Maximize Productivity and Keep Your Projects on Time

Whether your team is all in the same office or spread across the globe, Projectmanager’s productivity software tools help keep everyone connected and on task. With support for a unified task view, kanban boards, Gantt charts and even a calendar view, your team members will find a way to stay productive and organized that works for them.

Online Productivity Software

Our productivity software is in the cloud, allowing your team to collaborate seamlessly. Wherever you have access to the internet, you can use ProjectManager’s award-winning productivity tools. Update projects, reprioritize tasks lists, create new assignments and more—from the comfort of anywhere.

Keep Track of Work with a Smarter Task List

Never let important work fall through the cracks again. Our My Work view shows you all your assigned tasks across your entire account. Have your targets shifted? You can easily reprioritize the task list whenever you want, giving you unprecedented power over what needs to be accomplished at any given time.

task list

Build Custom Workflows with Kanban Board

Whether you’re working within an agile framework or not, kanban boards can be a huge asset in keeping everyone working at peak productivity. You can create custom columns to fit your unique needs, then easily visualize and manage your team’s workload to ensure work is getting done on time.

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Plan Everything with Gantt Charts

Planning a larger, more complex project? Use a Gantt chart to set up multiple project phases, timelines and dependencies so that you understand every part of your project at a glance. Then, assign out tasks from the plan so your team can get to work. Watch productivity increase when your team plans and works in the same platform.

Collaborate Better Together

ProjectManager’s task-based system helps you, your team and your stakeholders work together to get more work done. If you need to provide clarity on the status of a task, you can easily tag anyone involved in the project, comment, track time and upload files. Our software can automatically send out email alerts when a project needs your attention, so even if you’re not logged in, you’ll never miss a thing.

Get Custom Email Alerts

You can’t always be at your desk, so how can you keep up with the work being completed on your various projects? ProjectManager’s customizable email alert system helps you stay productive and on-task from anywhere. Not only will you get current updates, but you can easily set up email reminders for upcoming tasks, so you’ll never be caught by surprise again.

Stay on Track with Dashboards

Dashboards make it easy to visualize how productive your team and projects are. ProjectManager’s integrated dashboards quickly show you exactly how your project is progressing. Whether you need to see progress on individual tasks, how on time the project is or even just understand the overall health of a project, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Online Productivity Tools

ProjectManager has award-winning productivity features that improve everyone's performance in an organization.

create to do lists

To Do Lists

Make to do lists with comments, attachments and priority levels.

create calendars


See all your tasks laid out on a calendar, and add new ones from the same view.

create progress reports

Progress Reports

Make project reports with just one click to check how productive you really are.

create timesheets


Teams can track how much time is spent on each task.

create dashboards


Real-time dashboards give you a live look at how your projects and tasks are progressing.

collaborate with your team


Comment on tasks. Share tasks. Reassign them with ease and see what people are working on.

get alerts


Set up email alerts for deadlines, task updates and more.



Use kanban boards to create workflows for yourself and your team.