Monitor project progress

Monitor progress in real time with project tracking software. Manage risks, issues and changes along with your routine project work.

Real-time task tracking

ProjectManager offers multiple cloud-based project tracking tools for every phase of the project life cycle.

Multiple tracking tools

Project dashboards, Gantt charts, timesheets and reports make tracking project data easier and elevate stakeholder presentations.

Project Tracking Software with Gantt Charts

Plan & track online

Track your plans, see what teams are working on in real time and get detailed cost, task and time tracking reports all with ProjectManager. It’s easy to reallocate your resources and change schedules to make sure the project is always moving forward. It’s the only tool you need to manage your project plan.

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Monitor projects with dashboards

Track your project, or a portfolio of projects, with our dashboards. Our project tracking dashboards monitor important metrics like progress, cost and workload—all in real time. Customize your dashboards and filter them to suit your stakeholders’ needs when doing presentations.

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Project Tracking Software with kanban boards

Track workflows with kanban boards

Kanban boards are a great visual project tracking tool. See where your task is in production with our kanban board view, and highlight bottlenecks along the way. Tasks are represented by cards that flow through defined stages, so progress is readily visible.

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Award-winning project tracking tools

ProjectManager is an award-winning project tracking software that’s designed to monitor project tasks, costs and timelines. Here are some of its key features.

Project planning

Set up tasks, deadlines and phases on our online Gantt chart.

Time tracking

Track your team’s working hours and any resource usage across the company.

Team collaboration

Keep everyone on the same page with comments, attachments and email alerts.

Task management

Manage tasks with lists, kanban boards, calendars or Gantt charts.

Accurate data

Please your stakeholders with clear, actionable project tracking data via dashboards.

People management

Profile team members, highlight their skills and track their labor costs.

Project milestones

Use our Gantt chart view to add milestones to your project plan and monitor progress.

Share reports

Project management reports can be shared online, printed or made into PDFs.

Key features of our project tracking software

Keep track of your team’s tasks

Monitor your team’s progress as they work through their task list and streamline the payment process with our timesheet feature. You can copy last week’s tasks if they’re the same, or you can use the auto-fill function. As team members update their status on tasks, the timesheets are automatically updated, too.

ProjectManager's timesheets are a great project tracking tool

Customize your reports

Generate reports to highlight the parts of the project you’re tracking. All our reports can be filtered by column and shared with stakeholders. Use project tracking tools at every step of your project and create reports with one click on project variance to see if you’re on schedule.

ProjectManager's reports are a critical part of a project tracking software

Get a high-level view in real time

View your project’s progress across six metrics, including health, tasks, time and more. Our cloud-based project tracking software automatically collects data as statuses are updated, then does the calculations for you. See the results in easy-to-read colorful graphs and charts.

ProjectManager's online dashboard gives you real-time project tracking data

Manage your project schedule

Use the Gantt chart tool to plan your tasks across a project timeline. We link all four types of task dependencies so dependent tasks won’t create bottlenecks in your schedule. Create milestones for more manageable project phases. Then, you can track progress on the task duration bar.

Gantt charts are a critical component of project tracking software

Manage your project resources

Reassign tasks as needed when project issues demand a change in plans. Know what teams are working on and the costs related to their tasks. Resource management tools identify, categorize and track teams, supplies, equipment and more. They also seamlessly integrate with our other project management features to give you greater control over the whole project.

ProjectManager, a project tracking software with timesheets to keep track of labor costs

Know what your team is doing

Cloud-based project tracking software allows you to see who is working on what, and what percentage of their tasks are complete in real time. Look at today, yesterday, tomorrow or weekly and get an overview of what tasks have been assigned and where they are in terms of completion. Balance their workload to keep teams productive.

Track your team member's tasks with ProjectManager's team management dashboard

Integrate with over
1,000 business apps

Office 365

Seamless importing and round-tripping of Microsoft Project plans, Excel files & CSV files.


Manage tasks right in your Gmail app! Plus, sync to Google Drive & your Google Calendars.


View and update all your ProjectManager tasks in Jira for maximum efficiency.


Share all your project conversations in your favorite Slack channels.


Keep the data flowing when you connect with Salesforce via our Zapier integration.

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