ProjectManager Is the Best Microsoft Project Alternative on the Market is an award-winning solution for those looking for an inexpensive, easy-to-use Microsoft Project alternative for Mac and PC. Our cloud-based project management software has the same key features you need, plus collaboration features your team will actually use. You can even import and export MPP files to view, edit and share project plans. With ProjectManager, you get all the features of Microsoft Project Professional, Project Online and more.

Works on PC and Mac

Manage projects online and collaborate with your team from macOS or any Windows operating system, unlike Microsoft Project.

Save Money

Choose from three different cost-effective pricing plans. No expensive per month licenses for every team member and no SharePoint or Project Plan subscriptions.

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Start your project in minutes, or import your existing MS project files. Our support team is here to help you.

How ProjectManager Compares to Microsoft Project

Take a visual tour of ProjectManager and learn how we help you organize your work more efficiently. No other Microsoft Project alternative offers its Gantt functionality in such an easy-to-use package.

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Why Seek a Microsoft Project Alternative?

Microsoft Project has been around for a long time and, due to brand recognition, often has the illusion that it’s the top option on the market for waterfall projects and robust project management tools. But there's a problem for Mac users: MS Project doesn't work on macOS. ProjectManager works on any operating system, enabling cross-team collaboration on projects. It even offers key features that Microsoft has neglected to include in their project management software.

A  chart that compares Microsoft Project and, showing key features of both alternatives: works on a Mac, real time dashboards, file sharing, pricing, and team collaboration

What ProjectManager Does Better than MS Project

We’re more than just a Mac alternative to Microsoft Project. ProjectManager is a fully loaded online project management software that gives you the tools to manage every phase of your project.

Project Planning

  • Plan projects and organize tasks
  • Calculate project variance, costs, workload and more
  • Assign tasks with detailed instruction
  • Identify the critical path and create schedules


  • Work on projects with Gantt charts, kanban boards and calendar views
  • Visualize workflow and get transparency into processes
  • Collaborate and connect with teams wherever they work
  • Control budgets and stay on track


  • Track time and log hours on tasks with Timesheets
  • Generate data-rich resource management reports with a single click
  • Safeguard data and restrict access
  • Keep stakeholders informed throughout your project

Our online Gantt charts are dynamic, easy to use and seamlessly integrate with our full suite of project management tools. Import MPP files to our Gantt charts with all your customizations intact, with no additional hurdles to edit and share your plans with stakeholders. Add priorities, tag tasks, set milestones, link dependencies, and filter for the critical path of your project.

Prefer something more agile than the Gantt? We offer multiple project views that accommodate many different project management styles. Our visually-focused kanban board allows teams to manage their product backlog and plan sprints, while project managers for work management and keep their resources balanced. Kanban boards are fully customizable, and their changes update across our full suite of project management software features.

As your team logs hours on their tasks, our timesheets are automatically filled out. Unlike Microsoft Project, you don’t have to integrate another app into our tool to get a timesheet feature. Best of all, you can feel secure. Timesheets can only be approved by an authorized project member, at which point they’re locked down.

Microsoft Project Professional and Project Online don’t offer a project dashboard that opens a window into your progress and performance. Our real-time dashboard collects your project data, calculates it for you and displays the results in easily scannable graphs and charts. Get instant insights into your project status to see workload, percentage of tasks complete, project variance and more.

Get your team members involved without spending on exorbitant Microsoft licensing fees per month. As a project manager, you can attach documents and specific instructions to their project tasks. When teams update their tasks, time and progress, all of it is readily visible to you. They even have an activity page where they will receive live project updates, so they are always in the loop.

Already use Microsoft Project in your organization? Import, edit and export MPP files with ProjectManager on Windows and Mac operating systems. We’re compatible with all versions of Microsoft Project. Easily import files and all your customizations translate. You can use our project management software to work on your MS Project plan—then export it back with all the changes intact.

Why Instead of Microsoft Project?

Simply put, offers all the Microsoft Project features at a much more affordable price and with no limitation on operating systems. With our three tiers of pricing, you can choose the option that works best for your company and not be forced into costly enterprise plans.

Our all-in-one platform offers everything you need in one package, while comparable features in Microsoft Project are offered to you piecemeal. It’s project management without busting your budget.

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“ offers fabulous tools that rival Microsoft Project and are indeed a better all round experience.

More Microsoft Project Alternatives

There are many cloud-based, open-source and free Microsoft Project alternatives out there, and it can be hard to choose the project management tool that’s right for you and your company. We understand—Microsoft Project has established itself and you might still be on the fence.

Here are some additional MS Project alternatives to sort through and help you make up your mind.


Asana is a cloud-based tool for organizing, tracking and managing work. Unlike Microsoft Project, its software simplifies work management.

If you’re looking for a workflow tool that can increase your productivity, Asana has what it takes to do that. You can test it out for free, but like most project management software, you’ll have to pony up the funds to use the version with all the features operational.

However, Asana’s feature suite is limited compared to They don’t have key features such as a real-time portfolio dashboard that monitors the performance of your project, and no Gantt charts or tools for generating reports, either. Gantt charts are essential for project planning, project scheduling, task management and resource management.

Zoho Projects

Another alternative to Microsoft Project is Zoho, which bills itself as a cloud-based project management tool that facilitates team collaboration.

The easy-to-use project planning software is also affordable, which makes it a go-to alternative for project managers looking to control small projects. In terms of pricing, Zoho offers a free version and an additional three tiers of entry: express, premium and enterprise. It’s a great choice for project managers looking for a free Microsoft Project alternative.

Sadly, Zoho falls short as a collaborative tool as it doesn’t offer multiple views for teams to work how they want. Unfortunately, managers and teams are stuck with only a gantt chart here—no kanban boards to be found.


One of the best Microsoft Project alternatives is Wrike, a cloud-based work management platform that has tools and visibility into workflow to help control projects.

An overall project management app that covers team collaboration and work management, it has grown to add intelligence features that help predict when a project is about to fall behind schedule. However, all these tools come with steep pricing.

While Wrike has a Gantt chart, their tool only goes so far. It doesn’t filter for the critical path of your projects, can’t set a baseline, management of resources beyond just assigning teams to tasks is very limited.


Trello is a cloud-based project planning software tool that helps teams stay organized and prioritize their work. Its kanban board is an improvement over the one offered by Microsoft Project.

One of the biggest selling points for this Microsoft Project alternative is just how much fun it is to use. It’s a great collaborative platform, but it also helps organize, coordinate and track your team’s work. It’s easy to use and to share, which are both required to work better together.

While its kanban board works great, it’s the only project view that they have. For more robust features, you have to use Trello in conjunction with many other project management apps before you arrive at the same feature set as


Another alternative to Microsoft Project is Taskworld, a team collaboration platform. It’s got kanban boards, task management features and measures project progress.

Users can add, assign and edit tasks easily. You can set up recurring tasks, which adds efficiency to the project. In terms of collaborating, there’s a chat feature for your entire organization or select team members.

While it has multiple views like Microsoft Project, such as task lists, the features as a whole are a bit on the lighter side. Additionally, Taskworld doesn’t integrate with Google drive or track your progress in real time.

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