3 Essential Project Management Tools for Dev Teams


Project management software tools are important to run any successful project, but as Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows, IT or Dev teams require unique features to support multiple methodologies.

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In Review: 3 Essential Project Management Tools for Dev Teams

Jennifer began with stating that whatever project management tool you use has to have the ability to manage a variety of methodologies, be that Agile, Waterfall or a hybrid version of methodologies.

Focusing on the demands of dev teams, specifically in the IT sector, she went on to say that regardless of the objective — website, customer data, app, marketing campaign or financial application — there are ways to make complex projects simpler by using these three tools.

  1. Collaboration at the task level
  2. Risk, issue changes
  3. Gantt charts or project page

Therefore, by seeking input and revising, tracking change and risk, and monitoring all through your dashboard, you can better manage your IT project.

Pro-Tip: There are other ways to manage a complex project, such diagnosing, assigning, selecting and then managing. Following these four steps in conjunction with the right tools and complexity isn’t as daunting.

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Today, we’re talking about three essential project management tools for dev teams, specifically dev teams for IT, Information Technology, projects.

So, IT projects these days can become very complex fast, not only due to the number of groups working on the project, but also the number of methodologies that can be used to manage different pieces.

So let’s take a look at an IT project. So with an IT project, you may be developing a website portal, it may include a different app as well as tie into financial applications, manage any customer data and leverage marketing campaigns. And due to the nature of each pieces of these projects, you might want to use a different methodology.

There’s agile methodologies, there’s the waterfall, and there’s even a hybrid of both. So you want the ability to manage each of these parts of the project in one tool.

So let’s look at the different pieces of the tool that can help make this complex project more simple. First of all, collaboration, by using an online tool and collaborating with your team at the task level, you can use the activity page to attach things like your code.

You may want to attach your requirements or even test cases. So because you can attach those to the task level then your team, collaborating real time and interactively, can be looking at these pieces at the same time. They can provide input. They can revise them and share them immediately among the impacted parties on the projects. And that’s very valuable.

The second piece has to do with your risks, issues and changes. So using those sections of your tool to not only track the changes and the requirements but also track issues that you may encounter during testing and also identify other risks to the project all along the way.

And by doing that, not only can you keep track of those more easily, again, other people can have insights into those, the people that you give access to those different pieces, they can see real time what’s happening and what’s the status. You can also assign different people to be managing those or be accountable to those.

The third piece is the Gantt chart or the project page. So by leveraging the project page, again, you can see the dashboards, and with IT development projects, what sometimes happens is if one group or one part of the project gets delayed, it can impact other areas of the project, and so it will impact your schedule.

And so you want to keep a close eye using your dashboards on that and you can create triggers to notify different people that if something’s been delayed or even when something’s been completed. And also not only the schedule, but your budget, so when those pieces get delayed or you encounter maybe something that needs to be added to the project, again, you can monitor the budget using the dashboard.

So I think these are three very powerful tools that you can leverage to make your IT development project more simple. So, if you need a tool that can help you manage your dev team, then sign up for our software now at projectmanager.com.

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