Create Your Best Schedule

Make schedules that show the shortest time needed to complete your project, all while monitoring your progress to keep the project on track. Our critical path software lets you filter for the critical path with a single click in our Gantt charts, which are fully integrated into our full suite of project management features.

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Find the Critical Path

Calculate the critical path of your project on our Gantt chart. Load all your tasks into the software, assign start and end dates and link dependencies. All your tasks automatically populate the project timeline. Then, use one of the many filter options to automatically show the project’s critical path. Immediately know what tasks are a priority, and which can be left alone if you’re pressed for time.

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Get the Ultimate Critical Path Maker

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Keep Track of Slippage

Stay alert to issues, avoid bottlenecks that can sidetrack your project and stay the course on your critical path with our real-time dashboards and reporting features. Status updates are instantly reflected throughout the software, so you can make data-driven decisions based on what’s happening now.

Manage Tasks & Drive Performance

Assign tasks, update progress and share them with your team to stay productive. Easily manage your personal tasks, as well as your team’s. Whenever a task is updated, you’re notified immediately by email for greater efficiency. Tasks can be filtered by due date, owner, project and more, so you can find them quick.

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Balance Workload for Productive Teams

Manage your team’s tasks so they can work more productively. Keep track of how you’ve allocated tasks with our workload chart. Our color-coded graph lets you know at a glance who has too many tasks, and who has too few. Then, reallocate their tasks right from the workload page to balance their tasks and ensure they’re working efficiently.

Easy-to-Use Critical Path Filter & PM Tools has a Gantt chart tool that filters your project plan and calculates the critical path for you, but you can also make use of these additional project management features.

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Import & Export

Upload your task list and share your project plan.

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Online Dashboard

Monitor progress across six project metrics.

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Timesheet Tracking

Stay updated as your team logs their hours and improve efficiency.

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Progress Reports

Generate reports on progress, variance and more.

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Cloud-Based Software

Get real-time data for better decision-making.

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Resource Management

Keep your resources balanced and stay on schedule.

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Overview Projects

Gain insight into all the projects you manage in one place.

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Email Notifications

Automatic alerts keep you and your team updated.

Get the Ultimate Critical Path Maker

How to Use Our Critical Path Software

Critical path software allows you to find the sequence of activities that have the longest duration, so you can determine what the shortest amount of time necessary to get to your final deliverable is. automatically filters the critical path as one of the functions of our Gantt chart tool—here’s how to do it.

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1. Break Into Phases

Use the milestone feature on the Gantt chart to break your project into smaller, more manageable phases.

A screenshot of the gantt chart in which shows a calendar pop-up over a task, which allows users to change due dates

2. Add Duration

Create a duration for each task to lay them out on the Gantt chart timeline. Add start dates, planned finish and use the actual finish column during execution to get the project variance.

A screenshot of the gantt chart in, with lines flowing between tasks to represent dependencies

3. Link Dependencies

Connect dependent tasks by dragging one to the other to avoid having them fall through the cracks and block teams later in the project.

A screenshot of the gantt chart in with the baseline columns highlighted

4. Set Baseline

Make your baseline once you have completed your schedule, so you have something to compare your actual progress to when trying to stay on track.

A screenshot of the gantt chart in with the critical path filter activated

5. Filter Critical Path

Find the critical path in your schedule by selecting the critical path filter on the Gantt chart tool. From there, we do all the calculations for you.

A screenshot of the files view in, which shows all the files associated with a project

6. Assign & Attach Files

Get teams working by assigning them tasks from the Gantt. Attach as many files as you need to help them better execute their work.

A screenshot of the dashboard in, which shows real-time data on projects

7. Monitor Progress

See how close to completion your team is on their tasks by how shaded the duration bar is on the Gantt. For a higher-level view, use the real-time dashboard.

A screenshot of a project variance report generated by

8. Report on Variance

Stay on track with one-click reports that can also be filtered to show stakeholders what they want to see. One of the many reports is on project variance, to see if you’re meeting your plan.

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Top Features of Our Critical Path Software

Know Hours Logged on Tasks

Keep track of the time your team is spending on their tasks with secure timesheets. When teams update their tasks, that data is shared throughout the software, so you can easily see if you’re staying on schedule. Timesheets are also secure, and can streamline payroll for greater efficiencies.

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See Your Critical Path Instantly

Chart the critical path of your project by filtering the Gantt chart. It’s that easy. Once you’ve added your tasks, duration, linked any dependencies and break the project into phases, we do the hard calculations for you.

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View Actual Against Planned Progress

Get reports on project variance and others metrics with a single click. See where you are in the project compared to where you planned to be. Get reports on progress, tasks, costs and more—and all can be filtered to show just the data you’re looking for.

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Monitor Your Project in Real Time

Track your project at a high-level with a dashboard that automatically crunches your data into easy-to-read charts and graphs. View up-to-the-minute information on your project health, time and workload to catch issues before they turn into problems.

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Organize & Manage Resources Across Projects

Get transparency into all your projects with our Overview features. Drag and drop projects into folders to organize your portfolio and use those folders to monitor their performance with a high-level dashboard, roadmap and workload views.

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Keep Your Data Secure

Customize user role and project level. Create project access at the admin, manager, member, guest level; or customize as many roles as you want. Set project security by team member, and for additional security, use SSO with Google or Microsoft authentication protocols.

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Find Your Critical Path in Seconds is an award-winning tool that organizes teams and projects to create efficiencies. Our Gantt chart will filter your project plan and find the critical path without you having to do any complicated calculations.

Tens of thousands of teams are using our software to help them find the critical path and then manage their projects to a successful final deliverable. See why organizations such as the US Postal Service, NASA and Bank of American use our tool to work more productively.

Take this free 30-day trial to automatically find the critical path in your project and see how our other features help you plan, track and report better.

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