Top 5 Team Management Skills Every Manager Needs

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You have to manage your team as much as you do your project, says Jennifer Bridges, PMP, in this video. Watch to learn 5 essential project team management skills for every project manager. 

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the skills a project manager must have to better manager their teams

In Review – Top 5 Team Management Skills Every Manager Needs:

Everyone talks about team-building, Jennifer said, but in this video, she wanted to focus on team management.

First, she defined team management as the ability of an individual to administer and/or coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task.

She went on to explain why team management is important. She gave five reasons why it helps, and the corresponding skills you need to achieve those tasks.

  1. Provide cohesive leadership by using team-building exercises and working on your EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
  2. Relay effective communication by knowing when to speak and when to actively listen
  3. Set vision for a common goal by applying your business strategy
  4. Define team roles and responsibilities clearly with strong management skills 
  5. Resolve problems by using critical thinking and negotiation abilities 

Next, Jennifer listed the five skills.

  1. Team-building and emotional intelligence
  2. Speaking and listening
  3. Business strategy
  4. Project management (of course)
  5. Critical thinking and negotiating

Good management is a hybrid of both having a command and control of the situation, but also being about to engage and create with your team. If you can balance these two types of managerial styles and know when to apply each, then you’ll be well on your way to a successful project.

Pro-Tip: Jennifer offered another tip, and another reason to switch to online project management tools: it simplifies all the ways managing teams helps the project and makes using those skills, like resource management, easier.

Thanks for watching!


Today, we’re talking about the top five team management skills every manager needs. Well, we hear a lot about team building and team collaboration but the focus of today’s whiteboard session is on team management. So, let’s take a look at what team management is.

So, first of all, it’s the ability of an individual to administer or coordinate a group of individuals to perform a task. So, why is this so important?

Well, it helps to provide cohesive leadership, relay effective communication to the team, set the vision for the common goal for the team, define their team roles and responsibilities, and resolve problems among the team.

So, in thinking about team management, there are two methods that you’ve probably heard of. One is command and control. The other is engage and create. Well, it depends on the environment as to which one is more effective or appropriate. But within a team, we have common issues that tend to arise.

Some of them are fear of conflict, the absence of trust among the team, lack of commitment towards the goal, inattention to results, and even avoidance of accountability. Well, we found that these team management skills help to defuse some of that.

First of all, we look at the team building and emotional intelligence and it helps to over here provide the cohesive leadership. The speaking and listening skills help to relay effective communication. The business strategy helps to…when you go to define or set the vision for the common goal.

And then, the project management skills helps when defining their roles and responsibilities. And the critical thinking and negotiating help resolve the problems within the team.

So, a tip here is to use an online software tool. And the reason we recommend that is, number one, it helps to simplify things when you have everything in one common tool where when you’re communicating, the team members and you can access the same information, they can see what changes had been made, they can see any kind of alerts. It’s just a great communication tool so that everybody can collaborate and know what’s going on within the team.

So, if you need a software tool that can help you with your team management, then sign up for our software now at

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