasks

Create a task list and import it into the Gantt chart or add them directly into the tool. There are even industry-specific templates to help you get started fast.

A screenshot of a user assigning tasks to a teammate in ProjectManager

2. Assign Tasks

Get your team involved by assigning them to the tasks. Use the dropdown menu to choose one or more people to assign. Then add the deadline to the task.

A screenshot of a user adding task descriptions to a task in ProjectManager

3. Write Tasks

Describe the tasks in detail to help your team know what to do when executing the work. Add a priority level and customized tags to make it easy to find in a search.

A screenshot of the dashboard in

4. Update Progress

Note your status by updating the progress bar on the task. This is then instantly reflected across the software to keep everyone on the same page, which is crucial for collaboration.

A screenshot of the reporting feature in ProjectManager

5. Track & Report

Stay current on the state of the project by using our real-time dashboard for a high-level view of performance. Get more details with one-click reports on costs, project variance and more.

Key Features of Our Collaborative Software

Keep Teams Informed Anytime, Anywhere

Facilitate communications about executing tasks for team members. Write task descriptions to give direction. Set priority levels so they know what to do next. Add tags to make search fast and easy. Use subtasks to break down tasks into steps.

Communicate image

Stay Up-to-Date on Project Status

Connect teams in the field or behind a desk. Whenever tasks are commented on or updated an email is automatically triggered to notify anyone assigned to the task. There are also in-app alerts which keep users in the tool so they don’t have to jump from app to app.

Notify image

Exchange Ideas & Files

Use our unlimited file storage as a central hub for all your project documentation. Attach files and images to tasks or sync with Google Docs to make everything easy to find. Users can comment and tag people at the task level to discuss work and attach files and images.

Share image

Make New Projects Fast & Easy

Create plans for specific team members. Quickly share and track their progress. Use Gantt charts to link dependent tasks to avoid bottlenecks later in the project. Set milestones to identify important dates such as the end of one task and the beginning of another.

Plan image

Work How You Want

Start work with the tool that’s right for you. Dynamic task lists show priority, descriptions and more. You can even create your own personal task list to manage your work. Or use kanban boards, a visual workflow tool, to manage your backlog and plan sprints with your team.

Execute image

Keep Stakeholders Informed

See where you are in your actual progress compared against where you planned to be at this point in the project with one-click reports. Get deep data on tasks, timesheets and more. Use that data to make decisions when communicating with your team or stakeholders.

Report image

Collaborate Online with ProjectManager

ProjectManager is a cloud-based tool that helps teams communicate in real time to foster better collaboration. Teams can comment and share files. Managers get transparency into their progress with dashboards and reports.

Join the tens of thousands of teams that are collaborating with our tool in organizations as varied as NASA and Ralph Lauren. Try our software free today with this 30-day trial offer.

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