2016 LinkedIn Survey Report: The Changing Use of PM Tools


Learn why project management tool use is changing. ProjectManager.com conducted a survey in 2015 of our LinkedIn Community of over 320,000 professional project managers to understand their current software and tool use for managing projects. The results are surprising.

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While the majority of project management professionals use Microsoft project tools, a large percentage (over 44%) are unhappy with their tools and are looking for simpler tools for their teams.

Download the full report and learn why:

  • PMs are unhappy with their current tools
  • Integration with other tools is a pain point across the board
  • Collaboration features are under-used, including mobile, despite growing adoption of mobile tools
  • Simpler tools are being adopted

Discover our findings from the survey, including what methodologies PMs Pros use, which features are used most often, and what common pain points are in tool use among teams.

ProjectManager.com’s Research Division conducted the survey. For more information about the report, contact [email protected] 

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