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Organize your projects, manage resources and generate detailed reports with our project portfolio management tools. Cloud-based project portfolio management software can track progress in real time and help you make data-driven decisions for better results. Stay aligned with targets and surpass expectations with ProjectManager.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s PPM tool, displaying a customized dashboard showing project portfolio data
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Group and Organize Your Projects

Keep track of your portfolio and glean insights into all of your projects with a high-level overview. Our portfolio management features give you the power to:

  • Track with mini-dashboards that show six key metrics
  • Customize what project information is visible with filters
  • Organize your projects into folders and choose favorites to highlight

Powerful Project Portfolio Roadmap

Our PPM roadmap collects all of the projects in your portfolio and displays them on one Gantt chart, giving you visibility down to the task level.

  • Filter by assignee, project manager or customer to make forecasts
  • View which projects are open and who is assigned to tasks
  • Highlight key metrics for stakeholders
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s PPM roadmap interface, which shows project tasks and timeline of those tasks

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A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Workload interface, displaying color-coded chart showing task allocation

Portfolio-Wide Resource Management

Get full visibility into your resources with features that track, manage and report across your whole portfolio.

  • Balance resources and compare planned effort vs actual results
  • Check schedules, allocate work and make adjustments
  • View team workload at a glance with a color-coded chart

Customized Portfolio Reporting

Keep your stakeholders informed and satisfied with both high-level and in-depth reports to share your progress.

  • Easily generate reports on your portfolio’s status, tasks and timelines
  • Customize reports to highlight status, customer, priority and more
  • Get workload reports on individual projects, too
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s portfolio status report, which shows time, workload, costs and more
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s real-time portfolio interface, a dashboard tracks progress on health, tasks and more

Portfolio Dashboards Capture Progress

Stay on track with real-time dashboards that are easily shared with stakeholders for quick updates or presentations.

  • Monitor six key metrics on scannable charts
  • Group similar projects to give high-level visibility into a portfolio
  • Filter your dashboard for specific insights

Secure and Shareable

Easily share individual projects in your program while keeping access to the full portfolio secure. Security features keep your projects safe.

  • Create private projects that others can join
  • Share projects with other admins, managers and team members
  • Customize further with API integration—create your perfect PPM tool
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Create New Project window, with text boxes for different project info, including who to share it with, description and more
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s  Dashboard view, showing overall health of project

All Your Projects Under Your Control

ProjectManager takes you further than a Gantt or spreadsheet, and is the perfect PPM tool to manage your projects, programs and portfolios.

  • Get actionable data with workload features and reporting tools
  • Work on all your projects in one place, perfect for teams
  • Oversee your portfolio with confidence

The Ultimate Collection of PPM Tools

ProjectManager's project portfolio management software gives you everything you need to keep track of projects down to the task level. Real-time dashboards, all-in-one roadmaps and multiple project views help you keep everything on track. We offer all these features and more:

view project roadmaps

PPM Roadmap

Track your portfolio on a timeline.

create and assign tasks to others


See who’s working and who’s available.

create task reports

PPM Report

Generate customized reports for your project portfolios.

create simple task lists


Kanban boards for visual task management.

real time reporting with dashboards

PPM Dashboard

Project portfolio metrics track progress.

share your project plans


Share projects not full portfolio.

create project plans


Control all the projects in your portfolio.

sync your calendar with your tasks


See all the project tasks laid out in a calendar view.

Using Our PPM Tools to Manage Your Portfolio

Project portfolio management tools control every aspect of the projects collected in a portfolio, providing tools that assist in analyzing performance and implementing changes that boost overall productivity.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Start a Project window, selecting an IT project plan template

1. Build Your Projects

Import your existing project files, or build them up from the many industry-specific templates we have to get you started.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s overview projects feature, showing projects, progress, cost/budget, manager and members

2. Customize Overview

Make your portfolio overview unique by customizing the columns, and quickly access the information you need. Team member’s avatars help you quickly see who’s managing what.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Dashboard view, with dropdown menu showing how to filter by favorites

3. Make Favorites & Group Dashboards

Tag your favorites with a star to highlight your top projects. Group projects in your portfolio with folders based on their focus, such as IT, HR, etc. Specific dashboards monitor these grouped projects.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s notifications window, which shows most recent alerts related to your project

4. Manage Notifications

Notifications in the software immediately alert you to changes on your project’s tasks—no more digging through emails for status updates. Customize your alerts to see only the updates you want to see.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s Portfolio status, which reports time, workload, costs and more

5. Customize Reports

Gain insightful data on your portfolio, all in one place. Overview Reports show your status, end dates and cost-budget ratio for each project, making it easy to see if you’re spending too much.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s color-coded workload chart, showing team’s allocated tasks

6. Manage Portfolio Resources

Keep track of your portfolio resources, including your team’s workload. The color-coded Workload Overview chart shows your team’s task allocation. See something amiss? Reassign your team’s tasks right from the workload page.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s roadmap view, showing multiple projects on a timeline

7. Use Roadmap

Use the Roadmap Overview to see your projects across one timeline. Viewing all the projects in your portfolio on one page lets you see when each is scheduled to start and finish.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s export all projects window with options to choose to export

8. Export Data

Export your Project Overview to create an offline report you can send to stakeholders. Reports can be filtered to show only the important info. Timesheets can also be exported in multiple formats, including MPP files for Microsoft Project users.

Essential Features for Our PPM Software

Control Everyone’s Password

Change passwords with one click on the backend, instead of having to slog through other applications. When your IT department suggests changing passwords every six months, you can now do so quickly and easily. If an employee leaves, easily delete their access and keep your data secure.

Single Sign On image

See Your Portfolio How You Want

We have plenty of options to customize your portfolio overview. Here, you can set project status, project description, project notes and many more fields. Add as many columns to the overview as you need, naming them to match how you describe your process.

Customization image

Get Only the Data You Want

Get information on only the projects you want to see in your portfolio. Filter by your favorites, and see only those projects you’ve starred. Task reports have tags that you can use to filter and to get data only on selected projects. Tags that are on private projects won’t show, unless you have permission.

Filters image

Track Time and Team Accountability

Track your teams’ hours and the time they spend on tasks to help you keep costs down. Our timesheets make logging hours easy, and give you valuable data on team performance through our dashboard and reporting features. Reduce portfolio costs, improve productivity and deliverables with time management.

Timesheets image

Attach As Many Files as You Need

Attach files to your tasks, project and portfolio and collect all of your important documents in one place with our unlimited file storage. Find what you need without needing to endlessly scroll through emails. Archive old projects, and create historical data to help you better manage your current portfolio.

Unlimited Storage image

Visibility Into Your Portfolio

Quickly get insights on how your portfolio is performing in real-time, and make data-driven decisions to keep it on track and aligned with your overall strategy. Email notifications are triggered the moment a status is updated, which aids collaboration and productivity.

Real-Time Data image

Try Our PPM Tools & Keep Your Projects Aligned

ProjectManager is a cloud-based tool designed to organize your project portfolio. We have features that balance resources, track progress and help you make data-driven decisions to keep all your projects flowing seamlessly.

See why organizations with complex portfolios, such as NASA, the US Postal Service and Volvo, use our software to keep their projects aligned with their overall strategic goals.

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