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Team Management

As teams grow in size, so does the complexity of managing them. helps managers by giving them the tools needed to plan, organize, assign work, and collaborate with their teams more efficiently.

The Challenges of Managing a Team

Managers and leaders in all industries face similar challenges when trying to best work with their teams. At the core of most every team issue is communication. Problems in communication can lead to other failures across the organization like missed deadlines, strained interpersonal relationships, and even employee turnover.

Managers who struggle to keep aligned with their teams also see reduced productivity and less than optimal work getting done. It is important, therefore, to set a team up for success by giving them all the right tools to get their work done efficiently.

Tools For Managers

The good news is that many challenges in the workplace can be solved by getting all teams across the organization working together on the same platform. When communication, workflow, and accountability all come together in a team management software, teams will have more success across the board.

As a member of leadership in your company, it is in your best interest to equip your employees with the best tools available. Our team management platform helps both managers and teams by giving each employee powerful tools to manage and optimize their work.

Project Plans & Timelines

With our team project management software, it’s easy to start a project from scratch, import from a spreadsheet, or duplicate an existing project to get started. You can set timelines for portions of the new project to give your team milestones to work towards.

Then, assign tasks and subtasks to the appropriate team members so that they can get started. This is team task management simplified.

team project management software

Real Time Team Communication

  • Give Directions
    Add specific directions to a task to let the team know exactly what you expect from this project.
  • Attach Files
    Add documents and images to tasks to give team members the assets they need to complete their work.

team communication software

Visual Project Reports

As your team works through the projects you’ve assigned to them, you can monitor the progress in real time.

You can also generate visual reports to see:

  • Which projects are behind schedule
  • Which tasks are or aren’t done yet
  • Which employees are behind and need help
  • Who are your most productive team members

team project reports


Team Management Software offers software to help managers and their teams get more done together.

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Tools For Team Members

Employees perform best when their work is organized and they have clear direction on tasks and projects. The platform provides a variety of tools that your team members can use to keep their work on track.

Task Lists

Team members can create tasks for themselves, or managers can create tasks for them. Add due dates and priority levels to dictate when the task should be completed. Then, when you track hours on the task, the information is rolled up into a manager report so that management can see where your hours have been spent.

team task management software


Record hours for specific tasks to report to management how your hours have been spent. Time can be applied on the task level, and can be split across multiple projects, so employees can keep track of all work in one place.

time sheets for measuring hours on a project

Kanban Boards

Customizable Kanban boards let team members choose how to organize their work, in a way that fits their working style. Some people choose to label their columns in terms of completion: “Not Started” ,”Working On” and “Complete”. Others choose to organize by priority level or time frame: “To-do Today”, Upcoming, and “Future”, for example.

kanban boards to easily organize team tasks


Employees can see all of their work laid out in one simple calendar view, making it easy to visualize workload and priorities for the upcoming weeks. At a quick glance, managers can see the workload of an employee by looking at their calendar of upcoming work.

calendar view lets you see the whole project on one screen

How Does Team Management

Our team management software gives managers and their teams all of the tools needed to get work done together. Managers can use the management tools to delegate, measure and report on the performance of their employees. Team members can use the software to organize and plan their day-to-day work.

When all team members are working together efficiently on the same platform, better work gets done. Take a free trial of today to see how your team can benefit from team management software.


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