Easy Work Management For Everyone

Our work management software is flexible and intuitive, so everyone in an organization can manage their work online, regardless of their sophistication level. Managers can make plans, run schedules and make reports—while teams can organize and collaborate on tasks. Plus, since ProjectManager.com is cloud-based, you can access your work from any device with an internet connection.

2 men and 2 women collaborating on a project
Kanban Board with Not Started, Started, and Done columns

Manage Tasks How You Want

Our work management software has multiple views to suit multiple work preferences: kanban boards, task lists, Gantt charts and calendars. Kanban boards let you make visual workflows for project execution, while the list view can be filtered to organize tasks exactly how you want. The Gantt view shows all your tasks on a timeline with dependencies and phases, and the calendar lets you manage tasks in a traditional format, with the ability to drag and drop due dates.

A Private Space for Only Your Tasks

There’s a private section on our software called “My Work”, which allows you to see only the tasks that are assigned to you, decluttering your screen so you can focus on what you need to get done. You can see your tasks either as a list, board or calendar, depending on your preference—filtering to show priority, due dates, comments and more. You can also add non-project tasks here for more flexible work management.

Private My Work View, with 1 expanded task
Gantt chart featuring a comment with an attachment

Collaborative Tools for Greater Productivity

Our online software helps you work better with others, so everyone can be more productive. You can comment on and add attachments to tasks, creating work-related threads where everything is located one place. Plus, you get unlimited storage, so all project files and documents can be easily accessed online. Our work management software even notifies you via email alerts when a coworker updates a task, so you don’t have to be logged in to get vital updates.

Get the Ultimate Work Management Software

Plan Work with Online Gantt Charts

Plan and schedule work on our online Gantt chart, which can link task dependencies on a timeline to avoid bottlenecks. Add milestones to breakdown large projects into digestible bits. Editing is as easy as dragging and dropping the start and end dates to where you want them. Once tasks are assigned, team members can manage their tasks in whichever view they want.

List and visual-style gantt chart
Projectmanager.com task with hours tracking module open

Track and Monitor Your Time on Tasks

Keeping track of the hours you worked is easy with our online timesheets. They can be updated and submitted anytime and anywhere, and then approved by managers with a simple keystroke. Workload is easy to manage, too—just switch to our workload page, and you can see how many hours of work each team member is assigned for the day. Redistribute work and balance work schedules with just a few clicks.

Dashboard Shows Progress in Real Time

Updates instantly appear on our real-time project dashboard, and that data is automatically crunched into easy-to-read charts that collect project metrics on progress, workload, costs and more. Print or share for presentations, so you, your team and your stakeholders always have the latest information.

Real-time work tracking dashboards
Timesheet report creation

Reports on the Data You Need

Keep tabs on your work by generating reports that track not only progress, but dive deep into your workload, tasks and more. Reports are automated and can be produced with just a few clicks. Customize reports by filtering the data columns and see only what you want to see. Get a high-level or granular view of your work.

ProjectManager.com Can Handle All of Your Work

ProjectManager.com is the perfect software to manage your projects and the work that falls outside of your projects. Our cloud-based software lets you work in the office, the field, at home, anywhere and anytime, getting notifications automatically to make sure you meet all your project and personal deadlines.

2 men, 2 women working on a task

Work Management Features for Project Management

Take control of your work with these powerful work management tools.


Visualize workflows for yourself and your team.

Multiple Views

Manage your work in the way that makes you most productive.

get alerts


Create reminders and alerts for whenever a task is updated.

collaborate with your team


Comment on tasks and share documents.

create progress reports


Customize reports on status and other metrics.


Get transparency across all projects to see what everyone is doing.

create timesheets


Easy submission and approval.


Real-time data for the right decision at the right time.