18 Free Excel Construction Templates


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Any construction project, no matter the size or scope, requires a wide range of documents. These documents must be thorough and clear, and using construction Excel templates guarantees each document includes all the information it needs.

The following are our top 17 Microsoft Excel construction templates for better construction project management. Use them as needed, and combine them for a cohesive set of documents that owners and team members will appreciate.

1. Construction Proposal Template

Construction projects require a proposal before they can begin. This is how owners choose contractors. In many instances, more than one potential builder will submit a construction proposal in an attempt to win the contract. This makes it extremely important to create impressive proposals that catch a project owner’s attention.

free construction proposal template for Word

A construction proposal should be an exhaustive document that details every aspect of a construction project. Because they must include so much information, proper organization is a necessity. Unorganized info, even if it’s all useful, can leave owners confused.

Using our construction proposal template ensures all the necessary information is included and presented in a way that makes sense. When these details are in one document that anyone can understand, it’s time to move on to planning the construction project.

2. Construction Estimate Template

Creating an accurate construction project budget is an essential part of the planning phase. This budget dictates exactly how much can be spent on materials, supplies, equipment and which contractors to hire.

free construction estimate template for Word

Because construction projects have so many moving parts, their budgets must be extremely detailed. This process hinges on estimating expenses. Our construction estimate template is designed to do just this by setting up a solid system for listing and organizing expenses.

Our construction project estimate template cuts down on the guesswork and breaks a project into more manageable phases. From there, a construction project manager only needs to answer questions about each expense. Then, you should use construction estimating software to facilitate the process of turning your construction estimate into a budget and track it throughout the execution of your project.

3. Construction Schedule Template

A construction schedule is one of the key elements of any construction plan as it helps construction project managers coordinate work, assign resources and monitor the construction phase progress.

construction schedule template by ProjectManager

Our free construction schedule template is the perfect tool for construction scheduling. Simply enter your project’s information and our template will help you easily create a Gantt chart, one of the most powerful construction project management tools.

Once you open the template, you’ll find a spreadsheet on the left side, where you’ll enter task details such as due dates, duration, task owner and estimated costs. You’ll also be able to link task dependencies to better understand how your construction project activities are interrelated. This template can give you an idea of how construction scheduling software can help you plan, schedule and track your projects.

4. Construction Budget Template

A construction budget is a document that describes all the costs of a construction project and defines spending limits for the procurement of project resources, rental of equipment and payment of personnel.

ProjectManager's construction budget template for Excel

This free construction budget template lists the costs of the raw materials, labor, equipment and machinery required to execute your construction project. Additionally, this template automatically calculates the difference between your estimated costs and the actual project costs so you can determine whether your project is over or under budget.

5. Bill of Quantities Template

A bill of quantities is an important construction document that specifies the required labor and materials to execute a construction project. It helps project owners, general contractors, project managers and construction estimators understand what’s needed and how much it will cost.

Free bill of quantities template for Excel

Our bill of quantities template for Excel is a great tool to list labor and materials items so you can accurately estimate construction costs and create a realistic project budget.

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6. Gantt Chart Excel Template

Gantt charts are one of the most powerful planning and scheduling tools. When it’s time to create a construction project schedule, a Gantt chart is your best friend.

Gantt Chart Excel template with list and Gantt view side-by-side

The beauty of a Gantt chart is its ability to show a huge amount of information at once. Project milestones, task assignments, task dependencies, due dates and more all exist on one project timeline.

ProjectManager’s Gantt chart is even better than the Excel template, as it makes this as simple as inputting information. Instead of manually creating and adjusting each aspect of a Gantt chart, this construction template does the heavy lifting and creates a beautiful, comprehensive construction schedule the whole team can take advantage of.

Gantt chart of a construction project

7. Construction Daily Report Template

A lot happens on a construction worksite each day. Our construction daily report template allows you to track activity and record it for future reference. This information is invaluable in the decision-making process. These records make it simple to see what went on in the past and how it affected the overall progress of the work.

Construction Daily Report Excel template

Because each day looks so different, we often fall into the trap of letting every daily report come out differently. This creates a messy collection of information, rather than a clear-cut record to reference.

Our daily report template lets you list any visitors to the worksite, weather and safety inspections, in addition to things like work performed that day. When creating a daily report without a template, it’s easy to accidentally omit the particulars. It’s unlikely you’ll remember to record the weather conditions on a beautiful day, but noting that the weather was favorable is still important.

8. Change Order Template

There are many reasons why you might need to make changes to your construction plan, such as weather conditions that delay the construction schedule, tasks that were not included in the scope of work, additional requirements from the project owner and many more.

But none of these changes should occur without the supervision and approval of the project owner, general contractor, construction project managers or other decision-makers. After reviewing a change request, the change approving board will use a change order form to document the change.

Change order form template ProjectManager

After a change is approved, you can use this change order template to document key information such as a general description, estimated duration and related costs.

9. Punch List Template

During a project, unexpected tasks will pop up that must be completed before project closure. These tasks aren’t directly included in the contract that was signed at the beginning of the project, but most contracts stipulate that all tasks on the punch list must be completed.

punch list template

So, what’s the smartest way to list these tasks? Use a punch list. More specifically, this punch list template. A punch list will collect these miscellaneous tasks and their details and arrange this information so no important information is left out.

Want a better way to make a punch list? Make a punch list in ProjectManager, and everyone’s on the same page. The team can update the punch list at the job site, and the office can track progress and keep everything on schedule.

Punch list in ProjectManager

10. Work Order Template

Generally, construction projects involve the owner of an organization hiring a contractor to build something they can’t create themselves. Work orders are a key part of the work management process and show contractors exactly what owners need to be done. When work orders are created correctly, they improve communication and make expectations clear. After a work order is made and delivered, the contractor signs off and enters into a contract to do the work.

free work order template for excel

Work orders are created as tasks that are created and distributed. Depending on the size and scope of the project, a general contractor or project owner may need several different subcontractors, each with their specialty. When this is the case, all work orders must be in the same format, regardless of who they’re going to.

Our work order template protects users from leaving out any major details the person doing the work will need. When work orders are unclear or not detailed enough, it can lead to mistakes, unsatisfactory work and conflict.

11. Risk Register Template

No project comes without risk, especially a construction project. The good news is that these risks don’t have to come to fruition if we’re prepared for them. This is where a risk register is an invaluable part of risk management.

risk tracking template

A risk register template lists every potential risk that can impact a project. During a construction project, in particular, there are many potential pitfalls to consider. There may be bad weather, an accident on the worksite, an issue with equipment rental, supplier delays and many other issues.

Listing all of these risks on this construction Excel template gives a space to outline their impact and the appropriate responses to take. This way, the instructions are in one location where no detail slips under the radar.

12. Request for Quote (RFQ) Template

Construction projects require a variety of supplies and materials. To attain these materials, project managers and contractors must find vendors whose goods and services they can afford. This begins by requesting quotes from different vendors.

request for quote (RFQ) template for Word

Our RFQ template is essentially a “fill in the blank” form where the project owner asks questions about what vendors charge for certain things. This request for quote template is designed to make sure each of these forms includes the same necessary information, such as quotation number, customer ID, company name, etc. It also lists information about who the RFQ was created by and how long the quote lasts before expiration.

This information makes it simple to save and file RFQs and refer back to them in the future. If, for instance, you’re requesting a quote from a supplier you’ve used in the past, it can be valuable to look back on what they previously charged.

13. Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

A request for proposal (RFP) allows a project owner to invite qualified contractors to submit their proposals or bids for building a project. RFPs can be used to start the construction bidding process for any type of construction tender, such as public, negotiated, selective or serial tendering, which makes them one of the most important construction documents there are.

request for proposal template (rfp template)

This RFP template helps you not only contact potential bidders but also allows you to give them an outline with key information about your project, such as its background, goals, scope of work, timeline and more.

14. Request for Information (RFI) Template

Managing construction projects involves making various documents such as architectural drawings, a budget or the scope of work which explains the work to be performed. But sometimes there will be omissions, flaws or simply things that might not be clear enough in these construction documents. In these cases, the general contractor executing the work can use a request for information (RFI) to solicit more information from the project owner, architect, engineer, or construction project manager.

Request for information template ProjectManager

This free request for information (RFI) template for Word can help you standardize this process as it is a simple format that both parties can use to communicate and find a solution.


15. Schedule of Values Template

In every construction project, there’s a project owner who hires a general contractor to execute the work and in some cases, the general contractor might also hire subcontractors for specific tasks. All of these parties use construction contracts to agree on the payment terms and scope of work so there are no misunderstandings.

Schedule of values template ProjectManager

A schedule of values is a construction project management document that helps project owners and contractors keep track of the work and payments that have been made and what’s left. This schedule of values template allows you to list down construction project tasks, track their completion and corresponding payments and calculate the retainage percentage for each task.

16. Contractor Estimate Template

Contractors estimate the costs of a construction project by looking at the construction specifications provided by the project owner. Based on those specifications, they can estimate the costs for raw materials and labor to finally create a contractor estimate. Download our free contractor estimate template for Excel to create a contractor estimate for your construction projects.

Contractor estimate template

It’s important to create an accurate contractor estimate, as these estimates are used during the construction bidding process, where project owners get different estimates from multiple contractors to choose the one that best fits their needs.

17. Construction Quote Template

In construction, a quote is a document that describes the total estimated cost of building a construction project, executing a specific scope of work, performing services or purchasing goods such as raw materials and equipment.

This construction quote template helps you list down all the estimated costs related to your project resources such as purchasing materials, labor and any other types of costs. So it can be used by project owners, general contractors or suppliers to either send or request a quote.

18. Scope of Work Template

A scope of work describes the work that will be performed by a contractor for a client, including details such as deliverables, milestones and an estimated timeline for the completion of tasks. It helps set clear expectations for both parties, which is why it’s used as part of construction contracts and during the construction bidding process.

Scope of work template ProjectManager

This scope of work template is a tool that can help you get started. It helps you gather key elements you’ll need to include in your scope of work such as the project timeline, costs, milestones, exclusions and more.

How ProjectManager Takes Templates Further

For even better results, combine these construction Excel templates with project management software that brings them to life. ProjectManager provides a secure space for important project documents to live so that any team member can access them. This means no more running the risk of losing important papers or dealing with messy manual filing systems. Project management templates are a great starting point, but an automated tool takes them to the next level.

Templates alone aren’t dynamic documents and may not fulfill your needs. ProjectManager allows you to make changes to templates and automatically adjusts project schedules, budgets, dashboards and more so that everything is up to date.

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Use the information to generate comprehensive reports in only a few clicks. Now view information about each day as part of the big picture. Additionally, you can use a wide selection of filters to see exactly what you’re looking for and cut down on any details you don’t need.

a screenshot of the project report generation feature in ProjectManager

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