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transparent teams

How Transparent Should Your Team Be?

Transparency may be the latest buzz word in startups, but is it the right approach for your project team? Learn the pros and cons of a transparent culture.

how to manage a pivot in your project

How to Plan During a Product Pivot

Project plans change. But how to plan during a whole product pivot? Hala Saleh explains how project managers need flexibility in the face of rapid change.

Motivating Tech Teams

Guide to Motivating Technical Teams

More and more projects involve technical teams. Learn the nature of technical teams and the best way to motivate and integrate the whole team together.

projects can be win swiftly

The Importance of Quick Wins

In the following article, the importance of a project manager motivating their team to deliver momentum to the project and swiftly finish work on deadline or before is outlined.

add user engagement to your project plans

5 Ways to Engage End Users

Project management could learn from product teams' increasing focus on end users, as with Agile and Lean methodologies. See these 5 tips to learn why and how.

the pros and cons of getting a project done quickly

How to Fast Track Your Project

There are times when the pressure will be on to speed up a project deadline. Learn the pros and cons to fast-tracking with these tips.

complex projects

Is Your Project Too Complex?

Every project has a degree of complexity. But there are warning signs you can look out for when your project has become overly complex and at risk.

Project Planning Tips

20 Tips For Better Project Plans

Follow these quick tips on project planning, scheduling and team management, to ensure your project stays on track, on time and under budget.

salvage your failing meeting

How to Save a Bad Meeting

Despite the best planning and communication, sometimes meetings go off track. Find out how to tell when your meeting is failing and how to refocus the group.

Simple steps to efficient projects

5 Ways to Simplify Your Project

The best project managers know how to remove complexity from projects and communications. Practice the art of simplicity by following these steps.

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