The benefits of ProjectManager’s Teams integration

Turn conversations into actions with this easy-to-use integration. Quickly access, update and create tasks using commands within direct messages and public channels in Microsoft Teams. Here are three practical applications.


Create new tasks in MS Teams

Good conversation leads to action. Keep your momentum and make new tasks without leaving Teams by typing task-create.


Search and share tasks with ease

Keep clients and team members informed on progress by directly sharing tasks in chat windows. Search for any task with task-search.


Update tasks from anywhere

Edit tasks immediately after receiving progress reports, approvals or any other update from your team. All changes are instantly reflected.

Turn talk into action with ProjectManager & Teams

ProjectManager’s MS Teams integration allows you to quickly access and edit your PM tasks without leaving MS Teams—on desktop or mobile. Both apps stay in-sync, so all changes update in real time. Upgrade today for impactful collaboration and project management.

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