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Elizabeth Harrin

Why You Should Love Timesheets

Timesheets too old-fashioned? Actually, they make the difference between smart projects and project fails. Learn who is using them and why you should too.

Dave Wakeman

How to Lead Through Communication

Leading is communicating, according to Dave Wakeman, a global speaker on project leadership. Learn his tips for better communication with your team.

Jason Westland, CEO

5 Tips for Task Estimating

Managing tasks is one of the most important aspects of any project. This article shows project managers how to better estimate the duration of their tasks.


Project Planning for the Accidental Project Manager

When you found yourself leading a project, it's critical that you begin on the right foot. Follow our tips for better project planning and management.

Mike Clayton

Don’t Manage Stakeholders, Engage Them

Contributor Mike Clayton, project management training expert, advocates for a different approach to stakeholder "management". Learn his tips for engagement.

Elizabeth Harrin

How to Get Accurate Timesheets

Timesheets shouldn't be a chore. They are a way for you to accurately measure your billable hours and fulfill the demands of your project more efficiently.

Elizabeth Harrin

How to Be a Formal Project Manager (in an Informal Org)

The work of a project manager is fundamentally formal, so what do you do when working in an Agile or Lean environment? Elizabeth Harrin shows you how.

Luis Seabra Coelho

Why $50 Can Kill Your Project

Luis Seabra Coelho, Vice President for Professional Development, PMI, Portugal Chapter, writes about how an economic theory impacts a project manager's job.

Jason Westland CEO

How to Get Your Team to Start Using Timesheets

Timesheets aren't dead. They really can be an easy and helpful tool for monitoring your projects. Jason Westland explains how to get your team on board.

Elizabeth Harrin

Guide to Interviewing a Subject Matter Expert

Interviewing SMEs is difficult for anyone. It's hard to translate complex ideas into action items on a plan. Our guide shows you how for your next project.

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