Top 5 Project Management Software Tools

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how online project management software can help you with task and time management to scope and budget.

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In Review: Top 5 Project Management Software Tools

A project is made up of many parts, Jennifer said. There’re many aspects of managing a project.

  • Task, for which you make task lists
  • Time, scheduling with Gantt charts
  • Scope, overview in dashboards
  • Budget, time tracking and scheduling tools to see if you’re on target
  • Resources, methods of collaboration

While off-line there are templates, such as Excel spreadsheets or Word documents, which can help track tasks, these standalone documents have limitations. Jennifer said the best tools for project management are ones that are online.

When you’re looking for tools to manage the different processes you have to monitor in a project, she suggested keeping these things in mind.

  • One software online, because you want access to update status and track your project progress wherever you are
  • Have real-time views of your project, so when statuses change you know immediately
  • By being online you foster collaboration and improve project efficiency
  • Increase accountability and notify team with email alerts

Online project management tools do all this and more. Online project management software tools do all this and more.

Pro-Tip:  Another reason to switch to online tools is document storage. With a cloud-based pm tool you can save your documents and access them any where and at any time. The same goes for your team, which can use those cloud as a platform for collaboration.

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Today, we’re talking about the top five online project management tools. So, if we look at a project and consider all the things that the project manager has to take into account and track in a project, like the task, the time, resources, the scope, and the budget.

That’s a lot of information. And typically, we see where people are managing this information offline in different formats and different tools.

For instance, the task list, many people still use Excel, or even Word documents, to track the task for the team members. They also collaboration by the old-fashioned method of, maybe, a phone call or a drive-by at the desk, or some other means, but they’re looking at information that, again, is offline.

And then, with the Gantt charts…so the Gantt charts help us to track the scheduling information by looking at the task, when things start, when they end, and the durations. And then, the dashboards, sometimes those pull together a collection of data and maybe it’s pulled together in a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet.

And then, time tracking and scheduling tools, tracking, again, the resources and how much time people are tracking towards the project are many times, again, done offline, typically, in an Excel spreadsheet format. So, as you can see, there are so many different tools that people are using offline.

So, there are some efficiencies that doing these will provide using online tools. So, there are multiple places to manage all these data as you could see.

And ideally, you wanna manage all of these in one software and online, so you can get it real time, with people getting the data, not only you in managing the project, but also the people doing the work on the project. This can really help simplify things for, again, not only you, but the people working on the project.

So, to simplify, you can make it more agile and real time. Things can be faster by having one tool and all the data in one repository that people can access at any time. This can also improve efficiency by allowing online collaboration.

So when you’re collaborating and looking at the data real time, online and having people provide input to, maybe, changes, looking at risks, or any other items, tasks, that you may wanna change, it just makes it that much more efficient.

And then also, this can provide accountability, because the online software tool allows you to set up email alerts. So that if a task is due, the people get emailed, or if a change is made, they get emailed.

So, as you can see, the online provides so many efficiencies for you as the project manager as well as your team members.

So, if you need a tool that can help you manage your project online, then sign up for our software now at

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