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Build Project Teams

Start your project by adding all of your team members to - then start assigning them to tasks, so they know what has to be done. Group your staff into teams and list their skills in the system, so that you can better assign them to tasks as you go. You can easily reallocate people among teams to make sure that each project has the right level of resources to finish successfully.

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Perform Resource Scheduling

It's simple and easy to assign resources to tasks. You can also easily determine which resources are under-allocated and assign them new tasks to balance their workload. Your team will no longer be over-tasked and stressed, when you have the right tools you need to schedule resources on your project. When you're ready, you can run a suite of resources reports to check that across all of your projects, every member of your team has the perfect allocation of work.

Watch While They Work

Your "workload" planning dashboard is the key to monitoring the work assigned to your team. You can check on every person's availability, and see at a glance if they have too much or too little work assigned. By checking their workload visually, there is no need to run complex reports or make calculations. Simply spot where they have been over assigned and then click to assign work immediately on the fly. As you are assigning work among the team, the system is automatically updating the project plan and dashboards for you, as well as notifying staff about their new task lists. In this way, you can manage large teams and task lists in a breeze.

If you have multiple teams running multiple projects, then you need to know what's happening real-time. With you can assign tasks to your resources and view their progress as it's happening. You'll always see which projects need additional resources or which people are under-tasked. And using mobile apps, you can stay in touch while you're on the go. You can:

  • Manage materials, equipment and people
  • Assign tasks wherever you are
  • Monitor your team's progress
  • Reallocate resources across projects
  • Manage your team's workload easily

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