Manage Every Project Phase helps you plan, track and report on projects, and provides a window into your team and their tasks. Progress is tracked in real time, where status updates are instantly reflected. Manage projects, teams and stakeholders better with accurate data and powerful tools.

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Side-by-side gantt chart creation screen

Plan & Schedule with Online Gantts

Move your project plans into the cloud where they can be shared and edited with ease. Start projects quickly with templates, or import an MPP or Excel file. Our award-winning Gantt charts let you assign tasks, create dependencies and schedule milestones. Plus, you can adjust due dates with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Make & Monitor Workflows

Use kanban for working in sprints or for simply managing your work. Create custom workflows so tasks can be efficiently pushed through the proper channels. Team members see which cards are assigned to them, and managers see where work is in the production cycle. It’s visual task management at its finest.

Kanban board with columns for Ready to Start, In Progress, Deploy, Validate, and Done
Real-time dashboard reporting tools

Track Everything with Dashboards

Dashboards are fed live data to monitor projects more effectively. Get a high-level view of the project’s progress as it happens. See if you’re behind or ahead of schedule and if costs are unfolding as predicted. Our real-time dashboard keeps projects on track and under budget.

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Reports Turn Data into Insights

Create project reports any time, anywhere—with data you can trust. Make a status report or variance report with just a few clicks. Reports can be shared online or printed out, simplifying project communications and stakeholder meetings.

Portfolio Status Report creation panel
Our ticket commenting system, featuring inline attachments

Make Teams More Productive

Get teams working together wherever they are. Whether they’re at the same desk or in a different time zone, team members can comment on tasks, create to-do lists and share as many files as they want with our unlimited storage. Task changes trigger email alerts, keeping relevant parties informed. Our virtual office is big enough for any project.

Timesheets Easily Log Team Hours

Timesheets are built into, so you don’t need a separate time tracking software. When teams update the time spent on their assigned tasks, their timesheets automatically sync. Managers then receive alerts when timesheets are submitted, expediting the whole process.

Built-in time tracking software
Time tracking dashboard panel

PM Software for Modern Teams

Cloud project management software from gives you the intelligence you need to make better decisions based on current data. Plan projects, monitor progress and facilitate team collaboration—all with one online tool.

Cloud-Based Project Management Tools

PPM Features

Manage programs or a portfolio of projects.

Resource Management

Monitor and balance team workload in real time.

Task Management

Track time and task progress across your team.

Multiple Views

View work on a task list, calendar, Gantt chart or kanban board.


Schedule projects online with visibility into every aspect of the project.

Manage Teams

See what everyone is working on and quickly reassign tasks as needed.

Calendar View

Assign, track duration and edit tasks from the calendar view.

Imports & Integrations

Import and export MPP, Excel and CSV files. Plus, integrate with your favorite apps.