Your daily task lists

Empower your team with easy task management for all their projects. They can see which tasks they need to do today on their own personal task lists, even if you have them assigned to multiple projects at one time.

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update your tasks online

Easily update tasks

Your team can simply update the status of their tasks online. They can then attach notes, files and links to easily track comments, production notes and document handoffs. They can also have discussions about tasks and see the collaboration taking place real-time.

Email alerts

You’ll never miss a deadline with system emails and alerts designed to keep you and your team in sync. Emails remind team members what tasks are due in the next day, and which ones will be due shortly.

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Share tasks directly

In the tasks panel, each task has a unique URL, so you can share that task with anyone in the system. You can also link to it from other systems, so that you can easily view and update tasks as you perform your daily work.

Update tasks anytime, anywhere

Managing work remotely has never been easier. You and your team can update tasks, projects and files on the web, your mobile phone or your Gmail account with the click of a single button. That way your project plans are always up to date.

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Collaborate & communicate

Your own personal “My Home” pages keep everyone automatically looped in when new files or comments are added. Your entire team can discuss a project proposal, a project plan update or a tricky task that needs to be completed – all in a shared work space.

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