Plan long-term engineering projects. Adapt to short-term changes.

Project management software for engineers should be powerful enough to plan long-term projects, yet flexible enough to adapt to changes, constraints and client needs. Our cloud-based engineering project management tools let you manage multiple project portfolios, run on any device, and be accessed from anywhere, even from the field.  

A broad range of teams—such as small independent firms, public municipalities, and government organizations like NASA—trust our engineering project management software. ProjectManager’s powerful feature set, flexibility, and proven security make it the right choice for engineers and project managers around the world.

Precise data for engineering

Real-time data and precise project management tools suit all engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical, environmental and aerospace.

Plan & schedule projects online

Use cloud-based project planning tools like Gantt charts, kanban boards and task lists to schedule projects, assign tasks and make milestones to stay motivated and keep stakeholders informed.

Track, analyze & report in minutes

Track engineering projects with project management tools such as live dashboards. Analyze your data with in-depth project reports, and share your findings with one click.

Industry-Leading Gantt charts

Engineering teams need robust task management and resource planning tools. With ProjectManager, you can plan engineering projects with interactive Gantt charts, track costs and allocate your resources according to availability.

engineering project management software gantt chart
ProjectManager's engineering project management software showing six key metrics on a project

Deliver engineering projects on time and within budget

Set budgets and track project expenses, accelerate planning with custom project templates, and collaborate using file sharing, task comments & team chat. Keep your entire team in sync and get more done than ever before.

Powerful engineering project management software

ProjectManager is a robust, yet easy-to-use engineering project management software that offers engineering teams the tools they need to plan, track and manage their work. Here are some of its key features.

Interactive Gantt charts

Our powerful Gantt charts let you plan and schedule engineering projects in an easy-to-use interface. Populate your spreadsheet with tasks and deadlines, and the Gantt chart instantly produces color-coded project timelines. Easily link task dependencies — even across projects in a portfolio. Need to update a deadline? Simply drag and drop tasks on the Gantt chart and the project schedule will update automatically.

ProjectManager's Gantt chart is ideal to plan engineering projects

Track time spent on tasks

Assign tasks to yourself and your team members to ensure maximum productivity. Team members can view and prioritize their tasks with our engineering project management software. Choose between task management tools such as Gantt charts, task lists, project calendars and more. Comment on tasks, and even attach files, to keep all relevant project documentation in one place. Plus, hours spent on tasks are automatically transferred to timesheets that can be securely approved.

ProjectManager's engineering project management software workload chart

Live data for better analysis

Real-time project tracking dashboards provide live updates on project performance. Widgets in the dashboard are customizable so you can track important metrics like planned vs actual progress, cost, and team workload. Group projects into a portfolio to view collective progress. Live reporting tools give you the data to make better, more informed engineering project management decisions.

ProjectManager's dashboards are ideal for engineering project managers

1-Click project & portfolio reports

Use our intuitive reporting tools to create executive-ready reports for stakeholders, managers, or just the engineering team. Pick and choose what data you want to be included in your report. You can even make portfolio reports for a broader scope. Once your report is made, it’s easy to print or share your document online.

ProjectManager's one-click reports are ideal for engineering projects

Collaborate online

Communication tools like team chat, task comments, and discussion boards keep your team in sync at all times. Receive email notifications whenever a comment is added to a task or a discussion for even further visibility. With our engineering project management software, you can make changes to your project plan, upload task files or make comments in real time.

ProjectManager is an engineering project management software that keeps engineering teams connected

Easily import & export files

ProjectManager integrates with over 400 different applications and software. Sync ProjectManager with your existing calendar, email or accounting tool. Plus, we provide seamless imports and exports of Microsoft Project and Excel files. Moving your project plans online has never been easier.

Share files online with ProjectManager

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