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Construction project management is complex—there are many moving parts that must be organized to work efficiently together. The blueprint for this is a construction schedule.

The first step in managing all the pieces of a construction project is to use ProjectManager’s free construction schedule template. With it, you can reign in even the most complicated construction project.

What Is a Construction Schedule?

A construction schedule lays out the “how” and the “why” of a construction project. It details the timeframe the construction will be started and completed by, and provides a framework for the project manager to keep the project on time and keep it within the agreed-upon budget.

A cropped screenshot of ProjectManager's Construction Schedule Template, opened up in the software
ProjectManager’s Construction Schedule Template—Try It Free

The schedule might change throughout the course of the build, as it’s a living document that is impacted by time, cost and scope in the project. Part of the overall construction plan, the construction schedule is one of the foundational documents in any construction project.

The key elements to a construction schedule include:

  • Project Deliverables: Results of the process of a project and the project’s objective
  • Resource Management: Organization of people, equipment, materials and anything used in the execution of the construction project
  • Asset Allocations: Strategic investment to minimize risk
  • Tasks: Small pieces of work that are executed by the team, leading to the final deliverable
  • Dependencies: Tasks that are dependent on another before they can start or stop
  • Deadlines: Marks the duration of a task by noting when it must be completed
  • Budget: Costs related to executing the construction plan

Why You Need ProjectManager’s Construction Schedule Template

There’s a lot of information to collect, organize and track in a construction project, which is why our construction schedule template is so valuable. It provides structure, so that you can focus on adding the details that are specific to your project.

ProjectManager’s construction schedule template breaks your project down into phases, which can be further divided into subtasks that help you organize all the data so that it can be more easily controlled.

From there, you can add each task and set its duration, adding resources and costs to make sure that you’re meeting the constraints of time and the budget. Suddenly, what felt overwhelming starts to take shape, and finishing your construction project on time and within its budget is feasible.

When to Use a Construction Schedule Template

This construction schedule template should be employed as early in the construction project as possible. During the initiation stage, the schedule can be developed with other project documents, such as the project charter, which outline and explore the feasibility of the construction project.

In fact, the construction schedule can be created even before the initiation stage. It’s that important, and it can make or break the project. However, the construction schedule template can be used at any time before execution. For example, after the time, scope and procurement management have been decided on.

The most opportune time might be after time, scope and procurement have been settled. It is certainly easier to create your construction schedule at that point. Yet, the construction schedule template should be on hand from the very beginning of the project and pieced together as more details are firmed up.

Who Should Use This Template?

Let’s start with the obvious answer, which is the project management team, led by the project manager. They are the ones with the experience and will execute the tasks. Therefore, their skills and experience are going to help with forecasting how much time, effort and cost are associated with the project and its schedule.

Depending on the size of the construction project and the organization of the company doing the construction project management, there might be a person dedicated to developing a schedule and updating it as needed. The buck always stops with the project manager though, who will report back to the client and or stakeholders.

As stated above, the construction schedule template is a living document. It will be updated throughout the project and shared with the full project team, stakeholders and clients alike. They might not have clearance to edit the schedule, which is usually the sole domain of the project manager, but they need to know what is done when. So, everyone is using the construction schedule template in varying capacity depending on the role and responsibility in the project.

How to Use ProjectManager’s Construction Schedule Template

Templates are valued for their ease of use and getting a lot of the busy work out of the way so you can drive down to the specifics of your construction project. ProjectManager’s free construction schedule template makes it easy to organize your tasks, resources and costs all in one place.

Using the Template with the Gantt View

The template is laid out in a Gantt chart, which is the workhorse of project management scheduling. The Gantt is then broken down on the left side by phases, each with its own row, such as contract, design, procurement, construction, post construction and project closing phase.

A screenshot of the Construction Plan Template opened up in ProjectManager's Gantt chart

Each of these phases are further broken down by subtasks. For example, under contracts, our template has proposals, document review, bid date and award date. Of course, all of these categories are customizable, and you can add as many as you need to correspond with your project.

The columns of the Gantt are also customizable. Use ours, or your own. You can make as many as you want to. The free construction schedule template is built with these columns: A numbered list, info, task name (and subtasks), WBS, duration of the task, planned start date, actual finish, planned finish date, percent complete, priority, planned hours, milestones.

Using the Template in the Kanban View and Others

Our tool gives you multiple views to work how you want. Visualize your workflow on the kanban board view, which has custom columns reflecting the Gantt chart template. Work crews can manage their backlog and managers get transparency into their process to reallocate resources as needed to keep them working at capacity.

A screenshot of the Construction Plan Template opened up in ProjectManager's kanban board

Managers can switch to the sheet view, which is exactly like the Gantt only without the timeline. Now they have more room to see all the columns, adding as many as needed. Then, when they want to toggle back to the Gantt, they can select only those columns in the sheet they want to see on the timeline.

Those are just a few of the project views. Some might prefer to see all their tasks in a list view or maybe like a calendar interface. It doesn’t matter which you use, they all update together and each has the same rich functionality that gives you more control and visibility into your work.

Why Make a Construction Schedule in ProjectManager?

You can schedule your construction project in ProjectManager and connect your teams, get real-time data and work more efficiently.

  • Avoid Bottlenecks: Using our tool means that you’re able to link dependent tasks, which avoids bottlenecks. While you can add milestones on the template, in the software you can set up email alerts and in-app notifications to keep you aware of upcoming important dates so you never miss a deadline.
  • Find the Critical Path: The Gantt chart view in our tool does more than most project management software. It can filter the critical path for you, saving you time and complex calculations. Once you’ve finalized your construction schedule, set a baseline to catch issues faster and keep on schedule and budget.
  • Set Priority and Other Task Details: You can assign from the Gantt, setting priority, customized tags, descriptions and attachments. The Gantt will even reflect the progress of your team by how much the task bar is shaded on the Gantt’s timeline. But your crew might not want to manage their workload on a Gantt, which is why we offer multiple views to manage your work.
  • Multiple Project Views: There are five project views, including a list view, calendar, sheet (like the Gantt without the timeline) and a board view. All views update at the same time, so whichever you’re working on, it’s all kept up-to-date..
  • View Real-Time Data: ProjectManager keeps you on schedule by collecting real-time data and displaying it on dashboards that calculate project metrics and show them in easy-to-read graphs and charts. One-click filterable reports make it easy to share data with stakeholders. ProjectManager helps you create better construction schedules and keep to them!
example of ProjectManager's dashboard
ProjectManager’s dashboard helps you keep your construction project on schedule

More Free Construction Templates

Scheduling is only part of construction project management. If you’re not ready to upgrade to ProjectManager yet, we still have dozens of free templates that can help you throughout your construction project. The following are only a few of the many to choose from. Try them all.

Construction Proposal Template

Before you can schedule your construction project, you have to submit a proposal. Our free construction proposal template has space for all the details you need to win the submittal process, such as project information, supplier and subcontractor quotes. Use our free construction proposal template to make your bid more competitive.

Construction Estimate Template

Scheduling involves accurate estimating of time and costs. Forecasting is never perfect, but the better you do it the more likely you’ll deliver a successful project. Using our free construction estimate template helps you gather all the labor and material costs of the construction project to create a better budget, which will be reflected on your schedule.

Construction Daily Report Template

Once you start the build, our free construction daily report template will help you stay on schedule. It’s common practice at the end of the work day to make a detailed record of the construction worksite. The free construction daily report template is designed to capture all the information you need to collect to make sure you’re hitting the milestones on your schedule.

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ProjectManager helps manage construction projects from scheduling to closing. Multiple project views allow managers and their crew to work the way they want, with real-time data connecting teams on the worksite or the office for smooth collaboration. Organize your tasks, teams and projects and join the tens of thousands of teams that are already using our tool to deliver success in their organizations. Try ProjectManager for free today.

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