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Microsoft Project

ProjectManager has nearly all the features of Microsoft Project at a better price, and you can easily import & export your MPP files.

Microsoft Excel

Import your Excel files and we’ll automatically convert the data. You will love being able to review your data’s status in a single dashboard.

Microsoft Word

Import task lists made in Word, then track the progress of your tasks in real time with our powerful task management features.

Steve Olenski

“ProjectManager offers fabulous tools that rival Microsoft Project and are indeed a better all round experience.”

Seamlessly Integrate Your Microsoft Project Files

Easily transfer your Microsoft Project files to ProjectManager to better plan, manage and report.

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Simple Microsoft Importing

Quickly import your plans from Project or Project Server, then use our web-based software to share them with team members anywhere in the world. As team members make updates, you’ll be able to review their changes in real-time and quickly collaborate to stay on schedule.

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