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Collaborate on Tasks

You can add notes, files, photos and videos directly on each task. In the Task panel, you can see a round up of all task activities, so you and your team can discuss progress and keep relevant files together in the plan.

Plan Together

With our online project planning platform, you and your team can plan your next project together, in real-time at every level of the product. Plus our Gantt, spreadsheet and calendar views enable different members of the team see the project just the way they like.

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Discuss & Get Updates

You and your team always know the latest updates and status in your My Home social feed. You’ll know when relevant documents have been uploaded, what project discussions are happening and what action you need to take next.

Collaborate Across Projects

Collaborate on multiple projects and across teams with’s file sharing, task collaboration and discussion features. It’s the perfect solution for anyone managing multiple projects with in-house or remote teams.

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Get Email Integration

Keep your task and project updates synced through integrated email. When you reply to a task updated or project communication by email, your notes and actions are synced to You can collaborate with your team, even outside the system!

Collaborate across devices

Our mobile app is available for Apple (iOS) and Android phones and tablets, so no matter what device your team or clients have, they can see the status of the projects wherever they are.

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Collaborate Online with

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