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Create, measure and report on your projects from start to finish with our project creator software. Our powerful suite of features gives you every tool you need to make your next project a success. Plan on Gantt charts, view real-time data with dashboards and report on progress with one-click reporting tools. makes creating a project fast and easy for you and your team.

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Import Your Task List

Create a new project by importing your existing task lists. When you create or import your tasks, they can be seen in any of our project views.

  • Import Excel, CSV or MSP files—all your data is carried over
  • Use one of our industry-specific templates to help you get started
  • Automatically create project timelines from your task lists
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Organize Your Tasks

We make it easy to avoid bottlenecks later in the project with powerful task organization features. Break down large projects into a series of manageable tasks.

  • Organize individual projects in folders to monitor and track their progress
  • Set milestones to mark the end of a project phase
  • Link dependent tasks on the Gantt chart

Assign Teams and Attach Files

Keep your team’s work flowing and maintain high productivity by assigning tasks from any of the multiple project views.

  • Assign files to any task from the Gantt, kanban board or task list
  • Collaborate by commenting at the task level
  • Create and assign tasks from anywhere in our project creator
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Make Changes in Your Project Plan

Stay flexible as expectations, timelines, costs and scope change by quickly making changes to keep your project on target.

  • Drag-and-drop tasks to edit plans as changes occur
  • Change a task’s due date and every project view updates
  • Share the new plan easily by exporting it

Stay Updated on Progress and Performance

With our real-time dashboard you can monitor and track your project to keep your project on schedule and within budget.

  • Dashboard calculates costs, project variance and more
  • Six key metrics are displayed on color-coded graphs
  • One-click reports go into even more detail
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Keep Your Project Secure

Set security preferences on features and data at the account or project level. Keep what you want private.

  • Create custom roles with specific permissions
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Create private projects only the invited can join

Award-Winning Project Creator Tools and Integrations

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Multiple Project Views

Work the way you want and choose the project view that fits your work style.

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Collaborative Platform

Keep teams connected and commenting in real time at the task level.

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Stay Updated

Email and in-app notifications alert you to any changes, updates or assignments.

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Import and Export

Import Excel and MPP files to start new projects, then export them to share with stakeholders.

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Detailed Reports

Generate in-depth reports on project status and more, then filter to get specific insights.

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Balance Workload

Check the color-coded workload chart to ensure that their work is evenly distributed.

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Track your team’s logged hours with timesheets that can be locked when approved for security.

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Live Dashboards

Instantly get a high-level view of your project with our real-time dashboards.

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How to Use a Project Creator

Our project maker lets you get started on your project plan and schedule quickly. Use our software to organize your tasks and assign them to your team. Then, give them direction through task descriptions and comments for clarity and collaboration.

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1. Collect Tasks

Add tasks to the Gantt chart manually, or import them from a task list, spreadsheet or Microsoft Project. You can then work on the Gantt or use the kanban board, task list or calendar.

a screenshot of the start and end dates on the gantt chart

2. Schedule Tasks

Estimate the duration of each task by adding the start and end dates to create a project timeline on the Gantt chart. Drag-and-drop the dates as needed when you edit your schedule.

a screenshot of dependencies in, which is represented by a dotted line between the bars on the chart

3. Add Dependencies and Milestones

Link dependent tasks by dragging one to another to avoid bottlenecks. Then break up the project with milestones that indicate important dates.

the critical path filter button window on the gantt chart

4. Calculate Critical Path

Plan your schedule more accurately by finding the critical path. Just filter the Gantt, and it does all the calculations for you.

screenshot of the baseline columns on the gantt chart

5. Set the Baseline

Make a schedule baseline to capture your plan on the Gantt chart. Use it to compare your actual progress to your planned progress to keep your project on track.

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6. Share the Plan

Keep your team updated on the changes in the project by exporting your plan and sharing it. Print or create a PDF for stakeholder presentations to keep them in the loop.

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Standout Features of Our Project Maker

Get started on your next project by importing a file, using a template or just manually adding your tasks within our project creator. You get all the features you need to manage, plan, schedule, monitor and control your project to deliver it on time and within budget.

Find What You Need Fast

Find what you’re looking for fast by filtering the project within any of the project views. Reports can also be filtered to focus on what you’re tracking. Customize the Gantt chart and see which tasks are overdue, set up an over-allocation message and more.

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Keep Your Costs in Check

Set up your budget on the Gantt chart when you create a new project. Our features calculate your costs and give you the cost-to-budget ratio. Follow your budget on the real-time dashboard and reports to deliver your project within budget.

Manage Budget image

A More Technical Project View

Use the Sheet of your Gantt chart to hide the bar chart. Now you can get just the raw data for a more technical view of your project planning. The sheet view can do everything the Gantt does, from linking tasks, assigning work to customizing columns.

Sheet View image

Manage Your Team With Ease

Mark your team’s availability with the holidays feature. It sets the planned time out of the office, which makes it easy to know who can work and who cannot when planning your project. This works for global, country and personal holidays. Change availability as needed.

Check Availability image

Streamline Payroll and Control Costs

Keep track of your team’s working hours with timesheets. When they log the time they worked on a task, you can track their progress. Timesheets can repeat last week’s tasks and auto-fill. Once delivered to a manager for approval, they can be locked and secured.

Track Time image

Manage Multiple Projects at Once

Manage more than one project, whether a portfolio or program, with the same controls you have with a single project. Generate portfolio status reports and get a high-level view of all your projects when you group them together with the portfolio dashboard.

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Get Started With Our Project Creator Now is an award-winning project creator that organizes tasks and teams for greater productivity. Begin a project by importing your tasks and share it just as easily by exporting as a PDF or printing it out.

Once your project is in our tool you have a full suite of features to help you better plan, monitor and report on its progress and performance. Keep on schedule and within budget, manage resources and give teams the collaborative platform they need to work more effectively.

Join the thousands of teams and organizations, such as NASA, Ralph Lauren and the Bank of America, who are using our software to quickly make and manage their projects. Whether your project is big or small, try today with a free 30-day trial and reap the benefits.

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