Top 10 Workload Management Tips

Not everyone who finds themselves tasked with leading a project studied project management, but don’t worry, Jennifer Bridges, PMP, gives you the tools you need for proper project reporting.

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In Review: Top 10 Workload Management Tips

Workload management is really about managing your resources, Jennifer said, which is the members of your team. What makes this complicated, she noted, is that your likely working over a slate of many projects at once. So, how do you manage your workload? With an online to, to start, and then apply these 10 tips.

  1. List all the tasks for everyone in every project
  2. Manage task status
  3. Add due dates
  4. Include dependencies
  5. Account for non-project work
  6. Set up reminders and periodic check-ins
  7. Add notifications for completed tasks
  8. Break up bigger tasks into smaller ones
  9. Train your team to communicate
  10. Add milestones to celebrate successful completion of tasks

An area that Jennifer doesn’t touch upon, but is more likely when dealing with multiple projects, is working with remote teams. If you find yourself in this situation the above rules still apply, but you may also want to read How to Manage Remote Teams by A Girl’s Guide to Project Management blogger Elizabeth Harrin.By following the guidelines laid out by Jennifer in her video you can manage your team and keep them happy and engaged, which is crucial to getting your project done on time and within budget.

Pro-Tip: One thing to keep in mind before you even begin with managing your recourses is being sure you, as team leader, have a clear and solid understanding of the project and its goals by talking extensively with its stakeholders. Only then can you rely the information accurately to your team and have them fulfill the project correctly.Thanks for watching!

Video Transcription

Today we’re talking about the top 10 workload management tips. When we talk about workload management, we’re really talking about resource management, resource management of your team members.

In most cases, project managers these days are managing multiple projects, and your team members are working on multiple projects, as well. Without an online tool, it gets really complex to manage who’s on first, and for your team members to know what task they’re to do, when. With an online tool, we have these top 10 tips to share.

Number one, list all your tasks for everyone and every project in your tool, so you can track them.

Manage the task status. When tasks are completed, mark them completed in the tool. If they’re still pending, leave them open.

Number three, add dates that the tasks are due. Then that way, not everything is due on one day or the same day.

Include dependencies, because the truth is some tasks have to be done before others can start. The team members know when other tasks are done, and then they can start their work.

Number five, account for non-project work. There is administrative time, vacation time, and personal time that your team members will be taking. You want to account for that in your tool.

Number six, set up reminders and periodic check-ins. You want to set up reminders so that your team members know tasks that are coming up due. And also, the periodic check-ins let the team members discuss how things are going, and make sure they have everything they need to complete their task.

Number seven, add notifications for completed tasks, so that once something is completed, the person who is waiting will be notified and they can start their task.

Number eight, break up bigger tasks into smaller ones. Bigger tasks can sometimes be too overwhelming. Some people may have a tendency to avoid them. If you break them up into smaller ones, they’re more doable and can be tracked more easily.

Number nine, train your team to communicate when they’re experiencing overload. If they will let you know in advance, then you can truly do your workload management.

Number 10, add milestones to celebrate your successes along the way to keep your resources engaged and motivated.

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