In Gmail, our Google Project Management widget makes it easy to manage projects. You can review your task list, update completion status and add notes as you work.


Google Calendar

Import your task list from Google Calendar, and then schedule, assign and track tasks with ease. Because the two are integrated, you’ll be able to keep tasks in sync.


Google Docs

You can also import documents from Google Drive. View Google Docs and link them to project tasks, risks, etc. Convert task lists from Google Sheets into project plans ready to share with your whole team. ProjectManager.com’s real-time collaboration makes it easy for the whole team to stay on top of project tasks.


Google Spreadsheets

Add tasks to ProjectManager.com from your Google spreadsheets. Everyone in your team can then see all of the tasks you need to complete your project, from initiation and planning to execution and closure.


Chrome App

Once you’ve started with ProjectManager.com, install our Chrome app to save time. You can launch our software from any new tab – no need to navigate to the URL.


Google Case Study

It’s easy to integrate Google apps with ProjectManager.com. To see how one leading IT Consulting Services company used this heavy-hitting combination to track and manage their portfolio of financial institutions, read this case study.

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