Top-5 Integrations for Your PM Software

The need to migrate your project management to an online software program is clear. It offers the tools that project leaders.

  • Planning
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Communications
  • Collaboration

But also gives them a view into that process in real-time. 

what apps integrate with your project management software?

But there’s another aspect of online project management software that is equally important if not as evident. That being you want software that can integrate seamlessly with other software. The beauty of online project management software is that everything you need is in one place, so the last thing you want to do is have to go elsewhere to import a spreadsheet or ticket workflow.

Thankfully, most of the project management software that you rely on to do your job is aware of the need for integration and has made that process easy. Today, let’s look at five of programs that you’re mostly likely working with and note how they integrate with your online project management software.

Google Apps

integrate google apps into your project management software

Most if not all of you use Google apps in some capacity. They’re great tools to enhance your project productivity. From Gmail to calendars, Google docs and spreadsheets, all of their offerings are free, robust and fully integrated with one another.

But if there’s a wall between Google and your online project management software, then you’re going to be wasting time jumping between programs and clicking when you should be managing.

That’s why you need a widget that makes it easy to manage your projects, so you can review your task list, update statuses and add notes to your work with Google but within your project management software. Besides importing and exporting easily, you should also be able to instal Chrome to say time and launch your online project management software from any tab without having to navigate to the URL.

MS Project

you can integrate ms project into your project management software

While MS Project isn’t a perfect solution to project management, many still use it. Established software programs such as Microsoft Excel and Word, and the whole MS Office suite, are hard to give up when you’ve likely grown up using them.

Your online project management software should be giving you the same suite of features that you’ve grown accustomed to in MS Project, but it does so in a more interactive and collaborative way being online.

Integration allows you to import from Project or Project Server. Once these are in your web-based project management software you can share them with your team, whether they’re in the next office or distributed across the globe. Not only that, but as your team updates their statuses you can review those changes in real-time to collaborate and stay on schedule.


jira integrates into project management software

When your dev team is tracking bugs, they’re likely using software like Jira, which allows them to manage product development. Jira allows you to create issues with the creation of new tasks or projects. It’s an invaluable tool and one you’ll want integrated into your online project management software.

By signing up to services such as Zapier, which develops bridges between applications, you can  link the two programs so that they work together in order to make your work less complicated.

Now you can organize bugs and issues into sprints with Scrum and Kanban boards, create unique task workflows, track releases, generate reports and even customize Jira all within your online project management software.


see how trello integrates into project management software

The productivity app Trello is a great tool to get your team collaborating on a project. It lets you organize anything to help the schedule of your project or task. But, again, you don’t want to have to be jumping back and forth from it to your project management software.

By integrating the two programs, without having to spend time and money having your team build this bridge, you have the best of both worlds.

Trello lists tasks and ideas on cards, so you can organize your lists Kanban-style, drag-and-drop cards to move between columns and create your own workflow all in your project management software. You can also easily collaborate.


project management software can integrate apps like quickbooks

You don’t have to be a professional project leader to know that Quickbooks is a great finance app. The online version offers the same accounting packages that come with the standalone app, which makes budgeting a project less of a headache.

By integrating Quickbooks into your online project management software you can manage all your project finances in one place. It allows you to create custom invoices and estimates, even collect payments.

It’s a great tool for expenses, tracking outstanding bills and managing payroll. It easily syncs up to multiple bank accounts and automates expenses, tracks inventory and maintains a directory of contacts. To have all this pertinent information without ever having to leave the software you’re working in is just another way integration leads to efficiency.

All these apps and many more are able to easily be integrated with for a seamless work environment. Think of it as a way of super-sizing your project tools so that everything you need is all under one roof and you’re able to get work done without the hassle of going from app to app or formatting work to fit into some clunky software. Why not take a 30-day free trial by clicking on the link below?

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