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Are project managers made or born? That’s a trick question. Even if you were someone lucky enough to sprung from the womb with an inherent understanding of process and the charisma to lead a project to success, there’s always something more you can add to your skill set.

Project management as an industry is changing. There are new technologies, new methodologies, new behavioral techniques for leading people and so on. The moment you become complacent is the moment you get left behind.

Always be open to new ideas. There’s never been a better time to learn how to stay current you’re your profession. The internet is awash with insightful blogs and videos authored by experts who want to share their experience and help uplift the whole industry.

Just on our site alone are tons of free project management training. Our trainers are experts in the field. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, consults on project management and leadership, Devin Deen focuses on Agile and Scrum, and Susan Madsen is an internationally known project management coach.

If you’re looking for project management training online, you’ve come to the right place. But don’t take our word for it, have a look at these 15 free project management videos. If you like what you see, there’s plenty more available to help you become a better project manager.

Time Tracking

7 Ways to Improve Time Tracking

If you’re looking to improve time tracking on your project, it’s often best to look back and learn from you mistakes. That’s basically taking part in a project post mortem, which means taking time after you finish a project to look back objectively and see what did and did not work. However, Susanne Madsen notes that you can applied such a rearview to support your project thought its entire life cycle. She outlines seven questions to ask yourself as you work.

Top 3 Project Management Tools for Teams

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows how you can improve your time tracking if you employ the right tools. This is especially true when you’re dealing with distributed teams, vendor, contractors and other project participants that are off-site. By using an online project management tracking tool you’re simplifying the process, creating greater visibility and automating a lot of the busy work to keep the project on track, such as using email notifications to warn of impending deadlines.

Top 3 Project Tracking Tools

Okay, so you’re sold on software, but what are the right tracking tools for the job? Jennifer Bridges, PMP, has your back! She recommends that whatever project management software you get, it should ideally have these three features. An online Gantt chart is essential for scheduling, especially dependencies. You want to have a tool that automates alerts so your team is aware of upcoming tasks or changes to the schedule. Finally, a dashboard is going to give you that bird’s-eye view of the project’s progress in real-time to give you an accurate look at where you are right now.


Top 3 Project Management Skills Every Manager Needs

Technical skills are the cornerstone of any project manager, but often they’re thought of as paramount and neglect the soft skills that are just as crucial. Tools will only get you so far. After all, they’re being used by people. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, notes that leadership is one of the three pillars of project management, equally supported by technical skills and the other oft-neglect skill of strategic and business management.

How to Power Mentor Your Team

It’s not all about you. The job of leading a project, means leading people, specifically your team. Susanne Madsen shows you how to improve your team’s ability to get the project done successfully. She calls it power mentoring, a fast way to get people up to snuff. There is a seven step process to this technique that she outlines in the video.

How to Lead with Vision

As important as leadership is, it’s not enough. You must carry not only the technical and personnel requirements on your back, but also have a vision for the project. That vision is what’s going to get people over the hump when times are tough. It’s not an easy skill to master or even define, but Suanne Madsen has a bunch of practical pointers in the video that show how you can inspire your team.


Agile Project Management in 3 Minutes (approximately)

Agile has worked its way from software development into projects of various sizes and industries. There must be something there worth learning. Devin Deen certain thinks so, and excess why in this succinct project management training video. He believes Agile is suitable for all projects, but notes that it works best in certain circumstances. He talks about what those situations are and goes a bit into the history of Agile in the video.

Agile Project Management Tips

Once Devin Deen convinces you about the use of Agile when managing your project, next you’re going to want to know some practical tips you can apply, and he offers that in this video. He notes that you can run an Agile project with your basic project management tools, but you’re going to want to organize your tasks, manage your changes and track them different. He goes into greater detail about how to do this in the video.

How to Manage High Risk in Projects

Once you take the plunge into Agile project management, that doesn’t mean you’re going to eliminate risk in your projects. Nothing can remove that. But Devin Deen does have some tips for how to manage that risk, especially when you’re working on very risky projects to begin with. He suggests everything from managing your stakeholders to assembling a strong team.


How to Plan Projects with Your Team

Collaboration is a weird word. It can mean different things to different people. Here, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows how you can use collaboration is ways that you might not have thought about, such as in the planning process of your project. A plan doesn’t have to be a solitary affair. When you incorporate the skills and experience of your team, you’re getting not only a plan, but buy-in from them and ideas and insights you might not have thought of.

How to Collaborate on Projects

Of course, collaboration is also a great way to run a productive and more efficient project. Jennifer Bridges, PMP, explains how to collaborate be pointing out eight steps you can take to facilitate the process. She shows how everything from keeping it simple to finding the right tools to bring teams together all work in unison to bring out the hidden potential in any team.

How to Use a Gantt Chart

One of the tools that leads to a more collaborative environment is an online Gantt chart. Though primarily used as a scheduling tool, when online the Gantt chart is a platform on which teams can easily collaborate, sharing information at the task level, where they can attach files and chat. Devin Deen shows the history and development of the Gantt chart, since its invention in 1917, and how the tool is tailor made for project management.


How to Measure Project Success

Reporting is often thought of as a task, which it is, but there’s a lot of value in reporting that is often just dismissed as busywork. For one thing, there’s no better tool to measure the progress and success of your project. Better than the triple constraint, Susanne Madsen says, is adding another layer. That being, what is the effect on the strategic objects of the project and the relevance to uses and sustainability once the project is complete.

6 Steps to Impactful Status Reporting

Of course, the old standard of all reporting is the status report. It’s a regular look at the progress of your project and a great way to keep stakeholders updated. Susanne Madsen shows you the six steps she’s learned to make those status reports even more impactful. She clears a path forward so that you know what to include in your report, from highlights and milestones to noting risks, issues and budget, all while delivering a striking visual presentation.

Advanced Project Reporting

Now that you know something about reporting, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, feels like you’re reading to take the next step in upping your game. You should have a project repository, somewhere you’re collecting all the project data, which is usually your project management software. This includes timesheets offering a day-to-day report on your schedule and the budget to tell you if your funds can sustain until deadline. All this and more is detailed in her project management video.

That’s a lot of free project management training videos to watch. And there’s more, of course, on our site. But they’re all just a preamble for the project. That’s when the real fun begins. With ProjectManager.com you’re prepared for whatever the project hits you with. That’s because our cloud-based software is giving you real-time data to act quickly before issues become problems. Try it and see for yourself, by taking this free 30-day trial.

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