Taking Collaborative Work Management to a New Level

Many organizations rely on Slack to communicate, while turning to ProjectManager to organize and execute their work. Integrating the two expands the collaborative capabilities of ProjectManager to save time and improve the accuracy of project and task updates. Say goodbye to sticky notes reminding you to create new tasks. Just a couple of quick commands in Slack, and the work is done.

How It Works

You can quickly create projects and tasks by using /slash commands. Try out these four /slash commands to get started:

Three screenshots of the ProjectManager and Slack integration, superimposed onto each other. The top screenshot displays the 'Create a Task' screen in Slack. The second is a confirmation message in Slack that the task was created. The third image is that task being displayed in ProjectManager.
  1. /task

    This command triggers a window where you can create a task, create a description, assign it and designate a priority level.

  2. /task Name of your task

    This command skips the task creation window and create a task instantly. The task will be assigned to you, and added to your My Work page.

  3. /project

    This command triggers a window to create a project, create a description, and set a status and priority level.

  4. /project Name of your project

    This command skips the project creation window and creates a new project instantly. The project will be “open”, but only visible to you.

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