Top 3 Project Tracking Tools

Jennifer Bridges, PMP, shows you how to better track your project by using these project management software features for project monitoring and maintenance.

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In Review: Top 3 Project Tracking Tools

The need for good tracking tools becomes paramount once you’ve got a plan and are in the midst of putting it into action, Jennifer said.

She recommended these three critical tools for managing a project as it progresses. They can alert you if your project goes off track, and then help you get it back its planned course.

  1. Gantt charts for scheduling, setting dependencies and updating status
  2. Email alerts for upcoming tasks, delayed tasks and schedule changes
  3. Dashboard reports for viewing data in real-time, with the ability to customize format and export data

Together, these three tools are going to safeguard your project and keep it on schedule.

Pro-Tip: Our contributor Susanne Madsen suggests other ways to improve project tracking, which don’t include tools, such as noting repeated complaints and listening to your instincts.

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Today, we’re talking about the top three project tracking tools. Now that you’ve initiated your plan and are actively executing the project, you need some really strong tools that can give you insights along the way and help you get back on track when you go off.

So the first tool is the Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is a bar chart, and it not only gives you insight into the work being done, but it helps you manage the work along the way.

So here’s how. First of all, the Gantt chart will show you all of the activities in the project and will give you the timeline. It will also show you the interdependencies among activities and the percent complete. So you can see the schedule, the dependencies, as well as the status. So when one activity goes off track, how it will impact the other and, again, the percent complete.

The second tool are the schedule alerts. And this is really cutting-edge, it’s really cool, because it’s push notifications. It’s more proactive, so you get to see the upcoming task as well as any delayed task.

So think about it, sometimes if you’re scheduled to receive a package, isn’t it pretty cool to get a notification if it’s delayed? Or maybe if you’re out of town, you get a confirmation that it’s been delivered. Those are very helpful, and not only for you but your project as well.

It helps your team members as well as you as the project manager. You can also get these alerts for any schedule changes, so that your team and impacted parties can change their plans accordingly.

And then the third one is the dashboards and the reports. So the important thing here are being able to review these real-time. And by reviewing these real-time, it helps you get things back on track more quickly.

In the old way, if you’re not able to see these real-time, again, as things progressively get off track, by the time you know about it, you know, it’s just that more damage is done. So the real-time reports are very helpful for not only you, the project manager, but your team members, your third-party vendor partners as well.

For the dashboards and reports, what’s very cool is you can customize these views. So, for you, the project manager, you can see your project or different projects, but for a specific one, your team members can look at their own dashboard to see what’s due now.

They can even see what task they have that are delayed or off track. And then helps your stakeholder see at a glance where you are in maybe the milestones, or holistically where you are in the project.

Also, with these, with the reports in your system, you can export your reporting data. You may wanna export it to send to different groups for their own purposes. The budget group or the finance group may use one section of the data. Your third-party vendor partners may import it into theirs. So, by exporting the data, you can share it with other people who are impacted.

But these three tools collectively working together are very powerful to help you keep your project on track and know where you are at all times. So if you need a tool that can help you track your progress, then sign up for our software now at

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