Manage Every Phase of Your Product

Our product management software gives you the tools to organize, develop and improve products on time and within budget, whether you’re building an app or an appliance. Use ProjectManager to plan, forecast and market products through all phases of the life cycle. We have flexible and easy-to-share roadmaps, visual tracking tools and ways to manage your backlogs and release plans with ease. Teams have the tools to collaborate and capture ideas, compare notes and boost productivity. Share use case studies and store business intelligence. Track alpha and beta testing and make sure it backs up your value proposition. ProjectManager helps you go to market with a viable product.

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Product Roadmap

Online Gantt charts help you plan, schedule and track the product progress on a visual timeline. You can assign tasks, link dependencies and set milestones to indicate major phases of the product development.

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Resource Management

Allocate your resources, monitor your team’s workload and reassign tasks with one click—all from a single screen—to make sure no one is overtasked or idle.

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Project Collaboration

Collaboration happens in real time at the task level. Team members can dialog, attach files and trigger email alerts. All relevant information can be stored in one central location, so you don’t have to dig through old emails or chat threads.

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Product Management Software Let’s You:

  • Make a dynamic product roadmap
  • Manage resources and workload across your teams
  • Switch seamlessly between Gantt, kanban and list views
  • Foster collaboration to spur innovation
  • Get real-time updates sent to your inbox
  • Streamline timesheets and invoices
  • Define product phases and milestones
  • Track risks, issues and changes
  • Incorporate last minute changes
  • Store unlimited files, documents and images

Create Detailed Product Roadmaps

Use our online Gantt charts to incorporate market research into product plans, and road map every phase of your product’s life cycle. Project managers have the ability to assign tasks and link dependencies in the schedule, tracking their progress even as changes occur. Timelines can be adjusted with a simple drag-and-drop to accommodate changes.

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Manage Tasks in the Board View

Whether you use them for your personal task list or for managing the product backlog, our kanban boards show what’s due and when—and what’s holding up progress. Plus you can filter the tasks by due date, owner, project and more. This frees your dev team to start tasks from the sprint as soon as they’re ready.

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Reallocate with a Keystroke

One page shows you all of your team’s workload and gives you the ability to reallocate with one click. You can also see their availability, whether they’re on holiday or ready to work. Evenly distribute tasks off the backlog, whether you’re a dev team working sprints or a planner using waterfall methodology.

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Keep Communications Focused

Team members can comment on the tasks they’re working on in real time, and @mentions keep others in the loop, such as product designers. Product files can be attached to the narrative string, so all the information is easy to find. Product managers can also keep stakeholders in the loop by sharing detailed reports.

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Measure the Success with Accurate Tracking

Our dashboard tracks issues and tasks in real time, so you know instantly if your product is on or behind schedule and if issues have been identified that need resolving. Keep track of feature issues and bugs as you knock them off one by one.

issue tracking feature

Know Everyone’s Hours

Simplify time tracking by rolling out timesheets to all teams, vendors and contractors working on the product, and approve their hours with one click. Tasks are instantly updated to keep the product on track. Get visibility into your estimated time for product development and build.

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