Add the software development work in Jira to the strategic plans in ProjectManager for better collaboration and faster delivery

Product and development teams rely on Jira to organize teams around tasks, projects and initiatives. By combining ProjectManager and Jira, teams are instantly connected because they have the data they need in their preferred tool. Teams will have important project data at their fingertips without wasting time looking for the most up-to-date information.

How It Works

You can link your ProjectManager data to Jira. Link your tasks to get started.

Jira integrations screenshot
  • 1. Link a task from ProjectManager to Jira

    Link a ProjectManager task to a Jira ticket to see dynamic data such as due date, priority and more directly in Jira.

  • 2. See ProjectManager tasks in Jira

    See ProjectManager tasks inside a Jira ticket for increased visibility and collaboration.

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