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Create projects, import your work from popular third-party apps or use one of our industry-specific project management templates to get started.

Work better together

Onboard team members and give them the project collaboration tools they need so they can work better together. Collaborate with your team in real time.

Track and share progress

Our project collaboration software has dashboards that give you a high-level view into the health, progress and costs of all your projects.

Project collaboration software messaging feature

Work together on tasks

Your team is always connected with ProjectManager’s cloud-based project collaboration software. You can have multiple people assigned to tasks and add comments and files so work is documented all in one place.

Whenever a task or project is updated, everyone gets alerted so they can collaborate in real time to get work done.

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Collaborate and share files

Improve team communication by creating discussions around your tasks and projects. Online project collaboration software lets you work wherever you are: in the office, at home or in the field. Never miss an important update again.

  • Comment on tasks and tag your team members
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Sync with Google Docs with our Google Apps integration
File management view in ProjectManager, a project collaboration software
Resource allocation dashboard, one of ProjectManager's project collaboration tools

View resource allocation

View all of the work across your team—on a single team management page. That way you can schedule ahead knowing that everyone in your team has the right amount of work at the right time.

  • Compare planned effort vs actual results
  • Make on-the-fly adjustments to your team’s schedule
  • Color-coded chart lets you see team workload at a glance

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Project collaboration software for teams

ProjectManager is cloud-based project management software equipped with the best online team collaboration tools. Its project planning, scheduling and tracking features will help your team work better together.

Task lists

Use task lists to manage both personal work and shared projects.

Team chats

Add comments on tasks to keep your team in the loop at all times.

Mobile app

Keep in touch with your team and update tasks anywhere from any device.

Brainstorm, plan & execute

Brainstorm with your team and work on your next great idea with multiple project management tools.

Cloud-based file storage

Upload and access your important project files from anywhere.

Work together

Assign work, set due dates and manage your team with online project collaboration tools.

Online timesheets

Track time online and share timesheets to get approvals.


Easily share tasks, project plans, discussions or files with anyone.

Key project collaboration tools

Tools for remote teams

Work with your team anywhere, anytime. Our team collaboration tools facilitate communication about executing tasks for team members. Write task descriptions to give direction. Set priority levels so your team knows what to do next. Add tags to make searching fast and easy. Use subtasks to break down tasks into steps.

Remote teams use ProjectManager as a project collaboration software

Stay up-to-date on project status

Connect teams in the field or behind a desk. Whenever tasks are commented on or updated, an email is automatically triggered to notify anyone assigned to the task. There are also in-app alerts that keep users in the tool so they don’t have to jump between apps.

ProjectManager's real-time notifications are a must-have project collaboration tool

Exchange ideas & files

Use our unlimited file storage as a central hub for your project documentation. Attach files and images to tasks or sync with Google Docs to make everything easy to find. Our project collaboration software lets users comment and tag people at the task level to discuss work and attach files and images.

ProjectManager's unlimited file storage facilitates team collaboration

Create project plans in minutes

Create plans for specific team members. Quickly share plans and track progress. Use Gantt charts to link dependent tasks to avoid bottlenecks later in the project. Set milestones to identify important dates such as the end of one task and the beginning of another.

ProjectManager's Gantt chart helps you collaborate with your team

Work how you want

Choose which project collaboration tools are the best fit for your team. Dynamic task lists show priority, descriptions and more. You can even create your own personal task list to manage your work or use kanban boards, a visual workflow tool, to manage your backlog and plan sprints with your team.

Kanban boards are a critical project collaboration tool

Communicate with stakeholders

See where you are in your actual progress compared to where you planned to be at this point in the project with one-click reports. Access in-depth data on tasks, timesheets and more. Use that data to make decisions when communicating with your team or stakeholders.

ProjectManager's real-time reports promote project collaboration

Integrate with over 1,000 business & project management apps

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Manage tasks right in your Gmail app. Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.

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Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files and CSV files.

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Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.

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View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.

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For more advanced integrations, take advantage of our custom API.

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