Make Detailed Resource Management Plans

Assign resources, balance team workload and always have the right people and materials available for the job. Resource planning software keeps projects moving without going over budget. With ProjectManager, you can incorporate resource plans and schedules into your larger project plan, so everything can be managed in one online software.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Team view, showing different team members and their tasks

Track Resources and Their Costs

Efficiently identify and categorize teams, supplies, equipment and more. Assign hourly rates to team members to be used in projects across the software. When hours are logged, the actual cost is automatically calculated and compared against the planned, giving you total control over resource costs.

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A screenshot of the Holidays window on ProjectManager

Personalize Availability for Team Members

Team management features define working days, holidays and planned hours. Our personalized schedules let you manage teams in different time zones with ease. By blocking certain days and setting parameters, you can simplify your resource management plans and project schedules.

Gantt Charts Allocate Resources

Schedule your resources with precision on our online Gantt charts. Assign tasks, see how many hours team members are working and whether they’re over-or under-tasked. Get estimated planned costs for all resources, people or equipment. Our Gantt chart helps you balance workload and track resources with one tool.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s gantt chart view, showing a list of tasks on the left and a graph on the right
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Overview Workload view, which shows team members, and how many tasks they have on a given day

Workload Page for Smarter Management

Use our workload page to quickly see how much work is assigned to each team member. Workload is color-coded, letting you instantly spot imbalances. You can reassign tasks right from the workload page to correct any scheduling errors. Plus, if you’re in a large organization, you can filter the page by project, team or month to find the information you need.

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Precise Time Tracking

Timesheets automatically update as your team completes their tasks. Logged hours are instantly reflected on the real-time dashboard, too. Updates can be recorded in any of the three different project views at the task level. Know if the actual time allotted to the task aligns with your planned budget.

ProjectManager's precise time tracking view
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s workload report, where you can export statistics on your team’s task workload

In-Depth Reporting

Our resource planning software offers detailed reports on workload, availability, timesheets and tasks. See hours worked, tasks that have been worked on and whether they’re over or under allocated. Reports can be easily exported, emailed or printed.

The Ultimate Collection of Resource Planning Tools

create project plans

Plan Resources

Plan resources with task lists, kanban boards and Gantt charts.

track workload

Assign Resources

Assign resources and see team workload in one view.

create and assign tasks to others

Organize Teams

Create departments and teams in the software.

track tasks on the gantt

Track Resources

Use the dashboard to track resources across your project or portfolio.

track time on all of your tasks

Secure Timesheets

Teams can log hours and submit with ease.

get instant expense reports

Automate Costs

Automatically calculate actual costs and compare against planned costs.

schedule tasks into project plans

Incorporate Holidays

Always know where holidays land, whether locally or globally.

create task reports

1-Click Resource Reports

Get automated reports on tasks, availability, workload and timesheets.

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How to Use Our Resource Planning Software

Use resource planning software to track the availability of your team, manage their workload and monitor costs associated with your project. ProjectManager has resource management features that integrate with our larger project management suite for a seamless experience. Here’s a walk-through of what we can do to manage your resources.

A screenshot of the “Invite” window to onboard team members

1. Assemble Your Team

Onboard your team by sending them invitations to get started in the software. Enter their email address, and send an invite to their inbox. Once they follow the link, they’re in.

A screenshot of the Team member profile window, detailing their role, project, skills and more

2. Add Labor Costs & Skills

Add details on the Team page, including each team member’s labor costs, their skills and what project team they’ll be working for.

A screenshot of the Holiday window to block out calendar with work days and holidays

3. Define Holidays

Set hours in our software to block out the days that your team is available to work, and when they have personal days or holidays. You can even set holidays for team members working abroad.

A screenshot of the Invite window on the Gantt chart, where you can select resources

4. Add Resource Roles

Add resource roles, or those resources that won’t have the ability to access the software. This can be nonhuman resources, such as equipment, or they can be people that you’ve not yet hired.

A screenshot of the Gantt chart project view, with project timeline showing each task’s duration

5. List Tasks and Create Deadlines & Phases

List your tasks, either by uploading from a spreadsheet, or just input the tasks in our task list view. Then, create deadlines for your tasks in the Gantt chart. Link dependent tasks and use the milestone function to break the project into more manageable phases.

A screenshot of the Dashboard view of project, with cost graph popup window

6. Track Resource Costs

Monitor the cost of your resources while executing your tasks, and make sure you aren’t spending too much with our real-time dashboard. As teams update their statuses that data is automatically calculated on a cost graph, showing your budget, actual and planned costs.

A screenshot of the Workload page, with team’s task allocation indicated by color-coded charts

7. Make Adjustments on Workload Page

Use our workload page to make adjustments to how many tasks your team is working on. See who has too many tasks, and who has too few, on the color-coded chart. Then, reallocate tasks to balance workload right from the same page.

A screenshot of the timesheet, with the Approval button highlighted

8. Approve Timesheets

Approve timesheets once your team submits them, and they’re locked and ready for payroll. Our timesheets automatically fill with your team’s tasks, and update as they log their hours.

Essential Features of Our Resource Planning Software

Keep Teams Balanced

Balance your team’s workload on the Team or the Workload page. It’s easy to know who has too many and who has too few assignments. Easily reallocate resources from the workload page to help your teams stay productive.

Workload Management image

Know When Teams Can Work

Block out the days your team is not available to work to make assignments more efficient. Define working days, paid time off and holidays, with local and international options for remote teams. Now, it’s easier to plan your resources and set schedules for teams and tasks.

Holidays & PTO image

Calculate Costs Automatically

See your actual vs planned costs automatically, and track your real expenditure during the project in real time. As teams log their hours, actual cost is updated throughout the software on dashboards, reports and more— making it easy to control your budget in real time.

Cost Management image

See Time Left on Tasks

When tasks are completed, logged time is automatically updated on our timesheet feature and tracked on the dashboard. Teams can update their tasks on any of our project views, and that data is shared throughout the software—so you know if the task is staying within budget.

Time Tracking image

Monitor Progress in Real Time

Track key project metrics, all in one place. Our real-time dashboard automatically calculates your project’s health, costs, tasks and more, and displays them in easy-to-read graphs and charts. Updates are reflected on the dashboard, so you always know the current state of your resources.

Live Dashboards image

Stay Updated on Crucial Data

Generate granular reports on workload, availability, timesheets and tasks to better manage your project resources. Filter each report to show just the information you want. Reports can then be shared for stakeholder presentations that keep everyone updated on progress.

Detailed Reports image

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Managing resources requires a lot of considerations. You have to plan, assign and manage your team. Resources must be tracked, costs have to be kept in line, and so on. ProjectManager is an award-winning software that gives you the power to organize every aspect of your projects, from teams to schedules and beyond.

Our software is used by tens of thousands of teams, whether they’re working on long, complex projects or fast sprints. See why organizations as diverse as NASA, Volvo and the US Postal Service all benefit from ProjectManager.

If you’re ready to get your resources in order with a tool that seamlessly works with every other aspect of your project management, then take our free 30-day trial.

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