Track Time & Costs with Time Management Tools

Log hours, streamline payroll and save money with accurate and secure timesheets. Our time management tools auto-populate timesheets to save you time. When teams submit their hours and get approval, timesheets are locked, secured and saved. Control your labor costs and get better project estimates with timely timesheets and payroll forecasting with ProjectManager.

Streamlined timesheets
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Report Time on Tasks

As your team updates their tasks, they can measure their progress along the way and log hours. All their time is tracked throughout the software.

  • Always know the hours your team has submitted
  • Get better estimates and control labor costs
  • Streamline payroll with accurate timekeeping

Monitor Your Team’s Progress

The real-time dashboard gives you a birds-eye view on your team’s progress by tracking time, task status, costs, team workload and more.

  • Real-time data lets you track your projects
  • Monitor tasks, costs and teams with easy-to-read graphs
  • Spot issues and keep projects on schedule
time tracking software with employee hours by day

Online Timesheets for Tracking

Easily add time to timesheets by automatically logging hours on your tasks. To add hours worked to a timesheet, your team need only select their tasks.

  • Automated timesheets makes tracking hours simple
  • Catch tasks that are going over schedule
  • See who is overworked or underworked at a glance

Submit and Approve Secure Timesheets

Have peace of mind knowing that timesheets are synced with your team’s task updates and locked when they send them to you.

  • Set an authorized user to ensure integrity
  • Receive instant notifications when timesheets are ready to review
  • Approve timesheets with a streamlined approval process
time sheet software for managers

Get Time Management Tools for Your Team

workload allocation tools

Easily Manage Your Team’s Workload

Our workload management feature lets you view who is overloaded and who has availability with easy, color-coded charts. You can manage holidays and time off, too.

  • Allocate resources and track their costs
  • See staff availability and manage workload
  • Assign tasks with a top-level view

Create Custom Reports in One Click

Reports let you share progress with stakeholders with ease. Report on time, workload, availability, performance and more.

  • Easily create helpful reports from complex data
  • Share as a PDF or Excel file, or print for offline use
  • Improve communication and share reports with stakeholders
timesheet reporting software

Time Management Tools for Busy Teams

Get scheduling software, timesheet software and task management tools all in one, with ProjectManager. You can schedule tasks according to your team’s availability, and re-allocate work in just one click when you need to manage their workload. Plus, your team can update their timesheets anywhere and send them to you for approval. See how easy time tracking can be with ProjectManager.

track time on individual tasks

Time Tracking on Tasks

Your team can track hours and progress on individual tasks.

schedule workload calendars

Schedule Workload

Manage individual and project workload in easy color-coded views.

create online timesheets

Online Timesheets

Submit timesheets anywhere with one-click access to time spent on tasks.

manage timesheets and approve with one click

Timesheet Approvals

Manage timesheets with one-click submittals and approvals.

get notifications and reminders for time sheets

Timesheet Reminders

Get email alerts when timesheets are due or have been submitted.

import and export time sheets

Import / Export Time

Import and export your timesheets to other apps seamlessly.

create reports about your timesheets

Timesheet Reports

Report on individual, team and project time with custom filters.

live dashboards for time tracking

Time Tracking Dashboard

See real-time views of workload progress by your team.

use team calendars to track team availability

Resource Availability

Get team calendars to plan around availability for team members.

allocate resources

Resource Allocation

Allocate working hours and non-working hours for individuals and countries.

monitor time

Time Estimates

You can monitor progress against your default planned effort.

set time limits for your team

Daily Time Limits

See when someone is working past their daily allocation of work.

Get the Best Project Time Tracker

How to Use a Project Time Tracker

Our time management tools track labor costs and the time your team spends on tasks, while facilitating the payroll process to create efficiencies that save money. ProjectManager has a timesheet tool that is secure, automated and accurate. Learn how to use ProjectManager as a project time tracker and see how it can help you.

Block out your project calendar for better time estimates

1. Set Availability

Know when your team is available to work and build more accurate timesheets. Block out holidays, personal days and work days to keep teams from working more than their allocated hours.

Assign tasks on the Gantt to see real-time availability

2. Schedule Work

Get more accurate timesheets by seeing your team’s availability as you schedule work. When making assignments, a popup window shows when your team can work.

Workload tool that helps with timesheet management

3. View Team Workload

Look at the workload page to know how many hours your team has been assigned. When they submit their timesheets you can better manage labor costs and avoid unnecessary overtime.

Timesheets auto-populate with hours logged on different tasks

4. Log Hours

Track how much time your team works on tasks for more accurate timesheets. When they log hours in any project view, that data is instantly reflected everywhere in the software.

Timesheet alerts keep everyone on track

5. Set Timesheet Reminders

Create weekly timesheet reminders that automatically notify teams by email, so they always know when to fill out and file their timesheets. Stay on schedule and control your costs.

Timesheets can be approved or denied based on accuracy

6. Approve Timesheets

Assign who can approve timesheets, and they’ll get notified when timesheets are submitted. If there are inaccuracies, timesheets can be declined and sent back to the submitter to edit.

See your team’s tasks on the team page to cross-reference with timesheets

7. Review Team Tasks

View the team page to make sure that the time your team logged on their timesheets matches what they had been assigned and avoid any costly discrepancies.

A timesheet report that you can make with our project reporting feature

8. Run Timesheet Report

Get more data from your timesheets with our detailed reports. See hours logged by each team member. Filter the report to get more targeted information, and then share with stakeholders.

Standout Features of Our Online Timesheets

Repeated Tasks Are Filled in For You

Automate your timesheets to do the busy work for you. Copy last week’s tasks with a click of your keyboard and edit any minor changes. As teams update their statuses that data auto-fills on their timesheets instantly.

Automated Fields image

Add Greater Detail to Your Timesheet

Attach documents, images and add comments to your timesheet to explain more than just the hours spent. When a task is delayed, teams can point out why it took more time to complete. We have unlimited file storage and comments trigger an email notification so you’re instantly alerted to the update.

Comments & Attachments image

Keep Timesheets for Your Records

Make sure you have accurate records by saving copies of your timesheets. They’re easy to export before being submitted or print them out for your files. Now you are tracking labor costs and building a database to make more accurate project estimates and improve profitability.

Export & Print image

Tamper-Free Timesheets

Submit with security. Once the approver locks the approved timesheet it’s sealed and cannot be altered. If timesheets don’t match your team’s assignment, they can be sent back and then resubmitted. But once the timesheet is locked and sent to payroll it cannot be changed.

Secure Submissions image

Get Timesheet Updates Anywhere

Update your status from any tool in our software. No matter what feature your team is using to execute a task, as they log their hours it immediately shows up on their timesheet, which saves time and keeps teams productive.

Log from Any View image

Make Data-Driven Decisions

See everything as it happens with our cloud-based timesheet software. Our dashboards update in real time as statuses are filed. Know how close to completion your team is on their tasks. Get team availability when you need it to make more accurate schedules. Accurate timesheets save money and time.

Real-Time Data image

Start Saving Time with Time Management Tools

Timesheets help you track hours, control labor costs and pay your teams, but that’s only a small part of managing a project. To deliver quality on time and within budget takes a suite of software tools designed to control every phase from initiation to close.

ProjectManager is an award-winning tool that organizes your projects and teams to make them more effective and efficient. Our software is used by tens of thousands of project teams to track time worked, but also to plan, monitor and report on projects with online Gantt charts, real-time dashboards and reports.

Start a free 30-day trial of our software today, with no pressure to continue, so you can see how much we can do for you and your projects.

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