Schedule jobs with your teams

With ProjectManager, you can schedule jobs and projects to teams in the office or in the field. Create new job or task lists, schedule dates and milestones, and set up alerts so everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

work scheduling with assigned team members & tasks
employee assigned tasks on job management software

And manage work schedules

You can manage workload, hourly availability, work holidays and even schedule teams in other time zones. With easy color-coding, you always know who’s got availability and who is overloaded with work, and you can re-allocate their work in an instant.

Assign jobs to your team

When you assign jobs and tasks to your team, they are alerted by email of the work they need to do. You can also assign multiple people to the same job. With easy job scheduling software, you always know when a person is available for the job.

employees assigned jobs in job tracker software
updated job assignment

Plus, add images & files to update jobs

Using the mobile app, your team can update tasks in real-time at the office or in the field. They can add images, files and comments and track time on the job to keep all the important job-related work in one place.

Get timesheets online

When your team updates their hours in our job management software, either by desktop or mobile app, they can easily import their time into their online timesheets. They can import time in one-click, then submit for approval just as easily.

timesheet with employees and hours tracked
job resource cost tracking in software

Track resource costs

Track individual resource costs, job costs and project costs in real time online with You can manage hourly rates and working days for human and non-human resources.

Monitor progress anywhere

With the ProjectManager real-time dashboard, you can track job progress, costs, workload and more all in one easy view. Plus, get one-click reports to print and share on job status, project status, timesheets and more.

job progress dashboard on tablet, laptop, and mobile devices

Plus, Easy Integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, Google Drive and more!

Our powerful job management software gives you all the tools you need to plan, schedule, track and manage your team in real time. And when you need additional tools, our rest API and partner integrations give you even more capabilities to get every job done.


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