What’s in This Course?

In this course we’ll cover the fundamentals of project planning and the role our tools play in executing project plans.

Intro to project planning course

How to Create a Project Proposal

6 minutes | Lesson 1 of 4

Lesson 2

How to Create a Project Plan

4 minutes | Lesson 2 of 4

how to track and report on projects

How to Track & Report on Projects

4 minutes | Lesson 3 of 4

What’s the Benefit?

Taking this course on the fundamentals of project planning, and how our tools can be used to execute project plans, will help you:

  • Identify project stakeholders and keep their contact information housed in one, central location for easy access and communication
  • Establish deliverables and set a visual timeline for completion
  • Develop a communication plan to make all project communication seamless and efficient
  • Develop a comprehensive project roadmap and project timeline to ensure the project is completed on schedule, under budget, and within scope
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