View resource allocation

View all of the work across your team—on a single page. That way you can schedule ahead, knowing that everyone in your team has the right amount of work at the right time.

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workload assignment software with employees assigned to specific tasks

And easily reassign tasks as you go

If you want to assign more or less work to a colleague, then simply click on the day and reassign their tasks. In this way, you can quickly level your resources in minutes!

Colors guide your resource planning

Green and red tell you at-a-glance when resources are over-allocated or not. Yellow reminds you of holidays coming up and grey lets you know when your team is ready for more work.

project resource planning with allocated, unallocated, over-allocated, and other resources

And monitor your human resources in real-time

View your team workload on your Dashboard, so it’s easy to see if your team is able to balance all their important tasks. You’ll know whether your resources are properly allocated, at a glance.

Plus, easily export & share

Share new resource updates with your team and invite comments via the social home page or email. Plus, you can export the reports online or off as Excel or csv files. Resource management software has never been more simple.

See All Resource Management Tools

See our ultimate list of resource management tools. From simple task lists for teams to advanced resource allocation tools, has everything you need to manage your teams, projects, and jobs.

Task Management

Create task lists and Gantt charts to assign and manage your team.

Drag & Drop Scheduling

Create task and project schedules easily by dragging and dropping the progress bars on the Gantt.


Online timesheets can be updated by your team anywhere, and you can approve them in one click.

Resource Availability

View and manage resource availability with easy-to-read color coded charts. Green for available, red for over-allocated.

Resource Calendars

View team, country and global calendars to manage team schedules and plan accordingly.

Resource Allocation

Re-allocate work easily based on availability, workload and rates.

Resource Reports

Create one-click resource availability, workload and timesheet reports to track resources.

Email Alerts

Stay up-to-date on team progress with alerts that notify you when tasks and schedules have been updated.

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