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Cloud-based gives you resource management tools to plan projects, schedule resources, balance workload and reassign tasks. Know who’s doing what, when and how much it costs. Get the visibility you need to accurately track your resources for informed decision-making.

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Track Resources and Their Costs

Efficiently identify and categorize teams, supplies, equipment and more. Add hourly rates that will be included in projects across the software. When hours are logged, the actual cost is automatically calculated and compared against the planned, giving you total control over resource costs.

Personalize Availability for Team Members

Team management features define working days, holidays and planned hours. Our personalized schedules let you manage teams in different time zones with ease. By blocking certain days and setting parameters, you can simplify your resource management plans and project schedules.

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Gantt Charts Allocate Resources

Schedule your resources with precision on our online Gantt charts. Assign tasks, see how many hours team members are working and whether they’re over-or under-tasked. Get estimated planned costs for all resources, people or equipment. Our Gantt chart helps you balance workload and track resources with one tool.

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Workload Page for Smarter Management

Use our workload page to quickly see how much work is assigned to each team member. Workload is color-coded, letting you instantly spot imbalances. You can reassign tasks right from the workload page to correct any scheduling errors. Plus, if you’re in a large organization, you can filter the page by project, team or month to find the information you need.

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Precise Time Tracking

Timesheets automatically update as your team completes their tasks. Logged hours are instantly reflected on the real-time dashboard too. Updates can be recorded in any of the three different project views at the task level. Know if the actual time allotted to the task aligns with your planned budget.

In-Depth Reporting

Our resource management software offers detailed reports on workload, availability, timesheets and tasks. See hours worked, tasks that have been worked on and whether they’re over or under allocated. Reports can be easily exported, emailed or printed.

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Powerful Resource Management Software helps you manage people and equipment, automate expense and time tracking, and generate reports with a keystroke. It’s intuitive and easy to use. No long training or bulky desktop applications to slow you down. Get your resources allocated and working for you today!

Award-Winning Resource Management Features

create project plans

Plan Resources

Plan resources with task lists, kanban boards and Gantt charts.

track workload

Assign Resources

Assign resources and see team workload in one view.

create and assign tasks to others

Organize Teams

Create departments and teams in the software.

track tasks on the gantt

Track Resources

Use the dashboard to track resources across your project or portfolio.

track time on all of your tasks

Secure Timesheets

Teams can log hours and submit with ease.

get instant expense reports

Automate Costs

Automatically calculate actual costs and compare against planned costs.

schedule tasks into project plans

Incorporate Holidays

Always know where holidays land, whether locally or globally.

create task reports

1-Click Resource Reports

Get automated reports on tasks, availability, workload and timesheets.

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