Software for Teams and Managers

Our team management software offers four views for managing teams and their work: Gantt charts, kanban boards, task lists and calendars. Using these views, teams can collaborate online at the task level. Managers get transparency into everything their team is doing, as updates are instantly reflected in our cloud-based software.

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Plan as a Team with Gantt Charts

Plan projects with your team on our online Gantt chart. Outline your tasks, and then schedule and assign them to the right people. The Gantt will populate with timelines, which displays task progress in real time. It’s never been easier to schedule and track your team’s work.

Choose Your Own Work Tool

No more compromises on tool choices: team members can choose the view that works best for them. List tasks or see them on a calendar, Gantt chart or kanban board. Team members can stay focused on what needs to be done by using the “My Work” section, where all assigned tasks, including private ones, are collected.

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See Workload and Balance Resources

Resource management features keep track of your team’s hours, their availability and their labor costs. The Team page shows what everyone is working on this week, giving you real-time visibility into tasks and their progress.

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Facilitate Collaboration: Boost Productivity

Help teams help one another. Team members can collaborate at the task level. They can comment and attach files to the task they’re working on, making supporting materials easy to find. Have a question? Bring others into the conversation by using an @mention and notify them by email.'s robust commenting system, including attachments
Timesheet entry and reporting

Manage Time with Timesheets

Your team can use timesheets to track their hours. Our software links tasks to timesheets automatically and lets team members auto-populate their sheets. Teams can then submit their hours in the software, where managers can review and approve.

Alerts Keep Deadlines Under Control

Automation makes everything more productive. Our software will notify team members when deadlines are looming, so no task falls through the cracks. Comments can trigger email alerts too, which reduces communication delays.

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Real-Time Dashboards and Reporting

Our real-time dashboard is always current. It monitors the project across six metrics, such as health, variance and percentage of tasks completed. For more in-depth data, our reporting feature can make detailed status reports, variance reports and more. Get full transparency into the inner-workings of your team and project.

Award-Winning Team Management Tools

Progress Dashboard

Monitor task progress and critical project metrics in real time.

create timesheets

Integrated Timesheets

Teams track time on tasks and weekly timesheets generate automatically.

Project Reports

Customize one-click reports to track tasks and progress.

Team Schedule

Create plans and schedule tasks and deadlines.


Online Gantt charts can be used to make long-term plans.


Shared boards visualize workflow and enhance collaboration.

Resource Management

Track team hours, availability and monitor progress

get alerts


Get automated alerts on impending deadlines to stay on track.