Manage Your Tasks

Organize your tasks quickly and easily. Track progress and boost productivity with team collaboration tools. Use our kanban boards to work on tasks as a team, or prioritize your daily work with simple task lists. Plus, automated email alerts keep you and your team focused on what’s important. Put your tasks in order with ProjectManager's software features.

Task Management Features in ProjectManager
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Online Task Management Software

Our online task management software helps you improve your productivity with easy task management features that let you order, group and track the progress of tasks in all your projects.

  • Create personal task lists
  • Track due dates
  • Filter tasks for customization

Add Task Details

Keep all of your task details in one place to streamline your workflow and give your team the tools they need to succeed. With our task management tools you can:

  • Add task descriptions with links, bullets and formatted text
  • Attach notes and files with unlimited storage
  • Set task dependencies and priority so your team knows what to tackle first
ProjectManager task view
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Collaborate with Your Team

Keep everyone automatically looped in on task and project updates with our all-in-one project and task management software features.

  • Assign tasks to your team from anywhere in the software
  • Comment on tasks and tag your team members
  • View your team’s workload at a glance

Get Instant Notifications

You’ll never miss a deadline with in-app and email notifications that are designed to keep you and your team’s work in sync.

  • Get email reminders when a task status changes
  • Keep your team in the loop while in-app with notifications
  • Customize your notifications to see only what you want
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Get the Ultimate Task Management Tool

task management software

Update Tasks Anytime, Anywhere

Work no longer just takes place in an office. With our online task manager features, managing work remotely has never been easier.

  • Access your projects, whether in the office, at home or in the field
  • Secure your work with Single-Sign On from Google and Microsoft
  • Ensure your project plans are always up to date

Advanced Task Management Features

Power users who want to go further with their task management will not be disappointed with our software. In the expanded task view, you can:

  • Create a to-do list and outline subtasks
  • Log time and check the estimated hours for a task
  • Full compatibility with our Gantt charts, Kanban boards and Calendar views
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Try Task Management Software Today

See all Task Management Tools and Key Features


use task lists online

Task Lists

View, manage & prioritize work in personal and team task lists.

create todo lists

To-Do Lists

Add personal to-do lists and mark complete in one click.

sync your calendar with your tasks

Calendar Sync

Sync tasks with Google calendars to keep up-to-date everywhere.

share tasks and assign tasks to team members

Team Collaboration

Share tasks and assignments with anyone to get work done faster.

turn tasks into project timelines

Gantt Charts

View & manage task progress with interactive Gantt charts.

create task reports


Track task and project status with one-click reporting features.

get realtime updates on your dashboard


See real-time views of task and project performance.

get task alerts emailed to you


Set up automated alerts when tasks are due or overdue.

create subtasks for more helpful task lists


Define subtasks and task dependencies across projects.

create and assign tasks to others


Create task assignments in multiple places.

track time on all of your tasks

Time Tracking Features

Manage time spent on tasks according to schedule.

view project roadmaps


View project and task roadmaps to view work completion rates.

have discussions within a task


Create discussion threads on any task or project or theme.

store files associated with a particular task

File Sharing and Storage

Get unlimited file storage that updates when you attach files to tasks.

export files from your projects


Our software lets you import and export MS Project, Excel or .csv files.

update tasks from any device

Cloud Based SaaS

Users can update task status anywhere on any device.

How to Use Task Management Software

Task management software helps you manage tasks with features that can assign work, track progress, allocate resources and collaborate with team members. ProjectManager is a robust project management software that helps you manage your tasks every step of the way, as illustrated in this walk-through.

Task list with a list of project work

1. Create Tasks

Enter tasks quickly and easily. Import an Excel spreadsheet or use one of our industry-specific templates to help you get started.

Make detailed task descriptions for better execution

2. Add Descriptions

Add a short description to direct your team on how to execute. Give each task an estimated duration and priority level, so teams know what is most important.

Manage holidays and build project schedules

3. Designate Holidays

Setting holidays lets you know when teams are available to work. We help you block out your calendar for personal, local and global holidays.

Assign team members to tasks with task management software

4. Make Task Assignments

Assign tasks from any of our multiple project views. Your team will get alerted of the assignment by email, so no one misses a beat.

Kanban boards let you make workflows and manage bottlenecks

5. Define a Workflow

Define workflows for teams with our kanban board project view. Tasks are represented as cards that move from one column to the next. This helps you clear up potential bottlenecks.

Boost productivity with collaboration features

6. Collaborate

Collaborative tools keep people connected, so they can work more productively as a team. Add comments to tasks, and other team members are notified by email to keep them in the loop.

Update project progress on a task level with ProjectManager

7. Check Progress

Stay on schedule by monitoring your tasks. Teams can update their progress at the task level, and that progress is updated in real time across the other project views, too.

Real-time dashboard reports on projects automatically

8. Analyze Data

Seeing projects from the high-level view of our dashboard is a quick way to know if you’re on track. We collect data in real time and do the calculations automatically.

Key Features of Our Task Management Software

More Powerful Than a Task List

View task lists online and make them accessible. Team members can update their tasks, whenever or wherever. Use our task management tools to add deadlines, priority levels, attachments, descriptions and tags to better sort through your tasks. All your work is collected in one place.

Task Lists image

Visually Manage Task Workflow

Visualize workflow with our kanban board task management tool. Tasks are collected as cards under columns that represent different phases of execution. Just drag and drop the card from column to column as work progresses. See bottlenecks and overdue tasks quickly for better task management.

Kanban Boards image

Map Tasks Over Project Timelines

Control tasks with our online Gantt chart project view. See tasks mapped across a project timeline. Then link dependent tasks to avoid slippage, and add milestones to break the project into manageable phases. Plus, we help you track costs and resources related to each task.

Gantt Charts image

Keep Track of Deadlines and Other Important Dates

Stay up-to-date on upcoming events by using our time tracking features such as our calendar project view. Add deadlines to tasks and get an overview on your workload to plan your week or month. Our calendar also syncs with Google calendars to keep you updated.

Calendar View image

Facilitate Team Collaboration

Team productivity is improved with our team collaboration features. Add a comment or update the task, and everyone assigned is alerted by email. Want to bring someone else in to help? No problem. Just tag them. Everyone on the project team is on the same page working towards the same goal.

Collaboration Tools image

Monitor Progress as It Happens

Our project management tool helps you keep your budget under control by monitoring resources and costs as they occur. Use our task tracking features to monitor your project progress. Plus, you can easily share your dashboard with stakeholders. Never be caught unaware again.

Live Tracking image

Take Your Task Management Further

Assigning your team tasks is only the start. There are resources to consider, deadlines that might have to change, workloads to balance and progress to track. That’s why you need a full-service project management software.

ProjectManager is an award-winning project management software that gives you the power to control every aspect of your projects. Manage large and small projects, no matter how many tasks are required. With our software, you can plan, schedule, monitor, control and report on your projects online—anytime, anywhere.

Join the likes of NASA, Volvo and the United Nations, and start using ProjectManager to manage your projects today. Take this free 30-day trial and get the best task management tools for your next project.

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