Top 3 Project Management Tools for Teams

The secret to getting the most out of your project management software, as Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows, is getting those tools online.

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top team project management tools including timesheets, tasklist, & collaboration

In Review – Top 3 Team Project Management Tools:

When setting up your project management software, Jennifer said, you’re likely going to have distributed teams and vendor or contractors that are off-site. This creates multiple resources to track for your project.

Ideally, you want to manage these various parts of the project under one software system. That’s why being online is crucial, as it’s the easiest way to connect with different groups.

There are many reasons to use an online project management tool. Once you’ve got one, there are a number of ways you can use it to make it more productive in managing your team.

  • Simplify process by making it more agile
  • Creates visibility, which adds insights into resources and time
  • Email alerts, noting when tasks are assigned, make team members accountable and foster collaboration

Time management is helped by the tools in your PM software, which facilitate efficiency with

  • Online timesheets that allow team members to update hours wherever they are and whenever they have time
  • Online task lists permit statuses to get updated immediately, as well as tasks to be easily assigned
  • Online collaboration is shepherd through chat, document sharing and other communications done at the task level

These are just a few ways teams can better manage their time on the project, but team PM tools assist in every aspect of running a successful project.

Pro-Tip: Using a PM tool is always an advantage to sticking with old methods such as static spreadsheets or paper lists of tasks. Online project tools are scalable, they integrate with other applications you might be using and they’re easy to share, which fosters collaboration with your team. Easy-to-interpret project dashboards keep the team up to speed at a glance.

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Today, we’re talking about the top three time management tools for teams. So if you look at the set-up of teams, potentially, you could have members on your team that are colocated on-site.

You could also have some vendor partners or contractors working remotely. You could have employees. And you could have contractors. And when you look at this set-up, there are multiple components to track for projects with your people resources.

First of all, we wanna look at the task list, what tasks are assigned to different people on your team. And if we look at things, sometimes teams today can still use Excel spreadsheets. They may be using a project management software or they may even be using the old-fashioned way of a paper list.

Also, when we’re taking account for the task, we also wanna look at the time track to those tasks. So again, some teams could be using a separate document. It could be an Excel spreadsheet. It could be paper or it could be some system that’s tied to the financial accounting…financial and accounting system.

When we look at collaboration, people might be working on teams colocated on-site. They may be doing things by conference calls or video conferencing but yet, all three of these could be in separate systems.

There are multiple places, as we can see, to manage these things. Ideally, we wanna manage these in one software and online. It not only makes it easier for you managing the project and the team, but it also helps the team members as well.

This can simplify things to make it more agile by having it in one system and online. Being able to change things are much more easy and having the team members have access to those changes in real-time is very beneficial.

This also allows visibility. It gives you insights into your resources and the time track for them. You can see when maybe resources or people are logging too much time to task, which may bring an alert. It could be… You could see when people are sitting and waiting on some other work to complete before they can start their own task.

There are also email alerts that can be set up to aid in accountability so you get notified when people are assigned a task or when someone adds a note for a collaboration process. By having the ability to add notes in the tool throughout the project, it can really facilitate the collaboration during the project.

So if you need a tool that can help you manage your time for your team, then sign up for our software now at

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