Align Your Projects with Program Management Tools

Manage your program strategically and boost performance across all your projects with program management tools. Track progress and reallocate resources instantly to drive your program forward. Use our roadmap tool to see all the projects in your program in one place and align your vision, goals and objectives. does all this, online and in real time.

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Organize Your Program with Gantt Charts

Manage and track every task across all the projects in your program on our Gantt chart. Link dependent tasks across projects to avoid costly bottlenecks down the line.

  • Plan, schedule and assign work
  • Import, export and share projects
  • Work with your team on tasks to get more done
Gantt chart with project timeline
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Monitor Progress in Real Time

Get a high-level view of how your program is performing. Our dashboard records the status of multiple projects, so there’s no jumping from one screen to another.

  • Monitor your program with easy-to-read graphs
  • Automatically calculate tasks, time, workload and more
  • Spot issues and keep your program on schedule

Order Your Tasks & Your Team’s

Assign, track and collaborate on tasks with your team. Tasks can be accessed anywhere, anytime with our cloud-based task management tools.

  • Add tags and priority to tasks
  • Collaborate with comments, descriptions and attachments
  • Receive instant alerts by email and in-app notifications
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Workload chart showing balance of tasks across team

Keep Your Team Balanced

Know what everyone on your team is working on, across your entire program. Color-coded charts on the workload page show who’s over-or-under burdened.

  • Allocate resources quickly and track their costs
  • View staff availability and manage workload
  • Quickly see if your program is lagging behind

Manage Time & Streamline Payroll

Track enterprise-level benefits with timesheets and see how your organization accounts for time developing assets that impact its bottom line.

  • Track time spent on tasks easily
  • Weekly timesheets automatically populate
  • Collect historical data to see successes and failures
Timesheet view awaiting approval
Portfolio status report

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Generate detail-rich reports with up-to-date information to better manage your program. Reports give a high-level look at your program’s status, tasks, timelines and more.

  • Turn complex program data into useful reports
  • Drill down into specific projects and get insights
  • Customize with filters for specifics on customers, priority and more

The Ultimate Collection of Program Management Tools

Program management software is built to give you an overview of all your projects, and the tools to keep them working together and meet your organization’s goals and objectives. has the program management tools you need for deadline-driven projects.

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Resource Management

Track and control all the resources across your program.

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Single Sign On (SSO)

Log-on with Google or Microsoft for additional security.

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Seamless Integration

Fully compatible with MS Project, Office and productivity apps through Zapier.

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Multiple Project Views

Use Gantt, kanban board, task list or calendar views to work how you want.

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Custom Workflows

Create your own customized columns on our kanban board view to match your process.

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Block Out Holidays

Know when your team is available to work to streamline program scheduling.

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Unlimited File Storage

Save everything related to your project on our software and have it instantly at hand.

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Real-Time Data

Our cloud-based program management software delivers project updates in real time.

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How Our Program Management Tools Work

Program management software helps plan, schedule, allocate resources and adjust to changes in your program. does all that, and integrates program management into our larger project management suite for greater efficiency. Here’s how to set up your program in our software.

List of projects, progress, cost/budget, manager and team members

1. Organize Projects

Get an overview of your program. Drag and drop your individual projects into customizable folders to organize them by client—or whatever works for you.

Roadmap view of many projects on a timeline

2. Use Roadmap

See all the projects in your program on one timeline. View your program in our roadmap tool, and use it to make sure all your projects are aligned with your organization’s strategy.

Calendar view of project

3. View Calendar

View all the tasks for each project in your program, all clearly laid out on the calendar view. Never miss a deadline.

Gantt chart view with resource costs listed

4. Manage Resources

Stay on target by identifying, organizing and tracking your program resources. Make sure your teams’ submitted billable hours match the tasks they were assigned.

Timesheet with copy last week and auto-fill buttons

5. Get Timesheets

Submit timesheets to track your teams’ progress on tasks while streamline billing. Timesheets can autofill with last week’s tasks to save time and automatically reflect status updates.

Team page, showing team members tasks and progress

6. Keep Teams Productive

Know what your teams are working on, and how close they are to completing their tasks, with the Team page. From here, you can also balance your teams’ workload.

Dashboard showing metrics of a portfolio of projects

7. Portfolio Dashboard

Check the portfolio dashboard for a high-level view of program metrics, such as health, progress, costs and more. All the calculations are done for you—no manual input of data required.

Project status report

8. Get Reports

Customize reports to show just the information you want, or what your stakeholders require during presentations. Report on your portfolio’s status, tasks, timelines and more.

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Important Features of Our Program Management Software

Keep Your Projects Safe

Control user roles to make your work more secure. Limit those who can export projects, edit project settings, tags, teams and skills. Set who has the authority to manage, edit, collaborate and approve timesheets. Add as many customized roles as you want, such as contractors, clients, executives and more.

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Stay Updated Anywhere, Anytime

Get in-app notifications and email alerts as the status changes on any task you’re working on. Emails are automatically generated as deadlines move, files are attached or comments are added to tasks, facilitating collaboration.

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Get Data and Easily Share Projects

Use your Microsoft Project files in our tool to edit and share without the hassle. We save all the data from your MPP files and any changes you make stay when you export it back. Exporting plans is as simple as a click. Bring your team and stakeholders into the project and keep everyone informed on your progress.

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Take Control of Your Assignments

Go to the My Work section of our software to see all your assignments. Update your tasks, progress and even assign tasks to yourself and others. Manage your work how you want. Use the task list to collect all your work or organize your tasks on a kanban board, and use the calendar view to highlight important dates. Never miss a deadline again!

Manage Your Work image

See All Projects & Manage Them in One Place

View your program of projects all together on the same page. Update projects without having to navigate to their individual pages. Manage high-level data for your program. Organize and group your projects into folders, which you can customize by name. Filter by group and view the portfolio status report.

Overview Projects image

View High-Level Metrics for Projects

Filter by the groups you made in Overview Projects and get live updates on the Overview Dashboard. We automatically calculate the data, then display the results in easy-to-read graphs and charts. See how many tasks you’ve completed, if your projects are on time and your team’s workload to keep it balanced and the team productive.

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Managing a program is complicated. simplifies the process by giving you tools to organize projects and teams for greater efficiency and productivity. Our program management software helps you plan, monitor and report.

Thousands of teams are using our program management tool every day to get the most out of their programs. Large and complex organizations, such as NASA, the US Postal Service and Bank of America have all benefited from our software.

See why programs are better served with a program management tool. Take our free 30-day trial today, and get your program on track and performing.

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