Anywhere, Anytime Project Management

Create plans, set schedules and track your progress in real-time with cloud project management. Our cloud-based software gives you the tools to make data-driven decisions. Teams can collaborate from anywhere and stay productive. ProjectManager lets you monitor your project as it is happening and quickly generate reports that capture data that keep your team in the loop.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s gantt chart view

Make Teams More Productive

Get teams working together wherever they are. Whether they’re at the same desk or in a different time zone, team members can comment on tasks, create to-do lists and share as many files as they need with unlimited storage. Task changes trigger email alerts and in-app notifications, keeping relevant parties informed. Our virtual office is big enough for any project.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s task view
A screenshot of ProjectManager’s kanban board view

Make & Monitor Workflows

Use kanban boards for working in sprints or for simply managing your work. Create custom workflows so tasks can be efficiently pushed through the proper channels. Team members see which cards are assigned to them, and managers see where work is in the production cycle. It’s visual task management at its finest.

Track Everything with Dashboards

Dashboards are fed live data to monitor projects more effectively. Get a high-level view of the project’s progress as it happens. See if you’re behind or ahead of schedule and if costs are unfolding as predicted. Our real-time dashboard keeps projects on track and under budget.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s dashboard view, which shows project health laid out over several key metrics

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A screenshot of ProjectManager’s timesheet view

Timesheets Easily Log Team Hours

Timesheets are built into ProjectManager, so you don’t need a separate time tracking software. When teams update the time spent on their assigned tasks, their timesheets automatically sync. Managers then receive alerts when timesheets are submitted, expediting the whole process.

Cloud-Based Project Management Tools

PPM Features

Manage programs or a portfolio of projects.

Resource Management

Monitor and balance team workload in real time.

Task Management

Track time and task progress across your team.

Multiple Views

View work on a task list, calendar, Gantt chart or kanban board.


Schedule projects online with visibility into every aspect of the project.

Manage Teams

See what everyone is working on and quickly reassign tasks as needed.

Calendar View

Assign, track duration and edit tasks from the calendar view.

Imports & Integrations

Import and export MPP, Excel and CSV files. Plus, integrate with your favorite apps.

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How to Use Our Cloud Project Management Software

Cloud-based project management software is a tool that lets you remotely plan, collaborate and track the progress on your projects. It allows teams to work from anywhere and on different schedules, while keeping everyone updated in real-time. ProjectManager is a cloud-based software that integrates every aspect of managing your project. Here’s how it works.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s “Choose Template” window, which allows you to kick start your progress on a project

1. Launch Project

Import your task list from any spreadsheet, or use one of our industry-specific templates to give you a head start in setting up your project. Then, share the project with your team.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s gantt chart view, with the calendar open, that allows you to change the start and end dates on a task

2. Create Schedule

Add start and end dates to your tasks and they automatically populate a Gantt chart timeline. As changes arise, just drag-and-drop to the new date and your team is alerted by notification.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s kanban board, which allows you to move tasks between different columns to represent different stages of completion

3. Manage Work

Visualize workflow on our kanban tool, one of our multiple project views. Tasks are tagged for priority, so teams know what to work on. You see the process while it’s happening.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s task list view

4. Start Collaborating

Work together, even when physically apart. Teams can comment on tasks and others assigned to that task stay updated by email. Tag other team members to bring them into the conversation.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s dashboard view, which shows project progres laid out over six different metrics

5. See Dashboard

Monitor your project’s progress in real time across six key metrics, including health, cost and workload. We automatically calculate the updated data and display it in colorful charts.

A screenshot of ProjectManager’s task list view

6. Real-Time Reporting

Generate reports on variance, progress and more anytime, anywhere with one-click. Filter your reports to get the information you want and then share with stakeholders.

Essential Cloud Project Management Features

Stay Up to Date

Change a task in any way, and an email notification is automatically sent to everyone on the team who is working on it to notify them. Email alerts can be set to announce only what needs your attention, such as task changes, project changes, timesheets and more. Whether your team is on site or distributed, everyone is always on the same page.

Email Alerts image

See What’s Happening as It Happens

View your project where it is, not where it’s been. As team members update their status, that information is instantly reflected throughout the software. Our cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection, meaning that teams can update their statuses when in the field, office or even at home.

Real-Time Data image

Get Teams Working More Productively

Put the tools in the hands of your team to help them work better together. Whether working under the same roof, or in different time zones, teams can communicate in real-time by commenting on tasks, which triggers an email notification. They can also attach as many documents and images to the task as necessary—we have unlimited file storage.

Collaboration image

One Click Gets You Deep Data

Create data-rich reports on project variance, costs, workload and more, all showing the most current information possible. Make better decisions with better data. Reports can be filtered to show just what you want to see and then easily shared with stakeholders during presentations, so they’re always well-informed.

Instant Reports image

Easy-to-Read Colorful Charts & Graphs

Measure your progress as it occurs on our real-time dashboard. We crunch the numbers for you, then display them with charts and graphs that show your project’s health, costs, tasks and more. Get a high-level view of your project and catch any issues before they become a problem.

Automatic Dashboard image

Invite Team Members By Email

Bring teams into your project with ease. Just add them to the software and they’ll get an email with a link that will bring them to the project. They can be restricted to just those parts of the project they’ll be working on. Add profiles of team members’ skills, labor costs and more to get a jump on when you’re building a team for a new project.

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ProjectManager is an award-winning software that organizes teams and projects by working from the cloud. Cloud project management provides the connectivity that adds efficiencies by streamlining processes, giving teams collaborative tools and managers real-time data.

Over 10,000 teams use our software to manage projects both in-house and remotely. Large and complex organizations, such as the US Postal Service and NASA, and teams working in a more agile environment have all benefited from the flexibility of our tool.

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