Bring Jira projects into your portfolio

Balance short-term dev work with long-term planning and reporting. No more digging through Jira tickets or jumping between software: you’ll have all of your project data in one place.


Real-time, two-way syncing

With ProjectManager’s Jira integration, changes made in one system automatically occur in the other—instantly. Use it to automate project updates across systems and reduce reporting errors.


One-time copy of a Jira project

If you prefer, get a static copy of your work at a point in time. Use it to import completed sprints to track progress, plan your roadmap or copy an entire Jira project plan.


One Source of Truth

Your dashboards, reports and exports will reflect the latest information from Jira. Finally, you’ll have all of your project data in one place for better tracking, resource management and forecasting.

Why integrate with Jira?

If your dev teams love Jira but other team members prefer ProjectManager, then this integration is for you. Gain insights into progress, costs and resource hours on your Jira projects for better internal reporting and client invoicing. Do it all from within ProjectManager.

Add Jira integration

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