Project Status Reporting

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Project Status Reports

Save time writing lengthy project reports, by generating them at the click of a button! Report on projects, tasks, timesheets and workload in seconds. Simply select the projects or people you would like to report on, and then you can run the report and view it online, or download to PDF, Microsoft Excel or CSV. In fact you can report on any of the data in the system quickly and easily, using the customizable reporting and exporting features.

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Progress Reports

Gaining visibility into your project's progress is vital to your success. Let this software do the heavy lifting of calculating actual time spent versus estimated planned time with immediate progress reports. Each report reveals the number of days you're ahead or behind schedule, so you always know where your project stands.

Resource Reports

Run your regular Project Status Reports using and then report on the workload of your team, so you can make sure that everyone has the right amount of work, based on their availability. If you're a visual person, then the Dashboard, Workload and Resource pages tell you graphically whether people are over or under allocated. The system helps you manage resources efficiently - in fact, it even tells you what the workload of each person is as you're assigning them to tasks, on the fly!

Communicating the health of your projects has never been easier. With customizable reports, you can show your project progress, resource allocation, risk levels and actual versus planned progress to prove that your projects are on track, so you don't have to work it out for yourself. Know where you stand and the health of your projects with simple, intuitive reporting tools. You can:

  • Create a report in three easy clicks
  • Report on your tasks, or your entire plan
  • Show your actual vs. planned progress
  • Reveal whether your project is actually on track
  • Share reports via web, mobile or email

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