Build Your Project Reports Faster

Analyze data, filter for specific insights and easily share your findings with our project reports. Our cloud-based software is always up to date, so your reports are always accurate. Create status reports, variance reports and more with just a few clicks. does the hard calculations for you, so you can spend your time on what matters most.

A screenshot of the overview report screen in, showing toggleable filters before you export.

Get Project Reports in One Click

Generate project reports to monitor your team’s status with one click! Choose from a list to get the data you need, including Project Status, Tasks, Timesheet, Workload, Expenses & more.

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And Customize Them Easily

Customize your project reporting to get just the data you need. Filter just the projects and data columns you are interested in, then drill down to see particular team members or tasks. Each report can be customized in a number of different ways.

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Monitor Your Progress

You can calculate your planned versus actual progress across individuals, tasks and projects in just one click. calculates the number of days you’re ahead or behind schedule, so you don’t have to work it out for yourself.

project progress report with planned vs. actual project completion
project portfolio status report sorted by project

And Report Across All Your Projects

With, you can generate portfolio views of project health and performance across all your projects, and then drill down to view individual projects and groups.

Run a Project Status Report in Any Format

With, it’s easy to produce project reports to print, export and share online or offline in a variety of formats. Download as a PDF, Excel or csv file, or produce an offline version we email to you. View an online PDF or even live project dashboards, so everyone stays informed.

project reporting export programs including adobe acrobat and excel
project collaboration panel with team member chat

Collaborate & Share with Your Team

Share your reports with anyone to collaborate on your projects. They are notified in the system and by email. All your comments and emails are saved in the system, so your notes and conversations can be viewed all in one place.

Your Complete List of Project Reports

With, you get project reports that help you monitor every aspect of your project and your teams. You’ll always know where you stand with our real-time dashboard and these executive-ready reports you can print, view or share in just one click.

update project status

Project Status Report

One-click project status reports give you all the data you need to monitor your project.

project portfolio reporting

Portfolio Status Report

View progress across all your projects and teams with the portfolio status views.

timesheet reporting

Timesheet Report

Get reports on individual and team timesheets, across any timeframe you choose.

project resource reports

Availability Report

View your resource availability on specific projects, so you can plan smarter.

project plan reports

Project Plan Report

View your project plan in an easy-to-read report to track costs, assignments and progress.

create reports from tasks

Task Report

Report on task progress by project and team member to always know where you stand.

track workload

Workload Report

Track your team’s workload on projects and tasks, across any time period.

real time reporting with dashboards

Real-Time Dashboards

Monitor progress in real time with always-on reports on project, team and task status.

planned vs. actual effort

Variance Report

Compare your plan against the actual progress being made to measure the rate of success.

track issues across projects

Issue Report

Create issue reports to track the data and progress on risks, issues and changes on your projects.

get instant expense reports

Expense Report

Get instant expense reports to track costs and monitor budgets on projects.

filter, sort, and export reports

Custom Report

For all our reports, you can filter and customize to target just the data you need.

Get One-Click Project Reports

Using Our Project Reporting Software

Project reports give you the power to view the health of a project through various metrics, such as overall status, costs, progress, tasks completed and more. It helps keep your project on track, and opens a channel to communicate with stakeholders. has one-click, real-time reporting that provides accurate measurements for your project. Here’s how it works.

A screenshot of the “Create New Project” popup in the software with fields to add description, working days and more

1. Set Working Days, Budget, Default Rates

At the start of your project, set the working days on your project timeline. Then, add the budget and default rates to create a figure to calculate planned vs. actual spend.

A screenshot of the team member interface, where you can set up team member profiles and invite them to the project

2. Invite Team & Set Labor Costs

Next, invite your team to the software—they’ll be notified by email. Set their pay rate, and you’ll have data to track their labor costs when executing tasks.

A screenshot of the calendar, where you can designate holidays

3. Designate Holidays

You can set holidays to block out dates on your calendar, including global holidays, when teams aren’t available to work. This provides data for the availability report.

A screenshot of the “Choose a template” screen, a choice when starting your project

4. Make Your Project Plan

Now you can start making your project plan. Import a task list, or use our industry-specific templates to get you started. Set task durations, milestones and link dependencies to create your schedule.

A screenshot of the Gantt chart, filtered to show project baseline

5. Add Task Costs & Set Baseline

Calculate the planned costs for each task, then set a baseline to your project. Now, as your team updates their progress on tasks, you can see the actual costs of your project against what you planned.

A screenshot of the Gantt chart, showing planned effort for team

6. Define Planned Effort for Your Team

Define the planned effort you expect for your team to complete each task in the project. Reports will then reflect the progress for each task as updates are filed by your team.

A screenshot of a task, with progress bar for team member to set their status

7. Ensure Your Team Updates Status

To get accurate data, make sure your team is logging their hours on tasks and updating task statuses. This data is needed to automatically calculate your project’s progress.

A screenshot of the real-time dashboard, showing charts for health, tasks, progress, time, cost and workload for project

8. Check Dashboards Regularly

Check your dashboards for a high-level view of your project or portfolio. Here, you can view project metrics to quickly see if you’re on track. Our real-time dashboards collect data and convert it into easy-to-read graphs and charts.

A screenshot of the Project Status Report, used for setting up a report on the status of a project

9. Generate Reports

At frequent intervals, generate reports on project variance, status and more to get deeper into the data. Automatic reports reflect your team’s updates as they’re filed. Add filters to show just the information you want, then easily share it with stakeholders.

A screenshot of the file list of a project, with type, date, who added them and size

10. Store Reports for Reference

Store reports at the task level, or on your project or portfolio. Our software has unlimited file storage, so everything can be saved in one place. We make it quick and easy to find what you need!

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Monitor Progress as It Happens

With our software, you can track project or portfolio progress in real-time on the dashboard. Get colorful graphs and charts that automatically calculate costs, health and several more metrics for each of your projects. Share the data with stakeholders and keep them updated.

A screenshot of the charts and graphs that monitor progress on the dashboard view

Track Your Team’s Status

Generate reports on team and project status, timesheets, workload, expenses and more with just one click. Get the data you need to make better decisions, and customize reports to show only the information you want. Filter project and data to go deep, then easily share them.

A screenshot of a project status report showing time, workload and costs

See Team or Individual Time Reports

Timesheets are automatically updated as your team logs hours on tasks. Customized timesheet reports show your team, or team member, across a timeframe of your choosing. Monitor progress on time, workload and availability. Share reports as a PDF or a spreadsheet.

A screenshot of a timesheet for a team member with a list of projects, tasks and hours logged

Reports Help Teams Work Better

Keep track of your team on the team management page, and get a high-level view of their work. Use reports on tasks, workload and several more metrics to get deeper insights. See how individual team members are doing by filtering reports to drill down on their performance.

A screenshot of the team management page with team members’ tasks, progress, priority and more

Stay Updated with Reports and Kanban

Combine our kanban board view with reporting features to get a more robust view of your project’s progress. Our kanban view visualizes your team’s workflow. When teams update their status, reports automatically calculate their progress to help you manage their workload.

A screenshot of the Kanban board project view, which shows production phases

View Reports on Project Resources

Generate reports on tasks, timesheets and availability to control your project resources. See if the project is on time, or slipping behind schedule. Then track time, tasks and more to find the bottleneck. We also have an availability report to help you reassign your resources.

A screenshot of the workload page, which shows teams and their tasks on a calendar

Start Automating Your Project Reports

Keep your projects on track with’s automated reports. Our reports monitor your progress, cost and tasks, comparing planned to actual numbers, to help you manage your project better.

Our cloud-based software has helped thousands of teams work more productively. That’s why companies like Volvo, and large organizations such as the US Postal Service and NASA, use us to manage their projects.

See how we can help you plan, monitor and report on your next project by taking our free 30-day trial today.

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